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By Mike Johnson on 2018-06-19 08:00:00

June 19th

On this day in history in ....

1938 - Edward "Wahoo" McDaniel is born in Midland, Texas.

1939 - Leroy McGuirk defeats Jon Swneski to win the World Junior Heavyweight Title in Hollywood, California.

1948 - The current National Wrestling Alliance was formed as promoters Sam Muchnick (St. Louis), Fred Kohler (Chicago), Wally Karbo (Minneapolis) and others joined with president Pinkie George (who had promoted under the NWA name since 1946).

1959 - Fred Blassie defeats Dick Gunkel (Dick Steinborn) for the Florida version of the NWA Southern Heavyweight Title. 

1969 - Dick Murdoch and K.O. Kox defeat Luke Brown and Tor Kamata in Kansas City, Kansas to win the NWA North American Tag Team Title.

1971 - Bonnie Watson defeats Ella Waldek for the NWA Florida Women's Title in Saint Petersburg, Florida. 

1973 - The Lumberjack defeats The Mighty Mongol to win the NWA Gulf Coast Heavyweight Title in Mobile, Alabama.

1973 - "Beef Stew" Lou Marconi is born in Cleveland, Ohio.

1978 - Dusty Rhodes defeats The Spoiler in West Palm Beach, Florida for the NWA Florida Heavyweight Title, beginning his seventh reign. 

1979 - Pat Patterson defeats Ted DiBiase to win the WWF North American Heavyweight Title in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

1983 - Buck Zumhofe defeats Mike Graham for the AWA World Light Heavyweight Title in Hamburg, Minnesota. 

1983 - Mr. Wrestling II defeats Larry Zbyszko to win the NWA National Heavyweight Title, ending Zbyszko's second reign.

1986 - Antonio Inoki defeats Dick Murdoch in the finals of the annual tournament for the IWGP Heavyweight Title in Tokyo, marking Inoki's third win of the belt.

1993 - The Steiner Brothers defeat Money, Inc. (Ted DiBiase & IRS) for the WWF World Tag Team Title in St. Louis, Missouri. This would begin the Steiners second, and final, WWF Tag Title reign, and also ended a run of three tag title changes between the two teams over five days.

1993 - ECW holds "Super Summer Sizzler" at the ECW Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The results:
- Herve Rinestro and Don E. Allen fought to a no contest.
- Jimmy Snuka defeated JT Smith to retain the ECW Television Title. 
- Tony Stetson defeated Larry Winters in a First Blood match.
- Peaches defeated Tigra.
- Jimmy Snuka defeated Tommy Cairo to retain the ECW Television Title.
- Rockin' Rebel defeated The Sandman in a Philadelphia Street Fight. 
- ECW Heavyweight Champion Don Muraco defeated Dark Patriot II.
- Salvatore Bellomo, Stevie Wonderful, and Super Destroyer #1 defeated ECW Tag Team Champions The Suicide Blondes (Johnny Hotbody and Chris Michaels) and Hunter Q. Robbins III. 
- Eddie Gilbert defeated Terry Funk in a Chain match.

1993 - Mohammad Hussein and Dusty Wolfe defeats Ray Gonzalez and Ricky Santana to win the WWC World Tag Team Title in Bayamón, Puerto Rico, ending Gonzalez and Santana's second reign. 

1994 - Combat Toyoda defeats Megumi Kudoh for the FMW Independent Women's World Title in Tokyo, Japan.

1998 - Julio Sanchez defeats Tiger Kahn to win the Pennsylvania Championship Wrestling Heavyweight Title in Reading, Pennsylvania, beginning his second reign. 

1999 - Cassidy O'Reilly wins a Royal Rumble ladder match for the vacant NWA Southern Television Title in Grenada, Mississippi.

1999 - Combat Zone Wrestling "Down in Flames" is held in Mantua, New Jersey. The results: 
- Mike Quackenbush defeated Ric Blade and Reckless Youth in a three-way match.
- Silver Bullet defeated TCK.
- Anarchy defeated The Gentlemen's Club.
- The King Pinz defeated Anarchy.
- White Lotus defeated Trent Acid. 
- Nick Gage defeated Zandig to win the CZW World Heavyweight Title.
- The match between champions Extreme Fahrenheit (Mr. Motion and Heartbreaker) and Jon Dahmer and Midknight for the CZW World Tag Team Title ended in a double pin, resulting in the title being vacated. 
- Justice Pain defeated Lobo to win the CZW Ironman Title.

1999 - Knuckles Nelson and Dukes Dalton defeat The Public Enemy (Rocco Rock and Johnny Grunge) in Dorchester, Massachusetts for the NWA World Tag Team Title. At this same show, Jeff Mangles defeats Jay Jaillet to win the NWA New England Junior Heavyweight Title. 

2000 - In Nashville, Tennessee, during an edition of Raw, Gerald Brisco defeats Crash Holly for the WWF Hardcore Title, making him a two-time champion, but then loses the title to Pat Patterson on the same show. That same night, in Billings, Montana, during an edition of Nitro, Big Vito defeats Johnny The Bull for the WCW Hardcore Title. The two had been defending the title together (given to them by Eric Bischoff for their help in beating Terry Funk), but had split up and this match was to determine who got to keep the belt. The Monday Night War continued, with WCW Monday Nitro scoring a 2.7 rating for their show held in Billings, Montana featuring WCW World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Jarrett retaining his title over WCW United States Heavyweight Champion Scott Steiner. WWF RAW is WAR blew Nitro away with a 5.8 for their show in Nashville, Tennessee, featuring Undertaker, Kane and The Rock all fighting in handicap matches. All three won, which made the upcoming six-man tag team match between them and Triple H, Vince and Shane McMahon for Triple H's WWF World Title. 

2001 - The Dudley Boyz defeat Chris Benoit & Chris Jericho for the WWF Tag Team Title in Orlando, Florida, starting their fourth run with the belts.

2001 - Jerkface and Slicky D defeat The Highwaymen (Jake Davis and Leslie Leatherman) for the House of Pain Wrestling Federation Tag Team Title in Hagerstown, Maryland, ending The Highwaymen's second reign.

2002 - NWA: Total Nonstop Action debuted with a live Pay-per-view event from the Von Braun Civic Center in Huntsville, Alabama. Here are the results of the live broadcast:

The debut episode of NWA: Total Nonstop Action opened with a brief video of old wrestling footage, exploding into the TNA logo. Pyro exploded in the arena, and ring announcer Jeremy Borash introduced Don West. West came out and welcomed the fans, then introduced Ed Ferrara, who now sports a head of dreadlocks. Ferrara then introduced Mike Tenay, who welcomed us to the show. The fans were chanting "TNA" as Tenay ran down the main event rules.

They went right into introductions of the legends, with Tenay running down the accomplishments of the wrestlers as they came down. Harley Race was first, then Dory Funk Jr., Jackie Fargo (who did the strut as he came out), Bullet Bob Armstrong, Corsica Joe & Sarah Lee, Bill Behrens, and finally, Ricky Steamboat, who was holding the NWA World Heavyweight Championship belt, and got the biggest pop of the bunch.

Steamboat took the mic, and talked about winning the NWA World Title in Chicago in 1989 from Ric Flair. He put over the importance of the title, and how winning the title was the ultimate goal of every wrestler. Steamboat talked about the "Gauntlet For The Gold" and that he would be the referee for the end of the match, where the battle royal turns into a regular match.

Jeff Jarrett's music hit, and he came out on the top stage. He asked if Steamboat or Funk had won the World Title in a battle royal. He said titles should be win in a match, not a battle royal. Jackie Fargo interrupted him, and said he would now be the first man to enter the Gauntlet For The Gold. Jeff said that would be fine, and he would walk through all 19 men to win the title. Ken Shamrock came out, and he agreed with Jarrett that the match concept for the title "sucks". He said Jarrett could whip 18 other people, but not him. Scott Hall then appeared in the crowd, and gave his trademark "Hey yo" and then agreed that the battle royal concept sucks. However, he told Jarrett and Shamrock to deal with it, and that they only needed to worry about one man, him. Jarrett told them all to stick it, and that Fargo would regret today for as long as he lived.

They went backstage, where Goldylocks interviewed Puppet, who said they needed to start with midget action, but not Hollywood and Teo. As he was being interviewed, Jeff Jarrett walked by in the background, kicking things and complaining about what Fargo had done.

We saw that they have go-go dancers in cages on either side of the entrance ramp.

The first match of the night was Jerry Lynn, Low Ki, and AJ Styles vs. The Flying Elvis' (Jimmy Yang, Jorge Estrada & Sonny Siaki). The legends were watching on a monitor, and were not happy with the Elvis gimmick. Mike Tenay put over the X division. The Elvis' attacked before the bell after refusing to shake hands. Lynn, Ki and Styles immediately took over with Ki hitting a tope, Lynn a plancha from the top rope, and Styles hitting a rana on Yang. Yang hit a running knee after taking a powerslam, then Lynn tagged in. Lynn hit a Tornado DDt on Yang, who flipped out of it and hit a jumping kick. Siaki tagged in and hit a hard right, but Lynn caught him with a flying headscissors. Lynn hit a bulldog out of a body scissors, then tagged Low Ki. Ki chopped and slugged Siaki, but was caught with a spinning neckbreaker for two by Siaki. Siaki got caught with a side kick, but Siaki ducked another kick and hit a drop down over the shoulder backbreaker for a one count. Estrada tagged in, and hit a springboard moonsault after Siaki hit a Samoan Drop in Low Ki. Estrada set up Ki on the corner, and dropped him with a neckbreaker, then a standing shooting star for a two count. Ki slid between the legs and kicked Estrada's legs out, then delivered a series of kicks, with Estrada catching him with one at the end of the combo. Styles and Yang tagged in, and Styles hit a flying forearm, then an Asai moonsault into a reverse DDT for a two count. Yang flipped out of a German suplex, and hit a leg lariat. low Ki cam in and hit a rolling kick sending Yang to the floor. Estrada came in and hit a spinebuster on Low Ki. Lynn hit a cradle piledriver on Estrada. Low Ki accidentally kicked Styles with a handspring kick, then was kicked from the ring by Yang. With Styles out, Yang came off the top rope with Yang Time (spinning bodypress) for the win. Yang, Estrada and Siaki are the winners.

