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By Jason Harper on 2014-07-20 03:18:39
Nice crowd. Standing room only. Maybe 700 or so. The show ran 4 1/2 hours but almost everybody stayed for Kevin Steen's last match I apologize in advance for not knowing some of the preliminary wrestlers correct names or spelling. Dark match: Will Ferreli defeated Jon Bushdill. Not so much as warming up the crowd as a tryout match. Ferrelli won with a roll up. Bobby Cruise announces that Michael Bennett will not be at the event due to food poisoning. Maria was not there either.

Episode One:

*ReDragon defeated Josh Alexander and Ethan Gabriel Owens to retain tag titles. Owens wears old school head gear like Rick Steiner did and got over with crowd. Kyle O'Reilly got the win.

*Moose defeated Akeem Zane (I believe that was the name). Moose is green but has potential. After the match Veda Scott and Ramon came out and Veda offered Moose the chance to sign with her.

*Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian defeated Roderick Strong and Jimmy Jacobs, The Briscos, and War Machine in a 4 way. Long match with Bad Influence and The Decade doing most of the wrestling. Daniels pinned Strong with the BME.

Episode Two:

*The entire episode will be the Gauntlet for the gold. The winner to get a title shot in Philly: BJ Whitmer defeated Caprice Coleman with a lariat. Matt Taven defeated BJ Whitmer with a frog splash. Matt Taven defeated Romantic Touch Jay Lethal defeated Matt Taven with Lethal Injection. Best match of the gauntlet. Truth Martini and Selexia both did great work at ringside although they might not be able to show Sleezya too much on TV as she was showing a lot of cheek underneath her mini skirt. Cedric Alexander defeated Jay Lethal to win the Gauntlet. They really did a good job putting over Cedric as future main eventer.

Episode Three:

(Adam Cole defeated Rocky Romero with figure 4. Not much heat to this. Crowd didn't seem to know Rocky or his past. Match didn't really showcase either one.

*Tomaso Ciampa defeated Adam Page. Really good match. Ciampa cuts a promo after the match. Silas Young comes out and they go back and forth.

*ROH champ Michael Elgin defeated Kyle O'Reilly. Great match. Bobby Fish did great work at ringside although he might have distracted a little too much from the match. Elgin won with the spinning powerbomb. Silas Young attacks Elgin which leads to a huge brawl with Adam Cole, the Briscoes, War Machine and Cedric Alexander all joining.

Episode 4:

*ACH defeated TD Thomas with a 450 splash. ACH may have lost a tooth during the match. Great action and maybe the match of the night. After the match Strong and Jacobs berate Thomas and Page. The recruits showed signs of fighting back but left after being ordered to the back by Strong.

*Tyson Dux defeated New Japan's Takaaki Watanabe.

*Kevin Steen defeated Steve Corino in his farewell match. Corino had Bobby Cruise do his old style introductions by handing him a piece of paper and acknowledging the stars of ROH past. Lots of inside jokes and tributes in this match. Steen had OLE written on one of his wrists. Solid match but nothing spectacular. The real story was saying good bye to Steen. After the match, Corino, Steen and Jimmy Jacobs all embraced only for Roderick Strong and BJ Whitmer to attack. Steen fought them off and this is where TV will end.

After the show Steen started to give a speech only to be interrupted by most of the locker room who came out with balloons and silly string and Champagne. After the celebration, Steen thanked several of the people that were special to him during his run. He pointed out Christopher Daniels, Corino, Nigel, The Briscos and others. Hopefully the speech will be included on the DVD.

The wrestlers then went around ringside thanking the fans.

As usual ROH delivered. Nothing blow away but solid wrestling.

Ring of Honor announced a return to Michigan on Oct 11 but the show will be in Kalamazoo. This will be the first Michigan show not held in the Detroit area.

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