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By Richard Trionfo on 2014-07-08 20:45:12
We are in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and your announcers are Tom ‘Senators’ Phillips and Byron ‘I miss the Roughriders’ Saxton.

Sheamus wants to know what the story is. He says any night that starts with a fight is a good night for him. He does not need the luck of the Irish. He has a lucky right boot that will make Del Rio look like a piñata. After defending his title tonight, he will move on to Battleground where he will win the Intercontinental Title and unite the titles.

Alberto Del Rio interrupts and he says that he will be the one to unify the titles. He will drag Sheamus around this arena like the dog that he is.

Sheamus says that he doesn’t understand Spanish, but he knows that they are fighting words. Sheamus says that anything goes. He can take a kendo stick and smash him in the face until he is good looking. He can ram a chair down his throat. He can do a Mexican hat dance around Del Rio.

Alberto tells Sheamus to kiss his title goodbye.

Sheamus tells Bertie to take his ass down to the ring . . . fella.

Alberto says that it will be his pleasure . . . fella.

Match Number One: Sheamus versus Alberto Del Rio for the United States Title in a Last Man Standing Match

They lock up and they exchange punches and then they go over the top rope to the floor. Sheamus sends Del Rio into the ringside barrier and the referee makes the first count of the match. Sheamus sends Del Rio into the ringside barrier again and he adds punches. Del Rio sends Sheamus into the ring post.

The referee starts his count, but Sheamus gets up. Sheamus is sent into the ringside barrier. Sheamus sends Del Rio into the announce table and he is down again. Del Rio avoids the announce table and he sends Sheamus into the announce table. Sheamus grabs the cover to the announce table and he throws it at Del Rio and Alberto is down.

Del Rio with a kick but Sheamus with a Finlay Slam on the floor and then he waits for the referee to make his count. Del Rio hits Sheamus with a kendo stick and Sheamus is down on the announce table.

We go to commercial.

We are back and the action is in the ring and the referee is counting while Del Rio goes up the turnbuckles. We see Del Rio hitting Sheamus with the kendo stick as he comes off the turnbuckles during the commercial break. Del Rio does the same thing to Sheamus and the referee counts again.

Del Rio lets go of the kendo stick and Sheamus goes after it, but Del Rio with a baseball slide and then he hits Sheamus with the kendo stick. Del Rio goes up top for a third time and Sheamus knocks the kendo stick out of Del Rio’s hands and Del Rio is down. Sheamus punches Del Rio. Sheamus with two running double sledges followed by a shoulder in the corner and a running knee lift. Sheamus runs into boots in the corner but Sheamus with a uranage back breaker.

The referee starts his count. Del Rio gets back to his feet but Sheamus has the kendo stick in his hands. Del Rio begs for mercy and Sheamus will have none of that. Sheamus hits Del Rio in the arm but he misses when Del Rio moves. Sheamus connects with another stick shot and Del Rio is down. The referee starts his count.

Sheamus gets Del Rio on his shoulders but Del Rio with elbows and then he hits a DDT and both men are down. Del Rio kicks Sheamus but Sheamus moves when Del Rio goes for a splash against the ropes. Del Rio falls victim to the ten forearms on the apron but Sheamus does twenty instead. Del Rio is pushed off the apron against the announce table and the referee starts his count.

Del Rio gets up at nine and we go to commercial.

We are back and Del Rio is down and the referee is counting. Sheamus with a belly-to-back suplex and then he goes to the floor. Sheamus gets a chair and he brings it into the ring. Del Rio hits Sheamus with the kendo stick and then Del Rio with a super kick into the chair that hits Sheamus in the head. The referee starts his count. Del Rio hits Sheamus with the kendo stick and then he wedges the chair in the turnbuckles.

Sheamus punches Del Rio but Del Rio with a knee to the midsection. Del Rio goes to the floor and he grabs another chair. Sheamus blocks a chair shot from Del Rio and Sheamus pushes the chair away. Sheamus with a power slam and then Sheamus looks around. Sheamus pounds his chest to suggest the Brogue Kick is coming but Del Rio moves and Sheamus has his foot caught in the turnbuckles.

Del Rio with a lungblower and the referee starts his count. Del Rio misses a super kick and Sheamus hits White Noise and the referee counts for both men. Sheamus rolls to the floor and Del Rio gets up while in the ring. Sheamus goes under the ring and he finds a table so the fans get what they have been chanting for all match.

Sheamus sets up the table while Del Rio struggles to get back to his feet. Del Rio with an arm breaker and a step up enzuigiri in the corner. Del Rio tells the referee to start his count. Sheamus gets up and Del Rio kicks Sheamus in the back of the leg. Del Rio tries to go for the cross arm breaker but Sheamus pushes Del Rio away. Sheamus hits the chair in the corner and Del Rio applies the cross arm breaker.

