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By Dave Scherer on 2014-07-23 09:59:00

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You’re probably sick of CM Punk questions, but this one is a little different I hope. My impression of Punk is that he is a very loyal guy when it comes to his friends, and he is also extremely focused on having excellent matches. That said, could you potentially see him coming back for one last indie match against Colt Cabana, so that he could go out on his own terms, having a great match against one of his best friends in the business?

I guess it's possible. I can't speak for him. If he is done, and he says he is done, I would think that would include doing that match.

I don't watch WWE much any more, cos all the silliness and everything else that makes no sense finally got to me. After 52 years. But I still, now and then, follow this site because it is the best one, and you guys have integrity. But I watched Raw last night, and was wondering your opinion on this: While Roman and Cena were in the ring, obviously watching Ambrose get beat up..why did they not charge in to help/save him? Especially Roman, who was supposed to be so close to him. And why were they not penalized for doing the beating/ Like to have one of their guys removed from the match? I know there is a storyline supposedly, so is this just another case of WWE hoping we won't notice?

I said the same exact thing on audio last week. They should have done something, like have Cena and Reigns try to get to the back but have security keep them from getting to Ambrose. Instead, they did nothing and later were basically like, "We are down a guy". Sheesh!

Now that WWE actually promoted Sting in their game, do you see Sting actually getting in a WWE ring?

I think we will see him appear, probably at WrestleMania.

So here’s a question. How would you book John Cena to finally become a more likable character? I mean I know the WWE can’t turn him heel but something needs to be done about the way his character is portrayed because let’s face it, he’s gotten so stale lately he’s starting to get x pac heat when he comes to the ring.

It wouldn't be hard. I would have him start to show vulnerability. Cena hardly ever gets any heat on him and in the rare cases that he does, he immediately gets revenge. There is no build up or drama too it. In a nutshell, I think he needs to get his ass handed to him a few times. I think he needs to sell it and build sympathy.

Why aren't the Bushwackers in the Hall of Fame?

It just hasn't happened yet. I could see it happening some time down the line.

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