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By Mike Johnson on 2014-07-02 00:02:31
If you are looking to avoid spoilers for upcoming TNA episodes, don't read any further.

TNA President Dixie Carter was indeed injured taking the sit-down powerbomb from Bully Ray in New York City last Thursday evening. As we reported in the Elite section, Carter suffered two small broken bones in her back from the impact of the bump. It was described as a minor injury to me. The bump was designed to be the end of Dixie Carter as a television character.

Carter was not the only character written off with that angle. Tommy Dreamer, who was involved with the storyline, commented on the mic that "his job here is done" after Carter was put through the table and left. That was his storyline exit and while he will be remaining an agent for the company, he will not be appearing on TV past that episode.

Bully Ray played a big part some of what went on at the NYC tapings, specifically suggesting the Hardy Boys vs. Team 3D match and the original scenario putting Carter through a table. The company's Carter storylines were designed to climax with that moment at the tapings in NYC.

Gene Snitsky and the former Ezekiel Jackson, who were brought in at the NYC tapings to be part of Dixie Carter's forces, are also already done. They were only booked for two of the three NYC tapings with the idea that Carter using them as "real" ECW guys would get heat in NYC and also showcase how far gone the Carter character had gotten. They were booked for the tapings and were not brought in with the idea that they were going to be signed.

Devon will be back regularly leading into Bound for Glory.

King Mo, who appeared at the tapings, continues to train in Las Vegas with Kenny King and will be doing more with TNA in the months ahead.

Homicide, who returned at the NYC tapings, will also be back going forward.

The announcement in London later this month is 100% regarding a new TV series that will air in the British market.

The original plan at Slammiversary was for MVP to win the TNA title, but due to his knee injury, the decision was made to move it to Bobby Lashley instead. That actually ends up becoming a positive for TNA as Lashley's work as champion has been really good.

The fire-eating from the Menagerie's entrance was eliminated from the NYC tapings due to fans being so close to talents when they came out for matches.

Former WWE referee Kevin Keenan was used as one of the police officers who "arrest" EC3, Rhino and Rockstar Spud on TV at the tapings. Some of the other police officers were House of Hardcore trainees.

Announced for the August tapings in NYC is Abyss vs. Bram in a "Stairway to Janice" ladder match with Janice hanging above the ring in a match that promised glass, tacks, barbed wire, weapons and fire as well as a TNA Knockouts championship match with Gail Kim vs. Angelina Love vs. Taryn Terrell vs. Velvet Sky.

TNA is now 6-7 weeks ahead of themselves with taped TV episodes, so the August tapings will cover episodes for September and October, including the potential final episodes on Spike, if a new TV deal is not secured with the cable network.

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