They went right into the second match, a midget bout with Teo vs. Hollywood. Hollywood attacked early, but Teo hit a windmill bodypress, some chops and a diving headbutt to the groin. Teo dominated, pounding Hollywood in the corner, but got caught in a Michinoku Driver for a two count. He complained about the count, and was rolled up by Teo for two. Hollywood hit a clothesline and a frog splash from the top for two. Teo hit some punches and chops, then a side Russian legsweep. Teo went to the top and hit a swanton bomb for the three count. Teo is the winner.

Ed Ferrara and Don West were in the ring, explaining that the lingerie battle royal would be next week, but they would preview the ladies tonight. Francine, Miss Joanie (Jerry Lawler's new babe, for those that haven't been to his site lately), Shannon (formerly Daffney), Alexis Laree, Sasha, Erin, Elektra, Taylor, and Theresa all came to the ring (although the camera was focused on the wrong girl at times). No, they were not wearing lingerie. Francine got on the mic, and said the other women didn't deserve to be in the ring with the "Queen Of Extreme". Elektra took issue with her, and blamed her for bankrupting ECW. Francine and Elektra had a catfight, with Elektra's shirt being ripped off (she had a bra on). Francine took off, promising she would win the lingerie battle royal next week, and be the first "Ms. NWA TNA".

Goldylocks interviewed Mortimer Plumtree, who said his tag team had tormented him when they were younger, but now they worked for him. He said his tag team would rewrite history, The Johnsons. Cue the innuendo jokes.

Plumtree escorted the Johnsons, who were wearing full flesh-colored bodysuits and masks. Their opponents are Cowboy James Storm and Psicosis. Storm had the full cowboy getup, including firing blanks out of his pistols. Psicosis started with one Johnson, who hit a splash in the corner, a double underhook suplex and a vertical suplex before Psicosis hit a spinkick. He gave the toher an densugiri, and Storm tagged in with a missle dropkick. Alicia came out and watched the match. Storm took on both, men for a time, then tagged in Psicosis. The announcers explained that the Johnsons had to wear the outfits and masks because Mortimer has something on them, and they have to obey him. Psicosis reversed a powerbomb into a facebuster, then tagged Storm who cleaned house, until the Johnsons hit simultaneous head and arm suplxes. Psicosis ended up brawling on the floor with one Johnson. In the ring, Mortimer distracted Storm, and the other Johnson caught him in a fireman's carry into a facebuster for the win. The Johnsons win.

After the match, Alicia confronted referee Slick Johnson, who gave her money for some reason and walked away.

Goldylocks went to interview The Dupps, who now have a female girlfriend. They were about to drink some beer, when Bill Behrens informed them that they could not drink before their match.

Jeremy Borash interviewed Sterling Martin and Hermie Sadler about the current NASCAR happenings, but were interrupted by K Krush (formerly K Kwick). He said he was tired of hearing about race car drivers, saying they were not athletes and should not be in the ring. Hermie got in his face over his comments, and K Krush was about to hit him, when Brian Christopher came to the ring and laid Krush out with a reverse atomic drop and a superkick. Sterling and Hermie tossed Krush over the top rope to the floor. Brian Christopher challenged K Kwick to a match next week, and said he would have Sterling and Hermie in his corner. For some reason, they kept using the words "my kind" and "your kind" in reference to race car drivers and wrestlers, but then Christopher said it to, and I don't think he is a race car driver.

We saw that Jeff Jarrett was choking Jackie Fargo in the back, but referees pulled them off.

The next match was the Dupps vs. Joey Matthews and Christian York. The Dupps attacked before the bell, hitting a flapjack on Matthews, but York hit a springboard dropkick on both of the Dupps. York and Matthews got a two count with a double suplex, but Stan Dupp hit a sitdown full nelson bombon Matthews and tagged Bo Dupp. Bo hit a splash for a two count on Matthews. Matthews hit a neckbreaker on Stan Dupp and tagged York. York cleaned house with clotheslines, and Bo went for a sitdown splash and York moved. York hit a back elbow in Stan, and the Cutting Edge senton splash on Bo. Matthews clothesline Stan from the ring. York went to the top rope, but Fluff Dupp (the girlfriend) crotched York on the top. He fell into the ring, and Bo rolled him up with a handful of trunks for the win.

They showed a clip of a Toby Keith video, then he performed "Angry American" live. Jeff Jarrett interrupted him, knocking down the microphone. Officials kept them apart, and Jeff said to get him out of there, because he had a World Title to win. Jeff mocked Keith's song, saying "How do you like me now?"

Keith was escorted out, and the "Gauntlet For The Gold" began. Jarrett was number one, and Buff Bagwell was number two. Bagwell hit a hiptoss and took over early, trying to get Jarrett over the top, but Jeff held onto the ropes. Buff hit a Buff Blockbuster, but tried to hit a clothesline, and Jeff hit a backdrop and Buff went over the top to the floor.

Lash LeRoux was the next entrant, and Jarrett stomped him as he came in. He threw him between the ropes and whipped him into the rail on the floor. Jarrett dropped him over the rail, then tossed him in the ring. Jarrett gave LeRoux the Stroke, then eliminated him.

They didn't bother waiting for the clock to finish up, and sent in the next entrant and restarted the clock. Norman Smiley hit the ring, leapfrogged Jarrett, danced, but was clotheslined. Norman hit the windup slam, and he went for the Big Wiggle, but Jarrett hit a low kick, and the Stroke. Norman was then tossed over the top rope.

Apolo came out, and hit a series of clotheslines and reversed a hiptoss into a neckbreaker. Jarrett was tossed over the top, but he held on. Apolo stomped Jarrett, then rammed him into the turnbuckles. He pressed Jarrett, but K Krush was next out, and he attacked Apolo.

K Krush hit a ax kick on Apolo and stomped him down. Apolo hit a clothesline, but Jarrett attacked him from behind and pounded him in the corner. Krush then took a turn pounding Apolo in the corner. Apolo hit a double clothesline on both.

Slash, with Minister Jim Mitchell was out next. Apolo backdropped him and hit a DDT. Apolo pressed Slash, but Jarrett clipped him from behind. Jarrett hit a vertical suplex on Apolo.

Del Rios, who is looked and dressed just like Scott Steiner (including an "S" on his trunks) came in next, and it began to resemble more of a battle royal. Slash bit out of a Del Rios suplex attempt. Del Rios eventually got the belly to belly suplex on Slash, then helped Apolo with Krush and Jarrett.

Justice was next out, and he gave Jarrett and Del Rios big boots to the face, then gave Del Rios a side slam. Slash hit a reverse DDT on Del Rios.

Konnan was next out. Konnan hit the rolling clothesline on Jarrett, Slash and Del Rios all in a row. He then hit it on Justice, then followed with a facebuster on him.

Joel Gertner came out next, doing one of his classic innuendo introductions, and sent Bruce of the Rainbow Express to the ring. Lenny escorted him down, and Bruce entered the ring. Apolo hit Bruce with a clothesline and worked him over in the corner.

Rick Steiner, to a big pop, was out next. Steinerlines everywhere, as he laid out several participants, then suplexed Slash over the top rope to the floor. He slammed the huge Justice, then Steiner clotheslined Justice over the top and to the floor. Jarrett was caught in a Steiner powerslam.

Malice (formerly the Wall) was out next, managed by Jim Mitchell. He hit chokeslams on Del Rios and Bruce, then gave one to Konnan as well. He hit one on Krush too. Malice then eliminated Bruce, Krush, Del Rios, and Konnan in a row, before Rick Steiner stopped his momentum. Steiner charged Malice for a clothesline, but he ducked and Steiner went to the floor. Malice and Jarrett tried to eliminate Apolo, but he held on.

Scott Hall was out next. He slugged it out with Jarrett, while Apolo superkicked Malice. Hall went for the Outsiders Edge on Jarrett, and hit it. Malice stomped Apolo, and Toby Keith came to the ring. Keith, at Hall's request, gave Jarrett a vertical suplex. Hall (and Keith) then tossed Jarrett over the top to the floor. Keith then left the ring.

Hall, Malice and Apolo are in the ring, with Hall and Apolo taking turns chopping Malice.

Chris Harris was the next man out, and he hit a Thesz press on Apolo. Vampire Warrior hit the ring, apparently ahead of schedule, and attacked everyone. Malice hit a clothesline on Hall.

