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By Mike Johnson on 2014-07-19 10:00:00
Any update on the Jimmy Snuka legal situation regarding the death of his old girlfriend?

Nothing yet. It was being re-examined by a grand jury, so until they make their decision, we won't really know.

I am reading about the Jesse Ventura lawsuit. So, he was allegedly punched out and is suing the guy who did it - but the guy died, so Ventura is still suing his widow? And he wonders why the SEALS are mad at him?

Yes. Ventura still going forward with his lawsuit after Chris Kyle's death has brought him a lot of criticism. I can see why. To the SEALS, it appears like he is bullying the wife of one of their own, when Ventura is one of their own.

When is Shane McMahon going to come back already?

I don't think we'll see him back ever as a full-time character, but certainly, a cameo at some point won't be out of the question. McMahon is doing his own thing and shouldn't come back unless he wants to do it for fun?

In regard to the Vince Russo stuff, I am really let down by Mike Johnson pretty much extorting Russo to apologize. How did you sleep that night?

I slept fine, because I didn't extort anyone. Russo made the mistake of emailing me and after I sat on it for a few hours waiting to see if anyone contacted me, the decision was made to write the story and show that despite his knocks on the site, we were indeed correct. When Russo decided to lie and make it into a story where he claimed he had sent us incorrect information to "swerve" me and that it was done to show how we weren't a "reliable" website, he turned it into a much bigger issue. It was someone claiming that he had purposely tried to injure our credibility and since I had already confirmed with others in the company that the email was legitimate, I responded that Vince could either come clean or I could just publish the email, since it was indeed sent to me. There was no extortion - there was someone lying and being warned they could admit they were lying or we would prove they were doing so on our end. In the end, he admitted he was lying and sent public and private apologies.

So, what was in the Russo email? Was TNA mad at PWInsider?

After speaking to several high-up TNA officials, we've agreed not to release what was inside the email since Russo apologized. As we noted, there were guidelines and instructions and suggestions on how certain aspects of a TNA voiceover should go. I don't believe TNA was mad at PWInsider - it was Russo who sent me an email. Our communications with TNA execs since have all been good.

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