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By Dave Scherer on 2014-07-15 09:59:00

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When the WWE, or TNA for that matter, travels overseas how do they transport the ring and set? Especially for a television taping. That's a lot of stuff to fit on an airplane.

Generally, WWE has rings on the continents where they run that are used when they come to the area. TNA also has rings in the UK that they use when they are there.

WWE right now wants as many wrestling fans as possible to subscribe to the WWE Network, so what about making some kind of deal with many indies, in which WWE pays a little money or pays for production of the shows in exchange for a weekly/monthly show, which would help WWE in getting more new and different content in the Network, while at the same time getting some new subscribers, fans that maybe don't like WWE but they want to see their regional company in a real Network and not having to pay $15-20 for an iPPV which could end up being bad because of technical problems. Lets say ROH as an example, WWE pays for their Lights and production and a small fee and in exchange, ROH gives them a weekly TV show or a Monthly special show. What this does is, WWE could end up with new Live/Taped TV shows daily, except for Mondays/Fridays, because of RAW and Smackdown. Lets say the indies get 2,000-5,000 buys per iPPV of decent quality. Wouldn't they pay $10.00 for a high Quality show of the same company on the WWE Network? Would that be to costly for WWE to even try? I know the production issue is one of the more challenging things to fix, since most indies have ok iPPVs but nothing great and WWE would demand a Visually High Quality TV Show.

WWE has stated many times that the Network is for content that they own. They aren't interested in putting other companies on at this time. From what I have been told, their view is that there is very little in it for them to put a company that does 1,000 buys on their iPPVs on The Network. I agree with that line of thinking.

I've seen the WWE Legends Roundtable where Jerry Lawler admitted to purposely breaking Heyman's jaw back in Memphis. I get his reasoning and the concept of the 'receipt', but even the guys on the panel looked at Lawler and reacted like he was an idiot for doing that. Obviously Lawler suffered no repercussions on that when it happened, but does Lawler have a reputation as being a cock because of that or other similar types of incidents? Was Lawler known as being hard to work with?

Lawler was the promoter and booker for much of his run in Memphis. He was also the top guy. With that came ill feelings from some workers, for sure. Lawler pretty much always won in the end, no matter how much bigger, stronger, faster etc. the opponent was. He was the boss (along with Jerry Jarrett) and also the top guy, so that was what it was. I have heard from guys who said he was fun to work with and others that said they couldn't wait to get the hell out of Memphis.

What happened to Ryback? He went from being extremely hot with fans chanting "Feed me More" to being in a direction less tag team. My fear is that Roman Reigns will be like this in 6-8 months.

He is one of those guys that got "this close" and then got pushed back down the card. A lot of the reason is that he hurt some guys in their matches (a Dolph Ziggler concussion comes to mind). But his role was to get close to the Title, but not win. After that, the usual course is down the card.

Do you think that CM Punk would be willing to do commentaries on Countdown, Wrestlemania Rewind, etc.? Not saying a return to WWE live programming but WWE Network & DVD/Blu Ray projects.

Eventually? Sure, hell they had Vince Russo on the Network! I think feelings are a bit too raw right now, but down the line it could happen.

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