Devon Storm was next out. Storm hit a gourdbuster on Harris. Apolo and Malice exchanged chops. Storm chopped Harris, and Harris returned the shots. Hall stood in the corner, and watched everyone else fight. Storm and Warrior hit a double clothesline on Harris. Storm and Warrior went after Hall.

Steve Corino was out next. Storm and Warrior accidentally hit each other, and went at it. Corino hit a running kick on Harris in the corner. Apolo and Malice struggled by the ropes, but Mitchell made sure Malice didn't fall out. Crowbar yanked Hall throat first on the top rope and hit a jawbreaker and superkick.

Ken Shamrock then came out. He immediately kicked and chopped down Corino, Storm and Warrior. he slapped Hall away and slammed Harris. He ran at Malice, who caught Shamrock and slammed him. Warrior almost eliminated Harris, but he managed to roll back in.

Brian Christopher was the last man to come out. We have nine men in. Christopher eliminated Harris, Warrior and Storm quickly. Six men left.

Christopher slugged it out with Corino, and Christopher clotheslined him from the ring. Five left.

Christopher danced, and Malice chokeslammed him. Shamrock picked up Christopher and tossed him out. Four left.

Malice backdropped Apolo from the ring. Three left.

Shamrock watched, as Hall went for the Outsiders Edge on Malice, but Malice backdropped out, and Hall went over the top to the floor.

It was now Malice vs. Shamrock, with Steamboat as the referee. Malice hit a kick to the gut at the start, and a side slam for a two count. Malice hit a vertical suplex for another two count. Shamrock went for a sunset flip, but Malice punched out of it. Malice went for a chokeslam, but as he lifted him, Shamrock grabbed him in a jujigatame cross armbreaker. Malice got to the ropes for a break. Malice kicked Shamrock in the guy and threw some punches and headbutts. He missed a clothesline, and tried for a kick, but Shamrock caught it and applied an anklelock. Malice managed to get to the ropes, but Shamrock pulled him back and reapplied the ankle lock. He made the ropes, and Shamrock took a long time to break. Shamrock shoved Steamboat, and they argued. Mitchell appeared to hand Malice something. Shamrock kicked Malice's legs out from under him, and choked him on the ropes. The fans were chanting "Let's Go Shamrock". Malice hit a kick, and went for the chokeslam, but Shamrock reversed it into a belly to belly suplex, and got the pin.

Ken Shamrock is the new NWA World Heavyweight Champion.

Backstage, Jeff Jarrett was arguing with Toby Keith and Jackie Fargo, who were held back by referees.

As the announcers were wrapping up the show, Jarrett came back out. He was yelling about the title being decided in a battle royal. Jarrett slugged Bob Armstrong and shoved Dory Funk. Fargo and Keith were heading back out, with Fargo yelling at Jarrett on the mic. Fargo said he had someone to beat Jarrett, and called for Scott Hall.

Hall came out, and he and Jarrett brawled in the aisle to end the show, and the announcers put over that it would be Hall vs. Jarrett next week.

That night, they also taped matches for the second edition of the show, with the following results:
- Scott Hall defeated Jeff Jarrett.
- Cheex defeated Frank Parker.
- Brian Christopher defeated K-Krush.
- Taylor Vaughn won a lingerie battle royal to become the first Miss TNA.
- Apolo defeated David Young.
- Chris Harris & James Storm defeated Lenny Lane & Bruce when Harris defeated Lane.
- AJ Styles defeated Psicosis, Low-Ki, and Jerry Lynn double elimination match to win the first NWA X Division Title.

2003 - Sasori (Miyuki Fujii) defeats Saki Maemura to win the vacant AJW Singles Title in Ishikawa, Japan. 

2004 - The X-Foundation (Joey Ryan and Scott Lost) defeat Super Dragon and Excalibur for the PWG Tag Team Championship in Santa Ana, California, beginning their second reign.

2004 - Apocalypse defeats Brian Buffet in Sanford, Maine to win the NWA New England Heavyweight Title. At the same event, The Elite defeat Todd Hanson and Beau Douglas for the NWA New England Tag Team Title, and Cameron Matthews defeats Shawn Styles, Gina Marie and Psycho in a four-way match to become the first NWA New England X Division Champion. 

2004 - Scott Venom and All Business Brant defeat Bigg and Kid Cupid for the NWA East Tag Team Title in McKeesport, Pennsylvania. Also, Danny Devine defeats Justin Idol, Brandon K and Nikita Allanov in a four-way to win the vacant NWA East Heavyweight Title. 

2004 - Kiley McLean defeats Kameo for the vacant NWA World Women's Title in Richmond, Virginia.

2004 - USA Pro Wrestling sees three titles change hands in Franklin Square, New York. Mase and Buff E defeat Simon Diamond and (Matt) Striker for the USA Pro Tag Team Title, Chris Candido wins his second USA Pro United States Heavyweight Title by defeating Mike Tobin, and Al Snow defeats D'Lo Brown to win the vacant USA Pro Heavyweight Title, which previous champion Raven had been stripped of due to injury. 

2004 - Samu defeats Leslie Leatherman in Martinsburg, West Virginia for the National Wrestling League Heavyweight Title, ending Leatherman's third reign and beginning Samu's second. He would vacate the title after winning it. 

2004 - Harley Johnson and Bobby 2 Badd defeat Balls Ryder and Damon Logan to win the vacant NWA Texas Tag Team Title in Dallas, Texas.

2004 - Zen defeats Psycho in a tournament final to become the first American Championship Wrestling Junior Heavyweight Champion in Magna, Utah. 

2005 - TNA holds its first Slammiversary pay-per-view event at the iMPACT! Zone in Orlando, Florida, celebrating the third anniversary of the aforementioned first ever TNA event.
- Simon Diamond and Trytan defeated Sonny Siaki and Apolo, when Trytan pinned Siaki after a T-3, in a match airing on the pre-show. 
- Shark Boy defeated Elix Skipper, Zach Gowen, The Amazing Red, Delirious and Jerrelle Clark in a six-way match, by pinning Delirious after a Dead Sea Drop.
- Shocker pinned Alex Shelley with a roll-up.
- Ron Killings pinned The Outlaw with a roll-up. 
- The Naturals (Chase Stevens and Andy Douglas) defeated Team Canada (Petey Williams and Eric Young), when Douglas pinned Williams after hitting him with Jimmy Hart's megaphone, to retain the NWA World Tag Team Title. 
- Samoa Joe, in his TNA debut, defeated Sonjay Dutt by submission with the Coquina Clutch.
- Bobby Roode pinned Lance Hoyt after a Northern Lariat.
- America's Most Wanted (Chris Harris and James Storm) defeated The 3Live Kru (Konnan and B.G. James), when Storm pinned James after a Hart Attack.
- Christopher Daniels defeated Chris Sabin and Michael Shane in a Triple Threat Elimination match to retain the TNA X Division Title. Sabin pinned Shane after a Cradle Shock and Daniels pinned Sabin after the Angel's Wings. 
- Raven defeated champion A.J. Styles, Monty Brown, Abyss and Sean Waltman in a King of the Mountain match to win the NWA World Heavyweight Title.

2005 - Shuji Kondo and Yasshi defeat Tomoaki Honma and Katsuhiko Nakajima in a tournament final to win the vacant AJPW All Asia Tag Team Title in Tokyo, Japan. The titles were vacated on May 27 when Rico Constantino, who held the title with Bull Buchanan, retired. 

2005 - Tiger Mask defeats Gedo in the finals of the New Japan Best of the Super Juniors tournament.

2009 - WWE released former Women's champion Candice Michelle and second generation stars Sim "Deuce" Snuka and Joseph Canterburry.   It was pretty much believed that Sim Snuka had taken the blame for a scary bump Undertaker ending up enduring when he dove out of the ring against Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania XXV as Snuka was the "cameraman" who was supposed to catch Taker. Depending on who you speak to, Snuka either saved Taker from death or completely caused the bump to be a near-disaster, but still ended up with the blame and was never used again.   In the case of Michelle, she was never the same when she returned from her pair of collarbone injuries and there were some in the company who were upset she was off working on other projects while convalescing from her most recent ankle issues. I was told the release caught Michelle off guard as she had just received clearance to return to the ring but she posted on her twitter account, "I am free to grow!" shortly after being given word.


2009 - Ring of Honor taped ROH on HDNet at the ECW Arena in Philadelphia, PA with the following results:

- Bobby Dempsey beat Andy Ridge.
- The Set beat John Moxley.
- John Kermon beat Maverick.

* First Show:
-Kenny King and Rhett Titus vs. Kenny Omega and Erick Stevens: King and Titus win after Omega goes for a German Suplex and King falls on top of him, Titus held Omegas legs down from the outside a la Bobby Heenan from WM5.

-Jay Briscoe v Roderick Strong v Dlo Brown: Strong wins with a Bridging Sunset Flip on Dlo. "Match was awesome"

* Second Show:
- Colt Cabana and Brent Albright vs. Claudio Castagnoli and Jimmy Rave

- Nana interferes, distracting Albright long enough for CC to hit the Ricola Bomb for the win. Post match, Embassy beat down both Albright and Cabana until Necro and Grizzly make the save. "boring"

- Silas Young vs. Delirious w/ Daizee Haze: Delirious wins with a Panic Attack/Shadows Over Hell combo. Post match, Durden comes out for an interview, Deli speaks his gibberish. "Match was exactly what you would expect from these two. If you think that's awesome, your wrong"

- Alex "Sugarfoot" Payne vs. Mark Briscoe: Huge pop for Mark. Extended Squash. Mark wins with Powerbomb. Sugarfoot attempted to attack the knee during the match, that was his only offense.

