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By Dave Scherer on 2014-07-14 09:59:00

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Watching WM rewind on the Austin era got me to thinking with everybody saying that wm xiv the event that turned WWE fortune around beating WCW. Do you think that if wcw had hired Mike Tyson first do you think that they would have been around longer or they would have blown the opportunity and wouldn't knew how to use him as Vince did

Honestly, knowing how WCW let the nWo angle run out of control due to bad booking I doubt that they would have been able to use Tyson as effectively as WWE did. And also, at that point in time momentum was starting to swing anyway. Tyson would have helped WCW, for sure, but I still think WWE would have turned it around.

Do you guys ever get sick of idiots like (names deleted because what is the point of listing them) stealing news from here and pawning it off as there own? Credibility aside, don't you ever have the desire to post red herrings and insane stories just to get a laugh out of those morons copying them?

Ah, a red herring. That would be fun, for sure, but the problem is it would impugn our credibility in the process so we only hurt ourselves in the process. It would be fun to do though. What bothers me about those guys is when they take a story we report, rewrite and then "credit" us with something that we never reported in the first place. There are definitely some real hacks out there.

Looking at the ratings breakdown, the numbers mostly seem to drop in the 3rd hour. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, but back when the show was 2 hours the second hour would drop as well. Does the WWE factor that in when they say a "main eventer" can draw? Also, do you think main events are less compelling nowadays, because unlike the 90's/early 2000's, the title is rarely defended on tv? I mean it doesn't have to change hands, but they could at least defend.

Back in the day, the ratings used to rise in the second hour. Now, I think it's a combination of three hours being a long time, kids having to go to bed and increased competition. They all play a factor in audience often leaving during hour three.

Do Kofi and Sandow have heat backstage? Sandow went from being the next World Heavyweight Champion into being a comedy act. Kofi innovates every Royal Rumble and ladder match they put him in. And yet for years, he's been losing the majority of his matches. When he finally wins, it's during a commercial break. And now that he that he won a second time. It looks like it was just to setup a Cesaro/Big E feud.

I think it Kofi's case, they like him for what he is and push him close to the level that his talents deserve. Sandow, on the other hand, I have no idea why they have wasted him the way that they have.

With CM Punk's contract expiring this month, do you think TNA will make a run at him? Because he IS the guy who could change things for them. And this could be a once in a generation opportunity for them. I know that it's a long shot and that Punk is happily out of the business and would likely never want to go to a lesser promotion (and probably despises the gimmicky 6-sided ring), but I remember an old Simpsons episode where Krusty the Clown gets involved in something horrible and Bart asks him, "Krusty, how could you?" and he starts crying and says, "They backed a dump-truck full of money to my door. How could I refuse?" Is there a possibility that TNA and Spike TV get together and figuratively "back a dump-truck full of money" to Punk's door? Some absolutely ridiculous offer that he couldn't turn down? Spike could include a non-wrestling position on the network (they have plenty of specials that need hosts) to sweeten the pot. Such a huge expenditure could be worth it in the huge short-term bump they would get from having CM Punk (who can come in with the name, IIRC) come into the promotion

A possibility? Sure, there is some chance, however small, that they could try and come up with the money that he wants and offer it to him. But at this point in time, he just has no interest in doing it. He made great money in WWE and no doubt could have continued to do so, but he went home because he just didn't want to do it any more. If he was offered a huge sum, he would have to consider it but I don't see that happening right now.

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