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By Mike Johnson on 2014-07-09 18:30:22
Here's this week's Michael Cole interview with Chris Jericho. Jericho popped me with the El Generico reference he slipped in:

Subway will have a prize promotion to help market Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy film, which features Dave Bautista in the cast as Drax. Advance tickets for the film officially went on sale this morning. Marvel ran a free 17 minute preview event at IMAX theaters across the country Monday Night and the toy line for the film was released last week, so all the promotion is beginning to ramp up. They've also released a new trailer:

A number of media outlets have picked up that WWE has added Laureen Ong to their Board of Directors, framing the story as Ong coming on board to help with the Network.

There will be a limited edition version of WWE 2K15 based around Hulk Hogan.

A scheduled 9/2 Smackdown taping in Omaha, Nebraska has been instead moved to the Pinnacle Bank Arena in Lincoln, Nebraska. It's the first WWE taping at the venue, which opened last year.

Former WWE and WCW star Shannon Moore wrote that he's finishing up as a pro wrestler. On his Twitter, Moore wrote, "For u asking I'm pretty much done in the ring. Just times have changed and I don't want to be that guy trying to Stay on Indy's I've lived it and I would rather get out and be an agent or work with talent.Thanks WCW,WWE,and TNA!!! Looking for the next thing.And want to move to Chicago and be with my wife's amazing family!! Thanks to all that have supported me over the last 20 plus years. Much love to fans. Keep supporting the guys... Because family's depend on that support!!!Thank You So Much for making a dream come true."

The Rock sent out the following Tweet featuring the poster of "Hercules." The Rock's social media marketing for the film, where he tweeted out videos of his workout and invited fans to do them as well, led to a 2.5 million responses, according to an article in USA Today:

WWE released a video looking at five stars that you may not know wrestled for the company, including Kevin Von Erich and AJ Styles, who is described as someone who was signed to WCW when WWE purchased the company but wasn't part of the Alliance:

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