- Davey Richards vs. El Generico: Ends in a Double DQ after Steen and Edwards come to the ring and all four brawl through the crowd. During the brawl, Sara Del Ray Irish Whip Paul Tuner into the guardrail. An "ECW" chant broke out during the brawl.

* Third Show:
- Austin Aries comes out announced as a multi time world champ to Flairs music. The promo is  "amazing". He talked about how awesome he is and ripped The Phillies for getting swept by Toronto this week. He started ripping on a kid in the crowd and tore him apart. He went around the arena an picked out people and started ripping on them one by one.

- Eddie Edwards vs. Kevin Steen: Steen nails Edwards with a chair while Turner isn't looking. He hits the Swanton for the pin.

- Cheech and Cloudy vs. Sal Rinaro and Tony Kozina: after a couple of mins, the Dark City Fight Club comes out and destroyed everybody. No contest

- Sami Calahan vs. The Necro Butcher: Necro wins after a Tiger Driver. "Total Snoozefest". Post match, Cabana, Albright, and Grizzly come to the ring.

- Nigel McGuinness vs. Tyler Black: Black wins with Gods Last Gift. Nigel looked rusty. Match started very slow paced but picked up by the end. The crowd was awful.

2009 - TNA ran Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Gregory Davis filed the following live report:

First of all, there was no barriers like you're used to seeing at WWE shows. Those of us waiting outside were able to walk up to the wrestlers' cars after they arrived. Thankfully, none of us recreated the "Jericho incident".
We were allowed to wait in the lobby, and we could actually see the ring for a bit, and at least when I arrived, Rhaka Kahn and Jacqueline were training in it. Referees Rudy Charles and Slick Johnson were outside signing autographs as well.
When I arrived to my seat, I saw a backstage pass behind Jeremy Borash's ringside seat. I grabbed it, although I wasn't supposed to, as he hadn't announced it on Twitter yet! I had to put it back! But I was still able to go backstage later on.
One nice feature I heard was in between the general music playing was a prerecorded announcements that "the show would start in five minutes", and then later "we'll begin in 60 seconds." The show started exactly after that.
Attendence was probably no more than 1,000. The floor wasn't even half full, and the lower level was about 1/5 full.
Jeremy Borash and that other live events guy welcomed the crowd and did his usual speil to get the crowd excited, and it worked all night.
Atlas security was here. They must have lowered their price in this economy.
1. Chris Sabin defeated Jay Lethal with the Cradleshock. Nice home state pop for Sabin. Lethal was the slight heel here. The usual fun opener.
2. Jacqueline defeated Rhaka Kahn with a top rope tornado DDT. This was our "bonus match." Jacqueline was the babyface. When shw was on offense, it was hard-hitting and exciting. With Kahn was attacking, well..... she's still hot. It was what it was, a teacher working with a student.
3. Daniels defeated Eric Young with the BME. Young was a complete heel, with the crowd all over him. Daniels came out to the actual Disposable Teens song. Decent stuff again.
4. Rhino defeated Matt Morgan with a gore. Once again, great home state pop for Rhino. Morgan came out to Down with the Sickness. I wasn't feeling this one, and the finish was messed up when Morgan moved out of the way of the gore, but then took a weak one two seconds later.
Before Intermission, JB encouraged everyone to text to a number, for a chance to go backstage. It looked like he took the first number, and personally texted him a message.
5. Angelina Love defeated Taylor Wilde to retain the Women's Knockout Championship. I enjoyed this one. OK, it's not SHIMMER level, but the two put on a good match in which the crowd was into. After tonight, I'd say Love is underrated due to her diva look and gimmick, plus her association with Velvet Sky. She can work, that's for sure.
6. Suicide defeated Alex Shelley w/ Chris Sabin with the Suicide Solution to retain the X-Division Championship. This time, the Machineguns were the heels, although they got a fair amount of cheers. Suicide came out through the crowd. I believe it was the longest match of the night, and another fun one.
7. Beer Money Inc defeated the Main Event Mafia (Kurt Angle and Scott Steiner) with their finisher. Angle seems to be growing his hair, and a beard, out. Steiner took time to insult Michigan State and praise the University of Michigan. Beer Money encouraged the crowd to yell BEER and MONEY, and then, BIG OL BOOBIES! It was a solid main event. Give the MEM credit, as they didn't make Beer Money look like jobbers.
Borash announced that they couldn't bring everyone backstage, so they're bring backstage out here. 3/4 of the roster came out to sign autographs and take photos, while Kurt Angle stayed in the ring and pose with fans for $20. It was a long line, so they made some good scratch from it.
Surprisingly, Borash didn't say a PPV may come here. Looks like he's serious when it's mentioned at other shows.
The only no show was Samoa Joe, and that's understandable.
I'd say this one was better than the Bloomington show last year. The matches were hard hitting and of decent lengths all night and the crowd was into everything. Seriously, if they're in the area, GO!

2010- WWE returned to Madison Square Garden in NYC for a Raw house show, featuring the MSG debut of The Nexus and more.  Mike Johnson filed the following live report:

WWE returned to a sold out Madison Square Garden for a WWE Supershow house show on 6/19.

*WWE Intercontinental champion Kofi Kingston pinned Drew McIntyre. Kingston opened up early with a flurry of offense including a tope through the ropes on McIntyre. Drew came back and began working on Kingston's shoulder. He slammed it into the ringpost while outside the ring. Kofi kept trying to mount a comeback but Drew would cut him off and go right back to the arm. Drew came off the middle rope but Kofi kicked him in the face. The crowd was hot and began chanting for Kofi, who began fighting back. They exchanged strikes in the center of the ring until Kingston came back with kicks and punches. Kingston scored a two count after a sunset flip. He scored another after a high cross bodyblock off the ropes. Drew snapped Kofi's hurt arm to score a two count but Kingston came back with a Side Russian Legsweep. He nailed the Boom Drop and went for Trouble in Paradise but Drew backed into the corner. He tossed Kingston outside onto the apron and brought him in with a belly to back suplex. Kingston turned and nearly covered him but Drew kicked out. Drew hit a back suplex for a two count. Kingston came back with a swinging DDT for a two count. He peppered Drew in the corner with punches but was caught with a running powerbomb. Drew grabbed Kofi, who surprised him with Trouble in Paradise for the pin.

Drew attacked Kofi immediately after the match but Matt Hardy hit the ring and nailed a Twist of Fate. Referees and security chased Hardy out through the crowd.

As Drew was leaving, Hardy showed up again from the locker room and threw him back in the crowd, where he and Kingston laid out Drew. Hardy was again chased out of the Arena.

Real, real good match and a fun post-match melee.

*Christian and MVP defeated Luke Gallows and the mystery member of the SES (Joey Mercury). Serena was with the SES. Mercury looks to be in awesome shape. The SES dominated Christian early. Christian came back with a missile dropkick on Gallows and tagged in MVP. Fans began chanting for MVP immediately. MVP and Gallows went back and forth but Gallows soon overpowered him. The SES tagged in and out, controlling MVP. Christian tagged in and went for a sunset flip on Gallows who was too strong to take over. Christian finally nailed a neckbreaker. Christian and MVP hit stereo planchas to the floor on the SES. The SES worked over Christian and Gallows scored several near falls. MVP was tagged in but the ref missed it, allowing SES to work over Christian. Mercury went to ropes and came off but was caught in a flapjack by Christian. MVP made the hot tag and nailed the Ballin' elbow on Mercury. He went for the Playmaker but Gallows attacked him. Christian came off the top with a flying bodypress. Mercury tossed him out. MVP hit the 305 and scored the pin. Another real good match.

*Kelly Kelly was introduced as the Guest Host for tonight. She asked a kid where the first Mania was and since he said NYC, he's the guest bell keeper.

*Kane pinned CM Punk. Serena was back out with Punk, who jawed with the fans as he came out. Ring announcer Tony Chimmel announced Punk as from the home of the Stanley Cup winners, so Punk won his belt. Punk took the mic and handed it to Serena. She demanded everyone sit down and show respect for Punk. Don't you usually stand up to show respect? Punk said he's the greatest thing to ever happen to the fans and they all know it. He said he was the greatest man to ever live. He did his straightedge is better than you and demanded to be respected and feared. Punk bailed when Kane came out. Kane worked over Punk early with punches in the corner, even pulling out a dropkick to the head. Kane held Punk up for a vertical suplex. Punk avoided a charge in the corner, then nailed him with punches. Kane went for the mask so Punk tried to get out of the ring. He springboarded back in but was caught for a chokeslam. Punk kicked Kane low and hit a sliding kick, knocking Kane off the apron to the floor. When Kane recovered, Punk hit another and worked over Kane on the floor. Punk cinched in a nerve hold on Kane's trapezoid but Kane made his way back to his feet. Punk nailed a leg lariat for a two count. He locked on a rear naked choke. Kane came back with a clothesline off the tope rope. He went for the chokeslam but Punk escaped and kicked Kane in the back of the legs. He covered Kane for a two count. Punk went for the GTS but Kane pulled his mask. Punk fixed it but was grabbed for a chokeslam and pinned. OK match.

