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By Mike Johnson on 2014-07-26 10:00:00
At the time CM Punk signed with WWE in 2005, he was also the head trainer for the ROH training school. I've heard a lot about that, but one thing I've never heard about is who he trained. I believe when Punk signed his WWE contract in a ROH ring one of his students was involved. Other than that, I haven't heard much. Did CM Punk train anybody who made a name for themselves in wrestling?

Punk trained the initial crop of ROH students, including Rhett Titus, Pelle Primeau and Bobby Dempsey, among others. Of that crew, Titus has had the most success thus far in the business.

I was watching an MSG show from December '91 on the WWE Network, which featured a match between Flair & Hogan. Vince was on commentary and mentioned that Jack Tunney vowed to censor Flair's "real world's championship" on camera. However, when Flair removed his robe you could clearly see at one point that he was holding a WWF tag team title belt. Why wouldn't he have been wearing the NWA belt as he had previously done on their TV?

The NWA sued WWF over the usage of the actual physical belt. The court sided with them and ruled that the belt was to be returned to them. Since Flair no longer had possession of the belt, WWF used another title belt and "censored" it to keep the "Real World championship" story going.

I've been watching WCW shows on the WWE Network and I have a question about the setup for some of their events. When the company didn't use the big stage and runway that connected to the very edge of the ring, it would sometimes have two entrances at the corners of the ring. For example, watch Halloween Havoc '92 or SuperBrawl 3; when the cameras pull back to a wide shot of the crowd you can clearly see two separate entrance areas, each with its own aisle. Why did the company do that?

At the time, the idea was to protect the business by having babyfaces and heels coming from separate locker rooms, since guys who didn't like each other wouldn't share the same dressing area. It was that simple.

What is your beef with Tatsumi Fujinami?

He beat me in the spelling bee in 8th grade. I have no idea what you are talking about,

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