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By Mike Johnson on 2014-07-24 10:00:00
Hypothetical question... If CM Punk didn't walkout the day after the Royal Rumble and worked his spot against the Authority at Wrestlemania (still a prestigious position on the card) do you think he would have benefited from Daniel Bryan being forced out due to injury? Parking the belt on Punk while the Bryan situation is being fully understood would have been much more readily accepted by fans than Cena. The audience already accepts him as a top guy and he can work both heel and face effectivly. Punk / Lesner 2 at Summerslam would be a hell of a match... 1 year in the making! Punk could have even gotten his Wrestlemania main event, albiet Wrestlemania 31... a returning Daniel Bryan winning the Royal Rumble and challenging Punk not just for the belt, but for the moniker "Best in The World", would be a hell of main event!! I guess my question breaks down like this; Was Punk short sighted in his walkout and do you think that with Bryan out he could have gotten all that he wanted and more?

It's possible but until we get a clear answer as to why Punk decided he was done and retired, no one can really answer that one. If Punk walked out because he wasn't the top guy, then you would be correct. If he walked out because as he wrote on Twitter, "health and happiness" first, then the answer would be no, because at the end of the day, if he wasn't happy, at this point, another million dollars and a top PPV main event or two wasn't going to change that.

I do roll my eyes every time the belt finds its way back to John Cena from a fans perspective, but from a business perspective he's never (that we've heard of) held the company hostage for a spot, failed a wellness test or said no to jobbing, those three things alone make him a safe bet for the company. Thoughts?

I absolutely agree with you. At the end of the day, he's been the guy who's carried it on his back, has worked harder and done more than anyone to promote the company. I never, ever have an issue with him being in that position personally, although I think WWE protects him far too much and that hurts other talents.

How do you think WWE fans will react to KENTA if he comes in and works with the same move set as CM Punk (GTS, high knee / bulldog in corner, kick and punch flurry, etc)? Do you think WWE showing interest in KENTA may have hastened Punk's exit? What are your thoughts about wrestlers who borrow heavily from others and then use what they borrow in another market?

It could lead to CM Punk chants or it could lead to KENTA getting over since he's so good in the right. It's hard to guess how the audience will react to something until it's presented to them. I don't think the KENTA thing had any bearing on the Punk issue, because KENTA went for a tryout after Punk walked out. I don't have an issue with guys borrowing from each other.

What on earth is the WWE doing with Cesaro? Why build him up only to start jobbing?

I don't think they are killing him off. I'd prefer to see him presented stronger but I think the issue is how WWE goes hot and cold with certain directions, not them purposely crapping on Cesaro.

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