*In a Fatal Four Way, WWE United States champion The Miz defeated Evan Bourne, R-Truth and Mark Henry. Miz took the mic before the match and said normally he would start talking but he realizes, what have any of the fans done for him. He said he's the United States champion and the fans don't deserve him, but he's the reason we are here. He said NYC will never have Lebron James and will never have a title. Fans sang along with his catchphrase and he ripped them for that too. Miz tried to make friends with Henry and when he got blown off, tried the same tactic with Truth. The three faces all agreed to partner up against Miz instead. Miz immediately powdered out to the floor. Bourne and Truth tossed him in and Henry flattened him. Henry missed a legdrop and rolled out. Truth and Bourne took turns nailing Miz. They nailed a double sliding kick on Henry. Miz and Truth are taken out and Bourne nailed dove off the top onto all three. It settled down with Miz and Bourne battling back and forth. Truth came in and nailed his cartwheel into a kick. Miz charged him into the turnbuckles and rolled him up for a two count. Miz worked him over and cinched in a side chinlock. Truth nailed a jawbreaker as Henry returned and clotheslined and headbutt everyone. Miz and Henry battled. Bourne went to the top and stepped over Henry into a clothesline on Miz for a two count. Truth and Bourne battled back and forth. Miz nailed a hangman's neckbreaker for a two count. Bourne broke it up. Henry covered Truth but Bourne kicked him as well. Henry dispatched Bourne. He nailed the World's Strongest Slam on Truth. Miz grabbed Henry who rammed him back backwards into the corner. Henry followed Miz to the floor. Bourne hit a 450 splash on Truth. Miz tossed him out and pinned Truth. Good match.

*In a No DQ match, WWE World champion Jack Swagger defeated The Big Show. Show nailed Swagger with a series of monster knee lifts early. Swagger went to the floor. Swagger went for a amateur takedown but Show reversed it. Show chopped him in the corner. Show smothered him in the corner by sitting on him. They played it for laughs, including Show trying to show the ref what he did. Show tossed Swagger out of the ring. When Swagger got up, he snapped Show's throat over the top rope then speared his knees from behind. Swagger worked over Show's hamstring but was kicked off. Swagger was right back on the attack and locked in a step over toehold. Show finally kicked him off. Swagger grabbed a chair and nailed Show across the back but Show slapped the chair out of his hands. He shoulderblocked Swagger and went for the chokeslam but Swagger escaped. Swagger grabbed his title belt and tried to walk out but was dragged back in by his hair. Swagger DDT'd Show on the chair but Show kicked out. Swagger went for the Vaderbomb but Show grabbed and chokeslammed him. Swagger got his foot on the rope at the last second. They went to the floor, where Swagger shoved Show face-first into the ringpost. When Show returned to the ring, he nailed Show with the World title belt and hit a Vader Bomb for a two count. He clotheslined Show. Kane hit the ring to his theme music. He dispatched Swagger and chokeslammed Show, then walked out. Swagger covered Show for the pin. Kane returned to chokeslam Swagger. Kane left them both laying. Show recovered first and chokeslammed Swagger for good measure. The match was about as good as you'd expect. Some entertaining spots and decent overall.

*WWE Divas champ Eve Torres & The Bellas defeated WWE Women's champ Layla El & Michelle McCool & Maryse.  Santino was stretching forever while all the Divas waited.  LayCool then did warm-ups for comedy including sprints across the ring until one of the Bellas tripped them.  McCool controlled her early.  The Bellas double clotheslined both Layla and McCool.  Layla used several pinfall combinations on a Bella.  McCool nailed a boot to the face of one of the Bellas while she was on the apron.  LayCool nailed a double stroke on a Bella.  The crowd began what I think was a "This is stupid" chant and began booing. They followed that with a "This is boring" chant.  Eve and the other Bella were working the corner hard to get the crowd back.   Maryse locked a rear chinlock on a Bella and raked her face across the mat.  Bella made a tag to Eve, who clotheslined and dropkicked Maryse, then slammed her.  She hit a somersault legdrop for a two count but LayCool attacked her.  The Bellas ran them off.  Eve hit a swinging neckbreaker on Maryse for the pin.  Well, they all tried but the crowd didn't like it and you could see a lot of timing problems.

*They heavily plugged tomorrow's PPV since it isn't sold out.

Randy Orton pinned Edge.  Orton got the biggest pop of the night by FAR for his entrance.  They battled on the floor early.  When they returned, Edge stomped the hell out of him.  Fans chanted "RKO."  Orton made a comeback and whipped Edge into the buckles but was kicked down when he charged.  Edge continued to work on Orton as crowd chanted "Let's go Randy."  Edge took him to the mat with an armbar.  Orton fought back and nailed a clothesline and a powerslam.  Edge came back with a big boot.  Edge went to spear Orton off the apron but Orton caught him and pulled him over the ropes, then hit the hanging DDT for a two count.  Edge came back with a clothesline and tried for the spear but Orton punted him.  Orton went for the RKO but was shoved off.  Edge went for the spear but Orton leapfrogged him and rolled him up for a two.  Edge shot him into the corner but when he went to pull Orton off the mat, ate an RKO.  Pinfall.

*WWE champ John Cena pinned Sheamus. They did the ring introductions after each made their entrance. Cena had second biggest pop of the night behind Orton but a sizeable amount booed him during the intros. They spent a lot of time feeling each other out early. Dueling chants cheering and booing Cena. Neither man could get an advantage early. Cena worked on Sheamus' arm but Sheamus went to the floor and kicked the ring steps in frustration. When he returned, Cena went right back to the arm but Sheamus reversed it and stomped the hell out of Cena. He worked Cena over with a series of rights and kicked him in the stomach. The crowd was getting behind Cena as he was selling the onslaught. Cena reversed a whip onto the corner and suplexed Sheamus. Cena went for his flying shoulderblock but Sheamus ducked and Cena flew to the floor. Sheamus whipped Cena into the railing at ringside. Sheamus drilled Cena over the chest. Sheamus kept working over Cena, who started to mount a comeback. He drilled Sheamus into the turnbuckles but missed a charge into the corner, hitting the ringpost shoulder first. Sheamus nailed a kick to the face but Cena kicked out. Sheamus and Cena traded punches but Sheamus cut him off with a clothesline for a two count. Sheamus hit a clothesline into the ring for another two count. He went for a tackle but Cena moved. Cena pulled himself to his feet. He went for the Attitude Adjustment but Sheamus turned it into a DDT for a two count. He whipped Cena into the buckles. Cena went out to the floor. Sheamus followed and pulled the ring steps over towards Cena. He whipped Cena into the stairs in the entrance aisle. They were nearly counted out as Sheamus dragged him back to the ring. Sheamus covered him for a two count. Cena came back with a series of shoulder tackles and a suplex, the five knuckles shuffle and went for the former FU. Sheamus escaped and hit the pump kick for a two count. He went for the Celtic Cross but Cena turned it into an STF. Sheamus got to the ropes. Sheamus kicked in the face for another two count. He went for the Celtic Cross but Cena slipped out and hit a shouldertackle.

Cena went to the top but Wade Barrett hit ringside. Cena avoided the kick and hit the Attitude Adjustment for the pin. Barrett attacked Cena, who grabbed him for a Attitude Adjustment. The NXT crew attacked Cena. Orton, Edge, Henry, Kofi, Truth, Bourne hit the ring and a huge brawl ended the show. In the end, the Raw brand stood tall. Real good match and a great ending!

2010 - Ring of Honor held their Death Before Dishonor VIII Internet PPV.  Stuart Carapola filed the following report:

ROH returned to Toronto, Ontario, Canada for the Death Before Dishonor VIII iPPV. Here is a live report of the show:

-El Generico started the show when he interrupted Up In Smoke's entrance by running out and demanding that Kevin Steen face him now. Steve Corino came out and told Generico that Steen doesn't wrestle in openers, but Generico demanded that he come out now. Steen ran out and got face to face with Generico and they started the match. This was an absolutely awesome opener, very hard hitting and dramatic, as Generico nearly got Steen to tap out to the Sharpshooter before Steen made the ropes, and then Generico kicked out of the Package Piledriver. Steen finally got the win when Generico went for the top rope brainbuster, but Steen pulled what appeared to be part of the turnbuckle bolt off the ring and hit Generico in the head with it, then finished him with a top rope fisherman's buster. The crowd really got into this one and were on their feet for the whole match. Both guys looked great and left it all in the ring.

-The All Night Express (Kenny King & Rhett Titus) defeated Up In Smoke in another great showing from Cheech & Cloudy that saw Cheech kick out of the ANE's finisher. The ANE finally got the win with a Demolition Decapitator style kneedrop, and then brought out their manager, Austin Aries. Aries cut a promo on Delirious saying that he had tried to apologize to him and also to Daizee Haze, but Delirious wouldn't accept the apology so now he's going to have to teach Delirious a lesson. He called Delirious out to start their match.

-Delirious defeated Austin Aries by DQ when the All Night Express ran in and shoved Delirious off the top rope. Delirious came out in his red "Delirious means business" outfit and blew mist in Aries face to start. This led to some funny spots like Aries mistakenly trying to give referee Paul Turner a brainbuster before Delirious broke it up. Decent match with a lame ending, though there was one funny postmatch spot where Delirious pantsed Titus and Titus initially looked shocked, but then smiled and did the Rick Rude hip swivel before turning around and catching a kick to the groin from Delirious, who then went up top and dived onto Aries and King on the floor.

