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By Dave Scherer on 2014-07-29 09:59:00

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Has the WWE lost interest in the divas division or is it just a lack of story telling? I mean the AJ vs. Paige match at Battleground had the potential to be great but the weeks leading up to it they had the two teaming up and being buddies. They're essentially the same. Do you think that's the problem?

I think that for the most part, they look at the division as pretty ladies that happen to wrestle instead of wrestlers that happen to be pretty ladies. I wish they would change that mindset.

Why did the WWE utilize the blue steel cage in the 80s when it was clearly an inferior product to the chain link cage?

In a nutshell, it was easier for the big, big guys of the era to climb.

Sitting here watching Flo Rida I'm wondering why is this happening? Is Vince that oblivious to his audiences tastes? Which has me thinking, outside of going national with Hulk Hogan (I'm lumping in Hogan, rock n wrestling, Wrestlemania I all together, since you couldn't have one without the other) which was huge but what else has he really done successfully. He ran the company into the ground in the 90's and only changed his style when he was forced and went back to dumb gimmicks and bad comedy when there was no competition left. Is the guy who thought the WBF or the XFL was a good idea really just hurting the product.

I had no problem with them bringing Flo Rida in. He is good and the fans enjoyed his performance. As for Vince, sure he has had his share of failures, no doubt. But his two big hits were huge. And yep, circumstances forced him to make changes in the late 90s, but a lot of businesses have gone under when they failed to adapt, so I don't think you can take that away from him. With that said, I do think he should be more amenable to adapting his vision. I always have said that if I run a company and consumers want to pay for something I don't care for, I am going to sell it to them and happily go to the bank.

I may be one of the few, but Damien Sandow's character has really grown on me. I found myself laughing really hard particularly at last night's Raw when he came out as Lebron James in Miami. He portrays the heel to the crowd and gets a fantastic rise out of them. Of course, it's all being used as a joke since he gets the crap beaten out of him by his opponent immediately afterwards. BUT I realized his character, while more of a comedy bit of course, is reminding me of Bad News Barrett. If WWE Creative gave Sandow a win or two, do you think his character could morph from heel comedy to straight heel?

I think he does a great job with his character, I just don't know why they gave him the insipid scholar character to begin with, let alone made him a comedy character now. To me he is a really good worker, big and able to do promos. My issue with the character is that they have branded him as a joke when they should have given him a chance to be so much more at the start.

What are your thoughts on this and could it happen. Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins at SummerSlam, for the MITB Briefcase, Ambrose wins, taking away Plan B. Lesnar beats Cena and Wins the WWE World Heavyweight Title for the Authority, but somehow, either by exhausting match or interference after the match, Brock is laid out. Ambrose cashes in and wins the WWE World Heavyweight Title, thus messing up plans B and C for the authority. Your thoughts....

Honestly I don't see that happening and I think it's too soon. Ambrose has been great but to me that is just too much happening, too Russo-like. I want to see Lesnar beat Cena and then hold it for a while and have the guy that beats him get the rub from it.

You can send us questions for the Q&A by clicking here.

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