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By Mike Johnson on 2014-07-18 18:42:49

FWE issued the following:

NEW YORK, NY., July 18th, 2014 - The wait is over! Our last live event was the FWE Grand Prix Final in Decemeber. The wait will be worth it as we have two amazing nights of action planned for you. FWE returns to action on October 3rd & 4th LIVE from Brooklyn, NY and LIVE on iPPV! VegasFuel presents FWE: ReFueled! Tickets go on sale THIS Saturday at 1pm Eastern time.

Currently Announced for Night One - October 3rd:

The Young Bucks vs Bad Influence
Two of the best teams in the World square off as The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) face the debuting Bad Influence (Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian)! When we last saw The Bucks, their team was victorious against Team Adrenaline Express (AE) in an epic 10 person elimination tag team match. They are looking for their shot at AE to try to add the one most important piece of Gold that has eluded them so far, the FWE Tag Team Championships. To do this though, they must get through a world class team in Bad Influence. After being misused for years, these two men get their chance to shine and prove why they are the one of the most entertaining and hardest working tandems in professional wrestling.

Non Title Match:
Adrenaline Express (EJ Risk & VSK - FWE World Tag Team Champions) vs "The Premier Athlete" Tony Nese & Jigsaw
Adrenaline Express (AE) have run through every team they have faced in FWE, from The Midnight Sensations to The Young Bucks. No team has been able to stop them with the gold on the line. They now face a dynamic team in Tony Nese and Jigsaw. Besides these men being fantastic athletes, Nese is the current FWE Open Weight Champion. His run through the tournament saw him defeat Paul London who is the current FWE Tri-Borough Champion and FWE Heavyweight Champion, John Hennigan. While AE has nothing to lose in this match besides pride, it would be HUGE for Nese to garner another win over the final male championship holder in FWE. A win would certainly put Nese and Jigsaw in line for a shot at the titles.

Veda Scott vs Hania
Our women's division gets even stronger as two new females make their FWE debut. Hania has been making waves along the East Coast and is looking to make a huge statement in FWE. The established Veda Scott is looking to stop Hania dead in her tracks and show the world that she will be staking a claim at an FWE Women's Championship Match. One thing can be said, this match will not disappoint and will continue to show why women’s wrestling is always prominently featured on an FWE show.

Trent? vs Drew Galloway fka Drew McIntyre
In what is sure to be a fast paced, high flying and even harder hitting match, a man who has been with FWE for over a year will be facing off in singles action against a man making his debut in FWE, but is known the world over as Drew Galloway. Trent? made it all the way to the semi-finals of the Grand Prix losing to the eventual winner, Tony Nese. When it comes to tag-team wrestling Trent? has been teaming with Bandido Jr. and had one of the best matches in FWE history against the Young Bucks and Adrenaline Express. With a victory over Drew, Trent? would elevate himself in the rankings and could easily make a run at nearly any championship in FWE. However, “The Chosen One” himself is coming to FWE with a purpose. He's angry and wants to show those who didn't believe in him that he has what it takes to make it to the top of the mountain and become the FWE Heavyweight Champion. Getting a win his debut would put him on that track.

Maria Kanellis will be live on Commentary
Making her return to FWE, the FWE Women's Champion Maria Kanellis will be live on commentary. The outspoken, self proclaimed first lady of FWE, will have plenty to say about the competition that has been going on in her absence. Who does SHE view as the true top contender? What does she think of the 6 women who competed for a shot at her title only to end up with concrete opponent?

"Firebird" Jorge Santi vs Damien Darling
With the fitting name, Santi has been on fire lately in FWE. With huge wins over Chris Mordetzky, Mike Bennett and others, he has risen to the top of the hearts of the FWE family. With the soccer themed "Jorge" chants, Santi is building the steam to go after a championship in FWE. In his way stands the returning Damien Darling. The two time and longest reigning FWE Tri-Borough Champion and the most controversial competitor in FWE history, Darling has one thing on his mind and that is regaining the FWE Tri-Borough Championship. With wins over men like Jay Lethal and Harry Smith, Darling must not overlook the "Santi Skills."

