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By Mike Johnson on 2014-07-25 10:00:00

I was browsing Netflix and saw that they now have the Ultimate Warrior and Mr. Wrestlemania documentaries on demand. Now that WWE has their network, why are they continuing to release content to Netflix first instead of the Network?

It would be a bad idea to remove it, in my opinion. One, it's a revenue stream for WWE that's existed for some time, so why would they want to drop it? Two, Netflix has FAR more subscribers than the Network, so it's good promotion for WWE. Besides, if someone wants more WWE after watching the Netflix stream, they would know where to go...

WrestleMania 31. Main Event: Brock Lesnar Vs. Roman Reigns - WWE Title. John Cena Vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin (Attitude Era Vs Cena Era). Sting Vs The Undertaker (Last match ever for both). The Rock Vs. Batista. Seth Rollins Vs Kurt Angle. Dean Ambrose Vs. Randy Orton - Sounds like a card?

That does indeed sound like a card. I don't think it would happen but it's possible.

Anything to the story that WWE doesn't want Kurt Angle to return?

In asking around, I've gotten the impression Vince McMahon would be open to it but there's concern over his health obviously. I haven't heard whether a return is something HHH would be behind and obviously he's got a big say. I think the idea of Angle coming back for a big match or two would be fine but as a full-time in-ring performer, I don't see it as such a great idea. Angle as a trainer would be awesome though.

How come the Dudleys never have Big Dick Dudley with them when they reunite on the indies?

Sadly, Alex Rizzo aka Big Dick Dudley passed away in 2002.

Any word on when ROH is returning to PPV? I really loved the Best in the World show!

My guess is that if they are doing a return, it will be Final Battle, which is in December. I haven't heard 100% either way.

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