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By Richard Trionfo on 2014-07-15 20:44:56
We are in Fayetteville, North Carolina and your announcers are Byron ‘Remember when there was a lot of wrestling on this show’ Saxton and Tom ‘At least I can call the wrestling missed on this show on Superstars’ Phillips.

Miz makes his way to the ring, but he is not dressed for his match against Sheamus. Miz says that tonight is a special night because for the first time MizTV is on the WWE Network. Lebron James isn’t the only person with an earth shattering announcement. It is in this letter.

Miz demands quiet, and that works as well as it always does in wrestling. The letter says that he is leaving home. Before he would compete in the main event of Wrestlemania or star in the Marine 3 and Marine 4, he was a boy from Northeast Ohio. It is a special place in his heart. Miz says that he feels like your sun because he is the center of the universe. He wants to inspire when he can. Now that he is more successful than he has ever been, he owes it to more than Northeast Ohio, he owes it to the entire WWE Universe. Miz says that he is leaving Cleveland behind. It is a small market city with small minds, like everyone here.

Miz says that he wants people to know that there are better places to live. Like Hollywood. Everything is earned there, just like when he wins the Intercontinental Title at Battleground. He is not a boy from Northeast Ohio any more, he is from Hollywood. He is the Miz . . . and he is . . . a star.

Sheamus’ music plays and he makes his way to the stage. Miz says that he speaks for everyone here, everyone in Cleveland, Hollywood, and the world. He says that it is time for Miz to take his talents out of this ring and drive into the ocean.

Miz says that he meets people like Sheamus all the time in Hollywood. He did not expect Sheamus to be jealous.

Sheamus asks what is it that he is supposed to be jealous of.

Miz tells Sheamus he should be jealous of the MoneyMaker.

Sheamus says that people ask for their money back because of the MoneyMaker.

Sheamus suggests Miz’ next movie role and he says that it should be Sunday Bloody Sunday because he is going to kick Miz’ moneymaker off his shoulders.

Sheamus suggests we don’t have to wait and he tries for a Brogue Kick but Miz gets out of the ring.

We see the people who are going to be in the Battle Royal to determine the new Intercontinental Champion.

We will also see a preview of the WWE World Title match with a look at what we saw on Raw.

Big E and Kofi Kingston will face Curtis Axel and Ryback later tonight.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Naomi is at the announce table with Byron and Tom. They discuss the issues between Naomi and Cameron.

Match Number One: Emma versus Cameron

They lock up and Cameron backs Emma into the corner. They lock up again and Emma backs Cameron into the corner and Emma with a take down. Emma with a dance move. Emma trips Cameron and then Emma rolls to the opposite side of the ring and she tries for a cross body but Cameron gets her boot up.

Cameron with boots to the midsection followed by a knee to the midsection for a near fall. Cameron with an abdominal stretch. Emma with elbows to escape the hold. Emma with a cross body and clothesline. Cameron with an Irish whip but Emma floats over and tries for the DilEmma but Cameron blocks it and sends Emma to the floor.

Cameron has something to say to Naomi before focusing on her opponent. Cameron sends Emma back into the ring and Emma with an inside cradle for the three count.

Winner: Emma

After the match, Cameron attacks Emma and Naomi has had enough and she makes her way into the ring. Cameron goes to the floor and she will deal with Naomi on the Battleground Kickoff Show.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Two: Curtis Axel and Ryback versus Big E and Kofi Kingston

Axel and Kofi start things off and they lock up. Kofi with a waist lock and Axel with a side head lock. Kofi with a top wrist lock but Axel returns to a side head lock. Axel holds on to the hair to keep the advantage and he takes Kofi to the mat with a side head lock. Kofi with a kick to the chest and he gets a near fall.

Big E tags in and Axel gets away from Big E’s corner. Axel with a waist lock and side head lock but Big E blocks a take down. Axel with an elbow and Big E avoids a take down again. Big E with a shoulder tackle and Axel tags in Ryback. Ryback with a kick and forearm followed by a head butt.

Ryback with shoulders in the corner followed by kicks. The referee warns Ryback and then Ryback with a side head lock. Big E with a flying shoulder tackle and he picks up Ryback for a back breaker and he holds on for a second one. Big E holds on and he hits a third back breaker for a near fall. Kofi tags in and he goes up top and connects with boots to the arm. Big E tags back in and Ryback with forearms.

