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By Dave Scherer on 2014-07-21 09:59:00

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Do you think that Vince McMahon will stay away from the Putin references from Lana and Rusev in light of the Malaysian airline disaster? Signs, as of this writing are pointing towards the pro-Russian separatists that shot down the plane, and it's not looking good for Putin.

I really hope so. With all signs pointing to Russia behind a part of shooting down the plane and murdering almost 300 people, Putin's involvement isn't "funny" any more. It's time that they stop doing it. The guy is starting to become an evil mofo so it's time to stop making him a character. Media outlets around the world are already taking WWE to task for what Lana said last night at Battleground. They don't need that kind of publicity, especially with a product aimed at kids.

Do you think that being paired with Paul Heyman actually set Cesaro back a step? When I first saw them pair up I thought there was a TON of potential for them, but I was sadly disappointed. The timing was horrible too. Cesaro was primed for a great face turn but then WWE killed that with Heyman coming out and only promoting himself and Brock Lesnar breaking "The Streak" and not even acknowledging Cesaro's existence. Now they chop the pairing with no explanation what so ever to the audience. They could've had Lesnar come out and attack Cesaro with Heyman stabbing him in the back by kicking him while he was down, which could've set up a potentially great feud. The whole thing seemed haphazard with no real direction to begin with.

I do think the association hurt Cesaro. He was getting a big reaction from the fans at the time he joined Heyman. They were ready to get behind him and cheer for the guy. So keeping him heel hurt him there. Then, like every other Heyman client not named Brock Lesnar, he was basically muddled along. And it got worse when he started losing right before they broke him away from Heyman. So yes, I agree with you. It wasn't Heyman's fault, but rather the way the company booked him.

I have often read that the Impact Zone and having relatively the same crowd at all the tapings their has made the product stale. I was just wondering was this ever a problem for ECW as I believe they ran their show from one location and most of had the same crowd turn up every week?

Part of the problem with the Impact Zone is that often people in attendance were just park goers that got in for free and weren't really wrestling fans. ECW did tapings around the country. The one "home" building was the ECW Arena and those fans were great and knowledgeable, so they didn't have an issue there.

Showing my age with this question. As a kid (early 70s on), I remember great wrestlers, POPULAR wrestlers who never spoke, or spoke very little. There were great talkers, but it wasn’t as crucial, depending on the character I guess. Who would you say is the best (or most over) wrestler who didn’t spend a lot of time on the mic?

Back in the 70s, there were a lot of guys like that. Heck, Bruno Sammartino never said all that much, he let his actions do the talking. So yes, there were a lot of guys back then and Bruno is a great example.

Are there any plans for the WWE Network to implement a feature that allows you to pick up from where you left off in a show you stopped? I have an Apple TV, and I've yet to see a "Resume playing" option.

I have never tried it but I just asked Mike Eps and he told me that it does do it on his iPhone and PS4.

You can send us questions for the Q&A by clicking here.

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