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By Dave Scherer on 2014-07-27 09:59:00

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Since we have Hardys vs Wolves at Destination X and the Dudleys reforming, could you see TNA making a Full Metal Mayhem match between the three teams in an attempt to recreate the classic TLC matches that helped franchise the two teams?

I hope not. I am really sick of the business trying to recreate the past. I would rather see them create the present and plan for the future.

Do you see Sting going into the WWE HOF next year? I would think he would be the headliner.

I could see it. He is from California and he would definitely be a legitimate headliner.

Is there any plans for TNA to bring the Willow character back? Either full time or sporadic appearances?

The door is open for it but personally I hope they don't go to it any time soon. Hardy is so much more appearing as himself. Willow just didn't get over the way that they hoped it would. I guess when you have a guy carrying an umbrella, that will happen.

Where does the term Heel(bad guy) and Babyface (good guy) come from?

The businesses roots back in the early days. Terms became accepted and used over time.

This is more of a personal opinion question but do you think that WWE made a mistake by punishing Jim Ross with a "retirement" and not keeping him around? Not since Gorilla Monsoons has the WWE had another announcer who is the voice of the WWE in my opinion.

I do indeed. I don't understand why Ross had to leave, especially since the bigger problem at that panel was Ric Flair and he is back with the company. My hope is that at some point the company will realize what a vital asset Ross is, especially for the Network, and they fix their blunder and bring him back home.

You can send us questions for the Q&A by clicking here.

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