-Roderick Strong won the 2nd Annual Toronto Gauntlet. The match started with local Canadian star Tyson Dux facing and defeating ROH TV Champion Eddie Edwards in a rematch of their bout the previous evening, rolling him up out of an Achilles Lock attempt. Next up was Shawn Daivari, who defeated Dux when Dux tried to suplex Daivari into the ring from the outside, but Prince Nana hooked his ankle from the outside and Daivari came down on top of Dux for the win. Colt Cabana came out and tapped Daivari out to the Billy Goat's Curse within seconds, then faced Steve Corino. Corino dominated much of their segment, but Cabana caught Corino coming in on a diving lariat attempt and rolled him up in a crucifix for the fall. Corino laid Cabana out after the fall, giving Strong an immediate advantage coming into the final fall. Roderick appeared to injure his ankle taking a Lionsault from Cabana and bailed to the floor to walk it off, and while the referee was checking on him, Truth Martini came into the ring and knocked Cabana out with the Book Of Truth, allowing Strong to roll back in the ring and cover Cabana for the win and a guaranteed shot at the ROH World Title.


-During intermission, Steen and Generico came brawling out of the back, with Colt Cabana and Steve Corino joining in. Generico tore off ring announcer Bobby Cruise's tie and choked Steen out with it. The crowd popped big for that one and started an ROH chant.

-(2)Christopher Daniels defeated Kenny Omega in a Pick Six Contender's Match. This was a really good and highly competitive match with both men scoring numerous very near falls, including Omega kicking out of the Angel's Wings and Daniels kicking out of the Hadoken before Daniels finally put Omega away with the BME.

-The Kings Of Wrestling defeated the Briscoes to retain the ROH World Tag Team Title in a no DQ match. This was a really violent, bloody match with everyone except Claudio getting color. Before the match started, Bobby Cruise announced that the Briscoes hadn't made it to the arena in time for the match, which led to Hero and Claudio getting the mic and thanking the fans for not letting the Briscoes in so they could ruin this beautiful country. The Briscoes then came out of the crowd and the brawl ensued. The KOW got the surprisingly clean win when Claudio gave Jay a Giant Swing and Hero hit a diving Mafia Kick for the win.

-In the main event, Tyler Black defeated Davey Richards in an easy Match Of The Year candidate. Crowd was 10000% behind Davey in this one, and the match must have gone at least 40 minutes. Davey worked Tyler over hard with a lot of stiff shots, and had a counter for all of Tyler's trademark moves. Finally Tyler got an advantage and, for all intents and purposes, worked heel because the fans were so solidly behind Davey. At one point the fans started chanting "you can't beat him" at Tyler after Davey kicked out of God's Last Gift. Shane Hagadorn came out during the match and tried to hit Tyler with a chair, but Davey yanked the chair away from him and sent him to the back because he wanted to beat Tyler straight up. Finally Tyler got a second God's Last Gift and that was enough to put Davey away, and then after the match Davey took the mic and told Tyler "NOW you're a World Champion." and then left the ring. Awesome match and so far, it's this or Briscoes-Kings Of Wrestling from the Big Bang for ROH Match Of The Year.

Attendance seemed solid at the event, with all the floor seats gone and a good number of people in the GA section. ROH announced a return to Toronto on November 13th.

2011 - WWE held the first and to date, only Capital Punishment PPV.  Mike Johnson filed the following PPV report:

Capitol Punishment opened with a video feature on R Truth and his conspiracy claims against John Cena and “the Little Jimmys”. Great video actually.

The PPV stage is designed to look like the Capitol Building in D.C.

Michael Cole, Booker T and Jerry Lawler are the announce team.

WWE United States champion Kofi Kingston vs. Dolph Ziggler (with Vickie Guerrero)

They locked up and Kingston took Dolph over and down the mat with a side headlock. Ziggler slipped out and locked in his own. Kingston caught Ziggler with a back elbow as Ziggler rebounded off the ropes.

Ziggler caught Kingston in a waistlock and pummeled his back and neck. Kingston ducked a clothesline and nailed a dropkick. Kingston then monkey flipped Dolph out of the corner. Kingston went for the Trouble in Paradise kick but Ziggler ducked and snapped Kingston against the ropes. He nailed a nice legdrop and covered the champ for a two count.

Ziggler choked Kingston against the bottom rope. Kingston fired back and caught Dolph with a backslide but was then nailed with a hard drop kick for a two count. Ziggler covered Kingston several times and locked in a rear chinlock. The crowd rallied behind Kingston, who made a comeback. He rolled up Dolph for a two count and used several other pinfall attempts.

Kofi missed a splash in the corner. Ziggler used a back suplex for a two count. Ziggler locked in an armbar and worked on Kingston’s shoulder. Ziggler went for a sleeper but Kingston dropped down into a jawbreaker. Kingston moved out of the way from a leaping elbow in the corner.

Kingston drilled Dolph with a pair of chops and a dropkick. Kingston nailed an elbow as Ziggler charged, then splashed Ziggler’s back out of the corner for a two count. Kingston set up for the Boom Drop and nailed it.

Kingston missed Trouble in Paradise but caught Ziggler with the S.O.S. Ziggler kicked out at the last second. Ziggler went for the Zig Zag but Kingston slipped out and went for a powerbomb. Ziggler slipped out but Kingston nailed a double stomp to the chest for a two count.

Kingston went to the top but Ziggler nailed him. Ziggler set up for a superplex but Kingston countered it and sent Ziggler to the mat. Kingston nailed a flying bodypress but Ziggler kicked out at the last second.

Ziggler grabbed a sleeper but Kingston charges the corner and Ziggler nails the turnbuckle head-first. Kingston missed the Trouble in Paradise. Ziggler missed the Zig Zag. Guerrero grabbed Kingston and raked Kingston’s eyes. Ziggler locked on a sleeper and used the ropes to push himself to the center of the ring. The announcers thought that the referee was going to break up the move but Kingston passed out and the ref ruled a submission.

Your winner and new United States champ, Dolph Ziggler!

Usual fine match from these two with some good near falls and nice teases with the big moves.

R Truth, carrying the WWE championship, arrived in a limo. Josh Mathews tried to get comments from Truth but said he’s got a big party and told Mathews to join him. Truth came across Eve and invited her to the party. She said that she doesn’t know who he is anymore. Truth said that no one knows who he is anymore and got angry. He said he was going to dedicate his win tonight to all the Little Jimmys and the Little Janes.

Miz was interviewed and asked whether he thought he could defeat Alex Riley. Miz said that Riley is a shelter dog that Miz saved from the NXT reject pile. He said that if people don’t think that he can beat Riley, that just shows how far people think he’s fallen in the last month. He said that Riley was just a glorified bag carrier and tonight, he was going to show the world why he is awesome.

WWE upgraded their production tonight, by the way. There’s more usage of a crane camera for hard camera shots and closeups, even running it around the ring across one side and then turning the corner and up the other side. It’s a nice usage of the camera and provided some good shots.

The Miz vs. Alex Riley

Miz began trash talking Riley. He was holding the Money in the Bank briefcase, so I’m guessing that comes into play later. Riley nailed Miz, chased him out and back into the ring and wailed away on him with rights. Miz caught him and kicked and punched away at Riley, punting him in the chest with a kick.

Miz drilled Riley with a series of rights, screaming that he was a punk as he nailed him. Miz ripped at Riley’s face and stomped him. The hometown crowd was getting behind Riley but you could hear dueling chants for Miz as well.

Miz’s beating continued outside the ring, where Miz told Riley that he “was the one, not you” and nailed a running boot to the face. He rolled Riley into the ring and covered him for a two count. Riley tried to nail Miz with a punch but Miz avoided it. Riley tagged him with a wild shot and made a comeback with several punches. Miz locked in a side chinlock and climbed on Riley’s back. He pulled Riley to the mat and scissored Riley’s body with his legs.

Riley was suplexed back and covered for a two count. Miz went to the top and came off with a flying axehandle for another two count. Miz tied him to the tree of woe and stomped Riley in the corner. Miz went for a sliding kick but Riley pulled up and Miz crotched himself against the ring post.

Riley speared Miz as he charged him in the corner and began working him over. He shoved Miz into the turnbuckles and caught him with a spinebuster for a two count. Miz tried to back off but when Riley charged, he was tossed out of the ring. Riley nailed Miz as he went to leave the ring and covered him for another two count.

Outside of the ring, Riley shoved Miz into the barrier and then into the ringside table. Michael Cole began screaming at Riley, so Riley grabbed him by the tie, pulled him over and slammed Cole down to the floor. That allowed Miz to nail Riley from behind and grab the briefcase. He went to use it but the referee grabbed it.

Riley grabbed Miz for his leaping DDT and nailed him, getting the pin.

Your winner, Alex Riley!

Another very good match. They had the chance to make Riley tonight and took it. Miz lost nothing in the loss and Riley went to the next level. Really good from bell to bell as they told a story, got Riley over as a strong take no nonsense babyface by nailing Cole and gave him a clean him in his hometown.

Two matches in and this is a fun show.

Two matches in and this is a fun show.

Sgt. Slaughter welcomed a Barack Obama impersonator. Obama said that Del Rio and Show would both be covered under Obama care. Vickie Guerrero showed up and sang “Happy Father’s Day” to him but the Secret Service carried her off. Slaughter said that “it looked like Vickie got carried away.” AWFUL!