Fatal 4 Way Match:
"The Master" Wes Draven vs Bandido Jr. vs Sam Shields vs Rich Swann
A FWE staple match returns, a Fatal 4 Way. 2 FWE staples, Wes Draven and Sam Shield are involved. Both men have been with FWE since day one. This is Shields' first foray into singles competition. Shields as part of the Midnight Sensations, have been one of the most dominant tag teams in FWE history. This is a huge test for him. Draven has seen these matches before and has faced them all in FWE. From high flyers like Sonjay Dutt to powerhouses like Chris Mordetzky, Draven would love this win to work to get another FWE Tri-Borough Championship Match. This is Bandido's first match in FWE without a tag team partner. From tag teams to now testing out the singles waters, Bandido Jr. has done a lot in FWE in the tag team division, teaming notably with Azriel and Trent? and having a fantastic match with Adrenaline Express and The Young Bucks. A win here would prove that he can separate from the tag team scene. The debuting Rich Swann is a high flying specialist who has traveled up and down the East Coast and also down in Mexico is bringing his brand of action to FWE. A victory over three of the best in FWE would surely put his face on the map in FWE. One thing is for sure, this match will be one for the record books.

Orange Cassidy vs Alex Reynolds
This has the shaping to be one of the most fun matches in FWE. Orange Cassidy made his debut at our last event in the epic 10 person tag team match which featured Team Young Bucks taking on Team Adrenaline Express. His unique personality and ring style immediately became a hit with the FWE Family. This will be first singles match and what a match it is as he faces a man who was involved in the first match ever in FWE, Alex Reynolds. Reynolds is the man to watch as he is an FWE original and has had match of the night candidates at House of Hardcore on most of their shows. It will be interesting to see Cassidy in singles competition and Reynolds is on the cusp of becoming a superstar and is that one big win away.

Announced for Night Two - October 4th:
Tommy Dreamer vs Drew Galloway fka Drew McIntyre
The Innovator of Violence makes his return to FWE and back home in Brooklyn. The former FWE Heavyweight Champion and the man who is still holding his FWE Rumble win, which guarantees him a future title shot when he chooses, told the FWE board of directors since he missed the Open Weight Grand Prix, he wanted the toughest opponent available for the FWE faithful. FWE answered and he will face the debuting Drew Galloway! After facing Trent? on Night one, Drew hopes to be victorious and keep that momentum going against the Hardcore Hero, Dreamer. Drew has a stiff test in front of him but a win over Dreamer, in New York would put him right in line for a FWE Heavyweight Championship Match.

FWE Women's Championship Match:
Maria Kanellis vs "The Huntress" Ivelisse Velez
After having the night off on Night one, Maria Kanellis will be defending the FWE Women's Championship against Ivelisse Velez. Ivelisse faced Angelina Love back at the FWE Open Weight Grand Prix Finals to a No Contest. The FWE Board of Directors decided they would give Ivelisse this shot as in her qualifying match, she came out victorious in impressive fashion, making both Rosita and Kasey Ray tap out to her at once! Maria hasn't faced anyone like Ivelisse yet in FWE. Ivelisse is at that point where she is ready to add the FWE Womens Championship to her resume.

Trent? vs Rich Swann
If you're looking for high flying action, look no further. Trent? will be looking to be heading in with a huge victory of Drew Galloway on Night Two and would love to have that going into facing Rich Swann. Swann, after the debuting the night before, has another tough task on his hands facing Baretta. A victory over a world class athlete like Trent would surely make a huge statement to the FWE fans and executives.

Bandido Jr. vs JT Dunn
FWE veteran meets FWE newcomer as Bandido Jr will square off against JT Dunn. After competing in a huge fatal 4 way the night before, Bandido will be facing another man making his FWE debut. The man who would love to get into title contention is NYC Mainstay "The Juice" JT Dunn. Making his name in Long Island and other East Coast companies, he is coming to the big show to take out Bandido. This will be a fast paced match and can go either way.

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