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By Billy Krotchsen on 2014-06-20 23:56:49
Here are the results from the TNA taping in Bethlehem, PA:

7/3/14 Episode:

*Director of Wrestling Operations Kurt Angle announces Bobby Lashley vs. Eric Young tonight. Samoa Joe comes out and wants a title shot, leading to he and Angle going back and forth. It’s also announced that Earl Hebner has been reinstated.

*TNA Tag Team champions The Wolves defeated Knux and Crazzy Steve.

*Bobby Roode pinned Kenny King.

*EC3 defeated Bully Ray in a Tables Match after the returning Rhino speared Ray.

*Gunner cuts a promo, but is stopped by Samuel Shaw. Shaw says he’s changed but out comes Mr. Anderson and Christy Hemme. Shaw apologizes to Hemme.

*Gail Kim defeated Angelina Love to win the Knockouts Championship.

*TNA champion Bobby Lashley defeated Eric Young.

7/10/14 Episode:

*Opening segment with Kurt Angle. He announces a Battle Royal where the winner will challenge Bobby Lashley. He calls out Willow and requests he compete as Jeff Hardy.

*TNA Tag Team champions The Wolves defeated Magnus and Bram.

*Austin Aries defeated Sanada to win the TNA X-Division championship.

*Bobby Roode calls MVP to the ring but gets attacked by Kenny King. Eric Young makes the save. Bobby Lashley hits the ring and lays him out. MVP’s crew destroys Roode.

*Bully Ray cut a promo on Rhino. Rhino hit the ring and they brawled. Ray was beaten down. Tommy Dreamer made the save.

*TNA Knockouts champion Gail Kim defeated Madison Rayne, Angelina Love and Brittany.

*Jeff Hardy won The Battle Royal, so he will face Lashley in NYC.

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