They pushed that you’ll be able to vote with your mobile phone tomorrow on the three hour Raw.

Big Show vs. Alberto Del Rio

Show attacked Del Rio in the aisle as he came to the ring. Del Rio tried to escape over the railing into the crowd but Show stopped him, chopped him and whipped Del Rio hard into the barrier.

Show rolled Del Rio back into the ring, only to be attacked by Mark Henry. Henry tossed him over the announce table. He drilled Show through the Spanish Announce Table with the World’s Strongest Slam.

Henry walked off but changed his mind, returning. He grabbed the leg that Del Rio’s car ran over and slammed it into the remnants of the table. In the ring, Del Rio was taunting Show. He demanded that the referee count Show out. The ref began the count but Show rolled into the ring.

Show told the referee he was willing to go so they rang the bell. Show nailed Del Rio and caught him for a chokeslam but Del Rio kicked Show’s bad leg. The leg went out and Del Rio began kicking the hell out of the Show, trying to keep him on the mat. He covered Show but only got a one count.

Show grabbed Del Rio and chokeslammed him. Show’s leg crumpled and he went to the mat. Del Rio rolled outside to the floor. Show limped over to the ropes and grabbed Del Rio. Rio snapped him over the ropes. He went to the corner but was caught by the throat. Alberto nailed his leg again. Del Rio went for the rolling crossarm breaker but Show turned it into a throw, sending Alberto to the mat.

Del Rio begged off but dropkicked Show’s leg. He locked on a cross legbreaker on the bad leg. Show fought it and finally grabbed the ropes. Del Rio began stalking Show from behind, waiting to strike. The referee warned Show that he would stop the match if Show couldn’t continue. Show got up but collapsed down again. The referee called it.

Your winner, Alberto Del Rio!

More of an angle than a match but it was a good angle. It put Mark Henry back in the mix as a monster. It gave more momentum to Del Rio and put Show, who showed some nice fire as a pissed off monster, a reason for revenge.

Backstage, R Truth demanded that a photographer take shots of him with the belt now while he was fresh and clean, since later he’ll be sweaty and tired. The photographer pointed out that the WWE title’s nameplate still says John Cena. Truth grabbed him and throttled him, saying he was talking about taking photos, not anything else and later, he’s going to beat Cena for the belt.

Wade Barrett took the mic from Matt Striker and said that he was far from thrilled at being in Washington, D.C. He said that D.C. needed a King or a Queen as he walked to the ring. He brought up the Anthony Weiner resignation and knocked the country’s education system and national debt. He said that in 20 years, everyone here tonight will be forced to speak Chinese. He said that the problem is that from the outside the United States looks nice, but it’s really a hollow shell, just like his opponent, Ezekiel Jackson. Barrett started USA chants and he called the fans pathetic. He said that Jackson can quote the Book of Ezekiel but Barrett is well read and knows exactly what he has to do to beat Jackson. He said that every patriot here tonight is going to witness Barrett destroying Jackson.

WWE Intercontinental champ Wade Barrett vs. Ezekiel Jackson

Barrett grabbed a standing sideheadlock but was sent off into the ropes, where he was nailed with an elbow. Barrett backed off into the corner but nailed Jackson. Jackson tried to lift him for the Torture Rack but Wade ran to the outside.

Back in the ring, Barrett escaped a charge in the corner but was still nailed. Jackson controlled Barrett until being snapped into the ropes. Barrett kicked Jackson in the face and covered him for a two count. Barrett nailed the Black Hole Slam for a two count.

Barrett cinched in a side chinlock on the mat. Jackson elbowed his way out of it. Barrett went for his pumphandle slam but Jackson slipped out. Barrett pulled him down into a sunset flip pinfall attempt. Jackson kicked out but was kicked in the gut and nailed with a pumphandle slam for another two count.

Barrett kicked away at Jackson in the corner and nailed a series of rights. Barrett missed a running boot in the corner and crotched himself. Jackson began unloading with shoulderblocks and a running splash in the corner.

Barrett missed another charge in the corner. Jackson went for a slam but Barrett nailed him in the back. Barrett nailed the Wasteland but Jackson got his shoulder up at two. Barrett was shocked it didn’t get the job done. The crowd began chanting, “USA.”

Barrett went for a running boot but was caught and shoved off. Jackson nailed a series of bodyslams. He picked up Barrett for the Torture Rack and Barrett submitted.

Your winner and new Intercontinental champ, Ezekiel Jackson!

Michael Cole said that Jackson said he wanted to win the belt for his kids at home and did just that.

Match wasn’t anywhere as smooth athletically as the first two matches but given who was involved, they got about as much out of it as they could. But, not a great match. That said, it was the best Jackson has looked to date in WWE. He's obviously a work in progress and they are behind him in a major way.

As Jackson was leaving, Jerry Lawler stopped him for an interview. Jackson said it was the greatest day of his life and it was awesome. He said that he had his independence from Barrett in Washington, D.C. He said that he was going to let everyone see that in his life, the most important things are liberty and the personification of domination.

Wade Barrett and Mark Henry are both trending on Twitter.

Santino Marella tried to show “the President” the Cobra and was tackled by the Secret Service. AWFUL!

CM Punk cut a promo. He said that while DC was the birth of the Straightedge movement but the reality is that it’s full of “Scum and villainy”. Great Star Wars reference. He said that he hates politicians but he’ll admit he is one. Punk said that everyone is a politician and a liar. He said that everyone tries to put on a face and a façade. Punk said he’s the most honest person here and after he beats Rey Mysterio tonight, he’s going to go on and do the most honest thing WWE has ever seen.

CM Punk vs. Rey Mysterio

Punk is wearing red, white and blue.

Punk and Mysterio had some really nice back and forth wrestling to open things up. Punk took control, working on Mysterio’s arm and drilling him with several kicks. You could hear some Punk chants.

Mysterio fought back but Punk nailed him. Rey dropkicked Punk into the 619 position but Punk slipped out to the apron. Mysterio nailed a sliding kick. Rey went for a Thesz Press off the apron but Punk caught him and nailed him with a Hot Shot on the barricade.

Back in the ring, Punk worked over Rey and covered him several times. Mysterio was rolled over Punk’s knees in a bow and arrow combination. Punk nailed the Earthquake splash for a two count. He scissored Rey’s body with his legs. Mysterio made a comeback and nailed a rana into the 619 position but Punk caught him with a running clothesline.

Punk locked in an abdominal stretch on Rey. He drilled Rey with several headbutts to the chest. Rey kicked him and went for a forward roll over the ropes, sending Punk to the floor. Rey nailed an Asai Moonsault to the floor. Punk began selling his arm.

Back in the ring, Rey came off the top with a flying headbutt, driving himself into Punk for a two count. Rey nailed a springboard bodypress but Punk reversed it. They went into an awesome back and forth sequence that ended with Mysterio drilling Punk with a kick to the temple for a two count.

Rey went to the top but Punk nailed him from behind. Punk went up and nailed a belly to back suplerplex. He covered Rey, who kicked up. Punk nailed the running high knee in the corner. He went to whip Rey into the corner but Mysterio reversed it and Punk hit the ringpost shouderfirst. Rey nailed a 619 on Punk as he was outside on the apron, sending him to the floor.

Mysterio rolled Punk into the ring and came off the top with a splash but Punk pulled his knees up. Punk called for the GTS and drilled him with a series of rights. He pulled up for the GTS but Rey turned it into a rana and pulled Punk into a pinning combination for a two count. Punk drilled Rey with a knockout kick for a near fall.

Punk went for the GTS but Rey turned it into a Lucha armdrag into the 619 position. Rey went for it but Punk dropped down, lifted Rey into the GTS, nailed it and pinned him.

Your winner, CM Punk!

This was so freaking great. They had this awesome match doing all these unique reversals and offensive maneuvers outside of their traditional moveset, so the match was well above and beyond what you would expect from even them. This may have been one of the better WWE matches in recent months.

WWE World champ Randy Orton vs. Christian

Orton nailed Christian immediately and peppered him with right hands. Orton nailed him with a big boot and stomped his face. Christian nailed a right hand to cut off Orton.

Orton missed a clothesline but caught Christian with a Thesz Press for a two count. Orton shoulderblocked Christian down for another two count. He nailed another for another near fall.

Christian dumped Orton to the outside and dropkicked him through the ropes. He went for a pescado but Orton missed it and kicked Christian in the face. He worked over Christian on the outside and tried to nail the hanging DDT off the stairs but was pulled into the steps.

Christian worked over Orton, including stepping on him in the corner. Christian nailed several near falls. Orton finally made a comeback with a clothesline and a slam. Orton caught him with a belly to belly suplex for a two count.

Christian caught Orton and tried to superplex him outside of the ring onto the broken announce table. Orton headbutt his way out and nailed a superplex into the ring. Orton covered Christian for a two count. The announcers talked about Orton’s concussion and wondered whether he was himself in the ring.

Orton unloaded on Christian. Christian went for the Killswitch but Orton fought his way out. Orton powerbombed Christian into a neckbreaker for a two count. Orton was selling as if he was a little out of it. Christian wet for the Killswitch but Orton shoved him off. Orton went for the RKO but Christian jumped out of the ring.

Orton followed him and Orton caught him with the hanging DDT. Orton set up for the RKO but Christian countered it into an inverted DDT for a two count.

