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By Mike Johnson on 2014-08-02 10:00:00
Why is the WWE going after these poor NXT talents and releasing them? What money do they seriously make that the WWE thinks they can just get rid of them and save? While I don't like for anyone to ever lose their job, shouldn't they be going after dead weight on the main roster? Such as Khali? I bet he's made a ton of money by now. These NXT talents make $500 a week and if you take that away from them, what are they suppose to do? Where as someone like Khali even has a job in India as a police officer, but even if he didn't, I imagine he has a few million saved up in his bank. Plus, I would think releasing some dead weight on the main roster would be far more profitable than releasing 5 NXT talents, who probably collectively, make 10 times less than someone like Khali. Or Titus O'Niel? I had high hopes for him in NXT, but he has not delivered anything special

I see your frustration but when you are cutting costs across the board, they are going to have to come from every division. It's unfair to release the lower paid talents, but they weren't singled out. WWE is cutting 7% of their staffing. It's just the way of the world when the corporations need to make stockholders happy.

I've been trying to convince a friend that he should subscribe to the WWE Network. Despite being a longtime fan, and enjoying the free trial a couple weeks ago, he still balks. Part of his reasoning is that he's seen most of the stuff before and can find a lot of the material on YouTube. I think WWE should move quickly to produce stuff that hasn't been available to most wrestling fans before, e.g. the Mid-South/UWF library. Thoughts?

I would love WWE to do that but the reality is that even if they made everything available, your friend would probably come up with some reason as to why he doesn't want to subscribe. The Network is an amazing bargain just for the live PPVs alone, so if that's not going to hook him, maybe he just doesn't want to spend the cash.

Given that in the Sting video game promo, a shadowy figure is seen lowered from the there any chance WWE lowers sting in when he eventually debuts? My thought is probably not in light of the Owen Hart tragedy.

I'd personally be shocked if WWE will ever used that stunt again.

With the WWE Network/Rogers deal in Canada, does this mean that the WWE Network will ONLY be a cable network in Canada and not an OTT service? Or will we have the option to sign up to either variation? If Rogers has some kind of exclusive, that would be extremely frustrating. News of WWE going OTT was refreshing for people like myself who have "cut the cable" recently.

As of right now, we've only heard of it being a premium cable channel for Rogers Communications. They may offer it via OTT elsewhere in the country. It's yet to be officially determined.

Hey guys, do you think they should split up the Wyatt Family? I don’t know how much further you can go with them and like in the case of Reigns, Rollins and Ambrose have three young stars who could be the future of the business

No way. There is far more mileage they can get out of the group in my opinion. They should never split.

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