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By Dave Scherer on 2014-07-22 09:59:00

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Here's a different Cena question that no one asks. Do you think the reason Cena never changes his character is because he knows the majority of people come to shows to boo him. Maybe he's afraid that if he made the character more likeable, he might lose that big reaction? Personally, it feels like the draw of his last few feuds, are based around will this be the guy that finally beats Cena. Isn't that a heel type of storyline? The whole measuring stick thing.

No, I think Cena and Vince keeps him that way because he appeals to kids, sells a lot of merchandise and is popular in that gimmick. And I think you are definitely overstating it to say that the majority hate Cena. A good chunk do, but a ton of people like him too.

I was wondering how far in advance guys find out that they are going to become champions. I would assume they would know a little in advance to prepare their travel schedules for appearances and all. I also assume the WWE Championship and Tag Champions might be a little different than the US and Intercontinental Champions.

With the WWE belt, yes the guys are almost always told when the plan is made to put the title on them. The secondary titles usually get less attention.

What happened to "The Last Rezort"? Did Ryder get punished further for it? Or did he just give up?

He never really said but it was pretty clear that it wasn't helping him so he stopped it. Getting himself over on the internet, inexplicably, has worked against him with his real job. That still baffles me.

I cannot help but feel like WWE and specifically Raw is now just a sales show. The wrestling/storylines are second in line to selling the merch/sponsors/network/video game. Are WWE really in that bad shape financially? To the point their product is suffering? To me it seems like they're neglecting the product they're providing.

They are not at all. The product you see is the vision that Vince McMahon has for it, incorporating their respective deals. It's just business, from his perspective.

Back in 2000, Tazz (then in WWF) won the ECW title from newly hired WCW wrestler Mike Awesome, I know that Paul Heyman wanted the belt off Awesome, but why the complicated cross-promotion, even to the point of Tommy Dreamer appearing on Smackdown? Seeing as how Vince McMahon didn't own ECW at that time, I don't see how that could have benefited him from a business standpoint.

Awesome signed a deal with WCW when he was still under contract to ECW. Oops. Because of the situation blowing up, Heyman went to Vince McMahon and had Taz come in, hoping to get a buzz out of what was a bad situation. At that time, Vince was lending money to ECW and had an interest in it, so he was glad to help.

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