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By Mike Johnson on 2014-07-15 11:29:51
As reported in the Elite section:

*Bray Wyatt needed seven stitches to close the gash suffered when Ric Flair punched him in NYC. Wyatt's eye was blackened and swollen shut and WWE medical did a lot of work on it before Raw, draining it and using makeup so he could look presentable. Wyatt was said to be in good spirits about the entire thing as it was a scar Flair gave him in MSG. His attitude in general is really liked by the veterans of the locker room.

*Seth Rollins was 100% fine after Raw and the injury was completely scripted to remove him from the finish of the handicap match so the focus was on the competitors in the Battleground Fatal Four Way.

*Dean Ambrose had a bloody lip but beyond that he was fine following his beating on Raw. His hospital visit was just part of the show.

*Bad News Barrett had his shoulder checked out by physical therapists this week and will officially begin therapy in the next few weeks as he works to return to the ring. He's not expected back for at least several months. To try the PWInsider Elite section, featuring exclusive audio, news and an exclusive ad-free website for three days free, click here.

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