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By Dave Scherer on 2014-07-16 09:49:00

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What do you think about the term "WWE Universe"? To me it seems a bit forced almost like WWE is forcing it onto us?

Personally, I am not a big fan of it but I am not part of the target demographic that they are aiming it towards. It's a branding thing so yes, they are going to hammer it home.

I wondered what your thoughts are on getting Adam Rose over. Wouldn't it be better to show him getting off his party bus/RV with his entourage and doing his entrance that way? Or in their own locker room partying? Maybe some backstage interaction with others in WWE? Otherwise, it's just a bunch of dorks coming to the ring each week. It seems like the concept has a lot of possibilities but WWE has shown no interest in running with it.

Rose and Emma have kind of been presented the same way, with WWE not showing all of the elements of their gimmick the way that they did in NXT. Because of that, it's kind of like people have come in during the middle of a movie and are just expected to know what had happened earlier. They definitely could have fleshed out Rose's character better than they have.

So, if you hit someone with the steps, you get DQ'd. You throw the steps at someone, you get DQ'd. But, you throw someone at the steps, or bounce their face off the steps, you get nothing? Wrestling rules hurt my head.

That is a great point. The same holds true when someone goes through the announcers table. I guess the logic is as long as the object was in place, you can use it. Yes indeed, the rules aren't always easy to follow.

Seeing how well the NYC tapings went down with the crowd, do you see TNA setting up shop there permanently? A larger paying crowd must be more appealing than having less favourable financial terms moving back to Impact Zone? With GFW negotiating for tv deals, they need to find some stability before GFW really make their moves in the market.

New York is a very expensive market to run, but it also has great fans and gives the shows an air of legitimacy coming from the nation's biggest market. TNA loved the building and the crowd and are already going back next month. I think as long as they get their TV deal done, they will be running their more often.

As I was watching this past Monday's RAW, something struck me funny. They ran a promo asking viewers to go and watch the Money-in-the-Bank PPV on the WWE Network right in the middle of their flagship show. I know they are running the Free Preview Week, but is the WWE that desperate to get Network subscribers that they would sacrifice viewership on their flagship show?

To say that their primary goal right now would be in increasing Network subscribers would be right on the money. So yes, they will definitely sacrifice Raw viewers for Network subscribers. USA Network, on the hand, won't allow that kind of plugging to be a regular thing. They want eyeballs on Raw, where they can monetize their advertising.

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