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By Mike Johnson on 2014-07-03 13:02:51
TNA announced today that Kurt Angle has made the decision to render the TNA TV title officially "inactive."

The belt had not been used since Abyss won the title at the 2013 Slammiversary PPV from Devon before announcing he was taking the belt "into the Abyss" with him during the storyline where Joseph Park and Abyss went back and forth appearing on TV before it was "revealed" they were the same person.

The title was introduced in 2008 as Booker T's TNA Legends championship before being transformed into the TNA Global Championship in 2009 after Eric Young won the belt from Kevin Nash.

The belt became the TNA TV title while being held by AJ Styles in the summer of 2010. Twelve wrestlers held it over the years including the aforementioned and it was actually the final wrestling championship won by Mick Foley prior to his retirement.

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