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By Mike Johnson on 2014-06-27 20:41:04


Madison Rayne pinned Brittany with a forward roll.


Monster's Ball: Bram pinned Abyss after hitting him with Janice.  Very goos, wild brawl that saw Bram chokeslammed onto tacks and Abyss speared through barbed wire board.  Magnus interfered as well.

MVP's crew came out.  He said no one is left for Bobby Lashley to beat, noting Lasley has beaten Eric Young, Austin Aries and Jeff Hardy.  Bobby Roode came out and challenged him saying that Lashley shouldn't be stupid because he was never supposed to be in position to win the title - it was all a plot to get MVP the belt, but he got hurt.  He said MVP sent him home with a suspension because he knew Roode couldn't be beaten and he was challenging for a title shot.  Great promos from Roode and MVP.  Lashley and crew attacked Roode.  Eric Young and Austin Aries hit ring for save.   This sets up a six man tag.

Bromans and DJ Zema vs. Samuel Shaw & Mr. Anderson & Gunner.  Bromans win when Robbie rolls up Anderson and hooks the tights.  Anderson, who wasn't happy about teaming with Shaw, blames him and is pissed at Shaw and walks out.    Gunner is in the middle and isn't happy.

The Beautiful People come out.  Angelina Love says she doesn't care if she broke up Gail vs. Taryn III and she wants her title back right now.  It was the best mic work she's been given the opportunity to do in some time.  She claimed she was the best looking Knockout and the best wrestler and was tired of people taking what was rightfully hers.  Taryn came out and said Love shouldn't be complaining about people taking from her.  She said that she never took a thing from Love, but Love stole her chance to be champion.  Love told her there's a pecking order so she can go home and tell her baby that mommy is second or third best.  Gail came out and said Kurt Angle told her she gets to choose who she gets to defend the title against next.  Kim teases it will be Love, but then says Taryn as well.  She then says that Velvet is standing there letting Angelina say all sorts of things and asks her what she thinks about it.  Love stops Sky from speaking.  KIm says it won't matter what who thinks what, because it will be a four way with all of them and says we will now see who the best Knockout is.  They brawl and the faces run off the heels

Low Ki vs. Homicide vs. Samoa Joe to crown a new X-Division champion.  James Storm said Sanada ended Great Muta's career when he introduced him.    Joe makes Sanada tap, so he wins the belt.  Some fun reprisal of the Classic Joe vs. Ki feud.

Bully Ray came out to a hero's welcome in NYC.  He said he kept his promise and put Dixie through a table.  He brought out Devon saying he was the one person he couldn't have done it without.  Devon said that since Dixie is gone, it's time to get to business.  They thanked everyone for inducting them into the TNA Hall of Fame.  The Hardy Boys came out.   Matt said it was the first time in 12 years they were in a ring together and congratulated them on the HOF induction.  They went over their history talking about big matches they had in different cities but never explicitly saying WWE.  Bully Ray said it sounds like the fans want to see them have one more match.  They set it up for later tonight.  

Eric Young & Bobby Roode & Austin Aries vs. TNA champ Bobby Lashley & MVP & Kenny King.  Team Lashley wins a good six man tag. Aries was going for the 459 splash off the top but was nailed by a MVP crutch.  Lashley speared Aries for their pin.  Good stuff.

Rhino, EC3 and Spud came out.  Spud asked for a moment of silence for Dixie Carter.  The crowd went nuts and Spud wanted to fight the crowd. EC3 cut a good promo on crowd for celebrating and demanded Bully Ray be terminated from TNA.  Out came Kurt Angle. He says they are in NYC not Nashville and says he is wasting their time so either wrestle or get out of the ring.  EC3 says they will not wrestle this week and demanded Bully be fired.  Angle warned them wrestle or get out.  They refused.  Angle had the "NYPD" come out and arrest them.   Spud tried to claim he has diplomatic immunity.  The cops handcuffed Rhino and Spud.  EC3 claimed he knew Donald Trump and Bernie Madoff and attempted to pay off the cops.   They tossed down the cash and handcuffed him too.  They were walked out of the building through the fans.

Mr. Anderson vs. Gunner.  The crowd died for this one as they were catcalling and doing the back and forth Cena chants and singing Adam Rose's theme song.    Samuel Shaw came out and attacked Anderson.  The crowd chanted, "Thank you Dexter".    The only thing on the taping that the crowd wasn't really receptive to live.

Xplosion: TNA Tag Team champs The Wolves defeated The Bromans.

Abyss cut a promo and said that Bram has something that belongs to him and demanded he come out. Bram and Magnus came out with Janice. Bram said he's beaten Abyss twice with her and it drives him wild to drive her into his chest. Abyss asked if he really wanted to get extreme. He challenged Bram to a Match with tables, tacks, fire and barbed wire with Janice hanging above the ring. He said he will get her and shred Bram with it. Bram accepts. Magnus cut a promo on Abyss who nailed him and Magnus and tried to get Janice but was nailed from behind and they stole Janice again. Abyss said that at Stairway to Janice, he would show them what a bitch Janice can be.

Low Ki won a six way elimination Scramble by defeating Homicide. The other competitors were Tigre Uno who dazzled with some Lucha spots. Others involved were Crazzy Steve, DJ Zema and Manik. Good match especially Homicide and Low Ki at the end, which NYC ate up.

Team 3D defeated The Hardy Boys in an excellent match. The crowd was chanting "This is awesome" before they even locked up. This was a great balls to wall match with tons of near falls and reprisals from their feud. 3D wore outfits reminiscent of their WWE run. Great stuff. They all showed respect and hugged at the end. Bully said that they were four of the dying breed of tag teams. He said there is another team that has shown they are good enough to stand in this ring with them, The Wolves and called them out. The champs came out and all four paid tribute to them in the ring with Matt Hardy getting very emotional.

With all six in he ring, Bully asked NYC if they had a good time tonight and said that the past is the past and that this company was here to bust its ass for the people. He said the last three nights were some of the finest wrestling today and if you disagree, get the F out of the building. He put over the locker room and said if there were any wrestlers still in the back, he wanted them to come out. The baby face locker rook emptied as they came out with Al Snow and Pat Kenney. The crowd greeted the locker room with a raucous TNA chant. Devon then announced it was Al Snow's birthday and everyone sang for him. That was actually a rib on Snow. The locker room saluted NYC and told them they would be back in August. Everyone posed for photos and signed photos with ringside fans as the locker room bid them all farewell. A strong ending to the triple shot.

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