Sheamus rolls over and he summons the power of the Fella and he hits a one arm power bomb through the table. The referee starts his count and both men are down. Sheamus gets up at nine and so does Del Rio. Sheamus with a Brogue Kick and Del Rio is down again. The referee gets to ten.

Winner: Sheamus

We go back two weeks to the return of Miz and Chris Jericho on Raw.

We are told that Chris Jericho will face Bray Wyatt at Battleground.

Renee Young is with Chris Jericho in the interview area. She asks Chris about his match against Bray Wyatt at Battleground. Chris mentions his return two weeks ago and what he did to the Miz, only to be interrupted by the big, black, dark spider. Chris says that the Wyatts reminded him that the WWE is about survival. At Battleground, he will remind Bray Wyatt what Y2J can do in the ring. He will step on the spider and squash it. Tonight, he will have Bret Hart on the Highlight Reel. The WWE Network will never EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVER be the same AGAYNE.

We go to commercial.

We are back with the WWE Rewind: A look back at the main event from Raw featuring John Cena and Seth Rollins.

Match Number Two: Nikki Bella versus Naomi, Cameron, Natalya, Rosa Mendes, Eva Marie, and Summer Rae

Rosa starts off while one of the participants is not at ringside yet. Nikki with an arm bar. Rosa with a forearm and Irish whip into the corner. Rosa with a splash into the corner and Summer is tagged in. They hit a double suplex on Nikki and Summer gets a near fall. Summer with boots to Nikki while Cameron is still missing from the ring.

Eva tags in and Eva with a clothesline after Summer Irish whips Nikki. Summer tags back in and they send Nikki into the turnbuckles. It appears that the issues Summer and Eva had on Season Two of Total Divas is gone. Summer gets a near fall while Natalya and Naomi discuss where Cameron is.

Nikki slaps Summer and then she connects with a clothesline and drop toe hold. Rosa stops Nikki’s attempt at Shock Treatment on Summer. Nikki sends Rosa to the floor. Nikki with an O’Connor Roll but Eva makes the tag and Eva with a DDT for the three count.

Winners: Eva Marie, Natalya, Naomi, Rosa Mendes, Summer Rae, and Cameron

After the match, Cameron comes to the ring and she attacks Nikki and Natalya, who are checking on Nikki. Naomi chases Cameron to the back.

We go to commercial.

We are back and it is time for the Highlight Reel. Chris Jericho comes to the ring with the JeriTron 7500 in the ring.

Chris points out the Jericholics in the building tonight. He says that he is excited to bring the Highlight Reel to Main Event on the WWE Network for the very first time in Ottawa. Chris says that he is more excited to introduce his guest. Everyone knows who he is talking about. He is a man who he watched as a kid. His inspiration to get into the WWE. A person he is proud to call a friend. Chris brings out the Excellence of Execution; the Best there Is . . . the Best There Was . . . and the Best There Ever Will Be. He brings out Bret Hart.

Bret makes his way to the ring.

Chris welcomes Bret to the Highlight Reel. Bret says that it is great to be back in the capital for the first time in a long time. It is a big deal to be on Main Event for the first time. With the Network, it is a great time in the WWE and great to be back in Ottawa.

Bret says that it hard to believe how many years it has been since he first met Chris in the dungeon. They were betting on Chris against Bret’s sister and she made Chris tap out.

Chris says that you wouldn’t be chanting Y2J while being stretched by Bret’s sister. He points out that Bret has been in some of the greatest matches in the WWE and then Chris asks him about his greatest rivals. Bret mentions Mr. Perfect, Owen, Steve Austin, the Undertaker, but the one that stands out the most is Shawn Michaels.

Bret is interrupted by Shawn’s music, but it is not the Heartbreak Kid. It is the Heartbreak Sandow who makes his way to the ring.

Sandow comes into the ring and he does the Shawn spin and pose.

Chris says that he is so excited that the Heartbreak Kid is here tonight, but Chris points out that Shawn has let himself go. He used to be good looking, but now he is ugly. He says that he looks like a big ugly fish . . . with a beard.

Damien laughs at Chris’ description. He congratulates Chris for getting the Highlight Reel on the Network. Damien says that Chris called Bret his idol, hero, and friend.

Damien asks Chris who was it that made him want to be a wrestler? It was him. Who is Chris’ son’s favorite wrestler? It was him. People will not be talking about Montreal. They will be talking about the Ottawa Screw Job. He will send Bret back to Ted Turner and WCW.

Bret punches Sandow and then Bret puts Sandow in the Sharpshooter.

Chris tells them to ring the bell.

Chris takes Damien’s wig and he raises Bret’s hand as we go to credits.

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