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By Jose Perez on 2014-07-22 09:50:00

World Wrestling Council (WWC)


WWC presented an event titled “Wrestle Fest 2014” last Thursday and Friday in the island of St. Marteen at the L.B. Scott Sports Auditorium.  Talents that were brought in for the events were: Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler, Matt Hardy, Tommy Dreamer, Booker T, Mason Ryan, Afa Anoa’i Jr. (Sons of Samoa), Diego (of ‘Los Matadores’); as well as Carlito Colón, WWC’s Xix Xavant, Mike Mendoza and Savio Vega.  The show appeared to have been able to draw very attendance, as the island does not always get the kind of performers that were on the card.


On Saturday night, WWC was back in Bayamon, PR at the ‘Pepín Cestero Arena’.  There were three title changes during the show:

-          Mighty Ursus became a two time WWC Universal Heavyweight champion after he defeated Ray González.

-          Carlito Colón became the WWC Puerto Rico Heavyweight champion after he defeated ‘El Karateca Ninja’ T.N.T.

-          The WWC World Tag Team titles were held up by the ‘Box & Lucha Commission due to the controversial ending to the title match between the champions, ‘Superstar’ ASH & William De La Vega and ‘Los Boricuas’- Huracan Castillo & Miguel Pérez.


This coming Saturday, WWC will be back at the ‘Pepín Cestero Arena’ in Bayamón, PR.  At this point, these are the only matches currently announced for the show:


WWC Universal Heavyweight Title – Rematch

            ‘Mr. Ray-tings’ Ray González vs Mighty Ursus (c) w/ Juan Manuel Ortega


Semi Main Event

            ‘El Chico Ilegal’ Chicano vs ‘El Karateca Ninja’ T.N.T.


WWC World Tag Team Title – Rematch

            ‘Los Boricuas’- Huracan Castillo & Miguel Pérez vs ‘Los Templarios’ – ‘Superstar’ ASH & William De La Vega w/ Juan Manuel Ortega



For those of you that have asked why Invader #1 has not been seen on TV and at the shows as of late, Invader apparently left WWC about 6 weeks ago, according to him for personal reasons.  There are a few stories running as to why he left, but since I have not been able to confirm any of them I will refrain from diving into speculation.


That being said, we are well on our way for this year’s WWC Aniversario 41 event.  No dates or locations have been announced yet.  Personally, I think it is very concerning that their biggest event of the year is coming soon and it seems that there are no major storylines that will take us into the event.  We will see how things shape up going forward.



World Wrestling League (WWL)


We have received some emails regarding the new WWL TV show not being shown on the TV stations that were mentioned on the company’s press release last week.  Apparently they seem to have a problem with their TV editor and the program was not ready in order to be presented this past weekend.  However, they will be ready for the launch next weekend.  Thanks to Jeff from New York for his help with this note.


For those of you that would like to watch, here is a link to the first episode of WWL's "Idolos del Ring" TV show, which debuted in Puerto Rico a couple of weekends ago on CW Puerto Rico.  It contains a really good match between 'El Mesías' Ricky Banderas and 'El Tejano Jr.', which was the main event of their first event in Puerto Rico last year.  Definitely recommended...


Also, this is a link to the second episode, which was scheduled to be presented this past weekend, but due to the issues they had with their editor they did not make air.  This one contains footage from WWL performers taking part of the ‘Aguada Comic Con’ which took place this past July 13th in Aguada, PR.  Also, another really good ‘Six Man Tag’ match that took place at their Puerto Rico event last year between  ‘La Fuerza Aérea de México’ – Hombre Sin Miedo, Estelaris & Laredo Kid vs Lince Dorado, Noriega & Mr. 450.



Puerto Rico Independent  Wrestling Scene


Extreme Wrestling Organization (EWO)


EWO’s next scheduled event will be “EXTREME SUMMER” on Saturday July 26th in Toa Alta, PR, with a bell time set for 8:30PM.  More information on this event will be shared as we get closer to the date of the event.  If you are in Puerto Rico, you can watch their TV show, “EWO – El Update”, on Saturdays at 12:00PM on Punto 2.  Check your listings for different channel line-up depending on cable or satellite provider.  In case you missed it this past weekend, here is the link to the latest episode:


You can learn more about this promotion by visiting their website:


Lucha Libre – IGWA – If you are in Puerto Rico, you can watch IGWA on the local CBS station (WSEE-PR), Sundays at 11:30AM.  Check your listings for channel line-up depending on cable or satellite provider.  You can also follow them on Facebook at:


C.W.A. – Por el Campeonato Mundial de la CWA
" El Hombre de la Pegada " David Estilo vs " El Boricua Mayor " Sa
You can find out more about this promotion by visiting their Facebook page:



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