Big E with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex and Kofi with a drop kick to Axel. Big E assists Kofi onto Ryback and Axel with a plancha. We go to commercial.

We are back and Big E with shoulders to Ryback in the corner. Big E with an Irish whip and Axel tags in. Big E brings Axel in with a belly-to-belly suplex. Big E with an Ultimate Warrior Splash and the straps come down.

Axel rolls to the floor and Big E follows. Ryback misses a clothesline and Big E punches Ryback. Axel with a running forearm off the apron to Big E. Axel sends Big E back into the ring and he kicks Big E. Ryback with knees after tagging in. Ryback with a reverse chin lock.

Big E with punches to Ryback but Ryback with a front face lock. Axel tags in and Big E tries to make the tag but Ryback keeps Kofi from getting in. Axel with forearms to Big E and he gets a near fall. Axel with a reverse chin lock. Axel clips Big E and connects with a running knee to the head and Axel gets a near fall.

Ryback tags in and he kicks Big E and gets a near fall after a splash. Ryback calls for a power bomb but since he called the move, that means that Big E counters with a back body drop and both men are down. Axel and Kofi tag in and Kofi with a springboard clothesline followed by chops and a drop kick. Kofi with a leaping clothesline and then he hits the Boom Drop.

Kofi sets for Trouble in Paradise but Ryback distracts Kofi and Axel with an Axe to the back of the head. Kofi avoids a Saito suplex and Kofi with a pendulum kick followed by a dross body. Ryback breaks up the cover. Kofi escapes the marching musclebuster and Big E takes care of Ryback and Axel. Kofi with Trouble in Paradise for the three count.

Winners: Big E and Kofi Kingston

We take a look at the reveal that Sting will be a downloaded character if you pre-order WWE 2K15.

We see a photo of a WWE Title Belt being awarded to the winner of the Home Run Derby last night.

We have a Raw Rebound.

Renee Young is with the Miz and she asks him about his match with Sheamus. Miz says that everyone wants what he has. Sheamus is trying to damage WWE’s most valuable asset . . . the MoneyMaker. He is a reality star and a movie star. He says that he is putting his money on the Miz.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Three: Sheamus versus Miz in a Non Title Match

Miz tells the referee to make sure that the face is protected and Sheamus mocks Miz. They lock up and Miz retreats into the ropes and Miz protects his face. Sheamus with a wrist lock and Miz retreats into the ropes again. MIz with a waist lock and side head lock. Sheamus with a shoulder tackle and Miz goes to the apron again.

Miz with a hammer lock and Sheamus misses an elbow. Miz goes to the floor to get into Sheamus’ head. Miz with a kick and forearms when he returns tot her ing. Miz with punches and kicks until the referee pulls him out of the corner. Sheamus with a punch.

The referee holds Sheamus back but Sheamus with a short arm clothesline. Sheamus tries to get Miz set up for the ten forearms but Miz gets to the floor. Miz almost gets back into the ring but he goes back to the floor. Miz drops Sheamus on the top rope and Miz with kicks to Sheamus. Miz with an Awesome Clothesline in the corner.

Miz goes up top for a double sledge but Sheamus is able to avoid it and he punches Miz in the midsection. Sheamus puts Miz in the ropes and Sheamus with the forearms across the chest and Miz gets off the apron and goes to the floor. Sheamus hits Miz from behind with a running double sledge.

Sheamus sends Miz back into the ring and Miz with a shoulder. Sheamus with forearms and when Sheamus goes for the slingshot shoulder Miz with a drop kick to the knees and Sheamus falls to the floor. Miz sends Sheamus into the ringside barrier and the referee starts his count.

Sheamus gets back into the ring and Miz kicks Sheamus. Miz with a rear chin lock and a rake of the face. Sheamus punches Miz in the midsection. Miz with a kick and he tries for the DDT but Sheamus stops him. Miz goes for a sunset flip but Sheamus stays on his feet.

Sheamus with the two running double sledges followed by a shoulder in the corner but Miz avoids the knee lift. Sheamus with an elbow but Miz with a kick. Sheamus with a power slam and it is time to set for the Brogue Kick. Miz turtles on the Brogue Kick attempt and Sheamus with a rollup for the three count.

Winner: Sheamus

We go to credits.

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