Christian went for a spear but Orton leapfrogged him and went for the RKO. Christian slipped out and speared Orton for a two count. Orton dropkicked Christian in the mouth but Orton was caught with a kick to the face. Orton finally nailed the RKO and scored the pin, although Christian’s leg was under the ropes.

Your winner and still World champion, Randy Orton! 

Christian complained to the referee about the foot being under the rope. As he complained, Orton drilled him in the face with the World title belt to get revenge on Christian.

Good match but I don’t know that it was at the level of their previous bouts. Orton was obviously working a safer style (and he should have) after his concussion. They worked that into the story of the match and actually made Orton a more sympathetic and human performer because of it. Still, another good match, which makes the fourth good to great match on the broadcast.

The Bellas came out with the actor that plays Keith Stone in the Keystone Light beer commercials. Here’s the beer advertising campaign the company mentioned during the stockholder meeting a few weeks ago.

Jack Swagger vs. Evan Bourne

Bonus match.

They locked up and Swagger shoved him off. Swagger caught him with a front facelock and tossed him over. Swagger tied up Bourne on the mat and locked in a hammerlock. Bourne kicked up out of it but was nailed with a kick.

Bourne went for a hiptoss and nailed several moves to avoid Swagger but was finally grabbed and nailed with a gut buster across the knees several times. He slammed Bourne and covered him for a two count.

Swagger drilled him with a series of elbows to the chest, then covered him for another two count. Swagger locked in a rear chinlock. They showed “Keith Stone” watching in the front row with the Bellas.

Bourne kicked Swagger off but was caught with a backdrop for a two count. Swagger worked Bourne over in the corner and nailed the Vader splash out of the corner for another two count.

Swagger worked over Bourne with hard shots over and over. Bourne caught him with a leaping rana, then nailed him with a series of kicks to the chest. Swagger caught him but failed with another Vader splash as Bourne pulled his knees up. Bourne nailed a running knee strike for a two count.

Swagger caught Bourne with a big boot as he rebounded off the ropes for another two count. Swagger and Bourne battled in the corner. Bourne caught him with a tornado DDT but Swagger got his shoulder up at the last second.

Bourne drilled him with several big kicks to the face. Bourne went up for the shooting star but Swagger rolled out of the way. Bourne landed on his feet. Swagger went for the Doctor Bomb but Bourne slipped out. Swagger grabbed him for the anklelock but Bourne rolled through and scored the pin.

Your winner, Evan Bourne!

Another good match. Glad they added it to the show.

They had the fake Barack Obama offer an address to the fans in attendance. I’d prefer Robocop, thank you. The guy looked more like Tiger Woods than Obama. He said he wasn’t the Raw GM because if he was, we’d have a lot more Jim Ross and a lot less Michael Cole. He wished Cena and Truth good luck in their match and said Truth was like Joe Biden in that he can’t understand what he is really saying. Obama praised Teddy Long, but then turned it into a shot at both George W. Bush and Obama. AWFUL.

Obama tried to leave but Booker T called him to come to the ring for a Spinaroonie. I repeat, AWFUL.

Evan Bourne is trending on Twitter.

WWE champ John Cena vs. R Truth

Dueling chants for and against Cena. Truth went for a kick but Cena caught it and spun him down to the mat to grab the STF but Truth rolled out of the ring.

Truth nailed Cena and drilled him with right hands in the corner. Truth choked him with a boot across the throat. Cena fought back, catching Truth with a bulldog but Truth rolled to the outside to break up the momentum.

Back in the ring, Truth nailed Cena and drilled him with a suplex, then a series of punches in the corner. Truth controlled Cena and scored a two count with a corkscrew reverse elbow.

Truth nailed Cena with a leaping forearm smash in the corner for another two count. Cena snapped Truth over the ropes but was caught with a clothesline as he charged Truth. Truth covered him for another two count.

Truth continued to control Cena, scissoring his body and squeezing. Cena slipped out and went for a STF but Truth grabbed the ropes and nailed Cena again. The story has been that Truth has kept Cena on the defensive the entire time.

Killings missed a legdrop and Cena nailed his usual offensive maneuvers. He drilled Truth with the Five Knuckle Shuffle and went for the Attitude Adjustment but Truth slipped out and nailed Cena for a two count.

Cena used a droptoehold and locked on the STF but Truth made it to the ropes. Cena refused to break it until the last second. Truth cut him off and nailed the scissor kick. He covered Cena but Cena kicked out at the last second.

Cena rolled out of the ring. Truth followed, then took a hat from a fan as well as a drink from the fan’s cup. The fan then splashed Truth in the face. That was funny.

Cena grabbed Truth, tossed him in the ring and nailed the Attitude Adjustment, pinning Truth.

Your winner and still WWE champion, John Cena!

Not much of a main event. The fans had a good time chanting but in the ring, it was all Truth and then when it came time for the big Cena comeback and dramatic near falls, instead it was a splash from the fan and a quick ending.

2012 - NBC issued the following:


Hosts General Wesley Clark (ret.) and Samantha Harris Join Celebrity Cast Including Laila Ali, Dean Cain, Terry Crews, Nick Lachey, Todd Palin, Dolvett Quince, Picabo Street and Eve Torres in the Action-Packed Competition Show

“Stars Earn Stripes” Premieres Monday, August 13 (8 – 10 p.m. ET)

UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif. – June 19, 2012 – NBC announced the celebrity cast and hosts of its new alternative series “Stars Earn Stripes” – a fierce and emotionally charged new competition show honoring America’s armed forces. The cast includes four-time undefeated world boxing champion Laila Ali, actor Dean Cain (“Out of Time,” Five Days of War”), actor and former National Football League player Terry Crews (“The Expendables 2,” “The Newsroom”), multi-platinum recording artist, actor, producer and television personality Nick Lachey (NBC’s “The Sing-Off”), Alaska businessman Todd Palin, Olympic gold medalist Picabo Street, “The Biggest Loser” trainer Dolvett Quince and WWE Diva, Eve Torres.

The series will be hosted by General Wesley Clark (ret.) – the former Supreme Allied Commander Europe for NATO and former presidential candidate – and television personality Samantha Harris (“Entertainment Tonight,” “Dancing with the Stars”). “Stars Earn Stripes” will debut with a special two-hour episode on Monday, August 13 (8-10 p.m. ET) and will air Mondays at 9 p.m. ET.

The eight competitors will gather at a remote training facility where they will tackle complicated and difficult missions that are inspired by real military exercises. Each will be paired with an “operative” who is a member or a former member of our armed forces or law enforcement agencies. The operative will coach and guide their celebrity teammate on their training and each of their missions and will compete along-side them. From helicopter drops to long range weapons fire – the competitors will be tested physically and emotionally as they play to win and to earn a cash prize for military, veterans and first-responder based charities. Each week one of the teams will be eliminated.

The announcement was made by Paul Telegdy, President, Alternative and Late Night Programming, NBC.

“We are honored to have a much-decorated and beloved military figure such as General Clark joining ‘Stars Earn Stripes.’ The general’s legendary record in the U.S. armed forces commands respect as he brings so much practical knowledge that will infuse the show with priceless insight,” said Telegdy. “Our cast is ready to be put to the test – using the same physical and mental challenges that prepare our nation’s bravest men and women to defend our nation – and their arduous journey will make for riveting television.”

“I am thrilled to join ‘Stars Earn Stripes’ as host and look forward to watching the celebrity cast members test themselves as they step up to take on these tough challenges,” said Clark. “This new series pays tribute to members of our dedicated armed forces and civil law enforcement and I know that the winnings, which will be donated to first-responder charity and veterans’ groups, will make a difference and send an important message.”

The charitable organizations that the contestants are playing for include The Following: Laila Ali – Military Child Education Coalition (, Dean Cain – Wounded Warrior Project (, Terry Crews – The Pat Tillman Foundation (, Nick Lachey – The Badge of Honor Memorial Foundation (, Todd Palin – Armed Services YMCA Alaska (, Dolvett Quince – Got your 6 (, Picabo Street – Hiring Our Heroes ( and Eve Torres – USO (

From executive producers Dick Wolf (“Law & Order,” “Law & Order: SVU”), Mark Burnett (“The Voice,” “Survivor”) and David A. Hurwitz (“Fear Factor”), this extraordinary show will donate money raised through the competition to veterans’ charities. Committed to hiring recent vets onto the crew, “Stars Earn Stripes” hopes to inspire other employers throughout the country to make similar commitments to our returning heroes, not to mention proving how impossible their service missions really are.

The series is a production of Universal Television, One Three Television, LLC, Wolf Reality, LLC and Bill’s Market & Television Productions.

2013 - WWE broadcast NXT.  Richard Trionfo filed the following TV report:

Last week, there were some people smiling about the new NXT Champion. What is next for Bo Dallas? Who will advance in the Women’s Tournament? What will happen when Adrian Neville faces Bray Wyatt? Will we see another Sami Zayn/Antonio Cesaro match?

We are in Winter Park, Florida and your announcers are Brad ‘Vickie never let me ate a Hardee’s burger’ Maddox and Tom ‘Lawrence’ Phillips.


Match Number One: Adrian Neville versus Bray Wyatt (with Luke Harper and Erick Rowan)


Wyatt charges at Neville but Neville side steps him and he kicks Wyatt. Wyatt with a clothesline and kick to the head. Wyatt with a slam but Neville with kicks and chops in the corner but Wyatt wit a forearm and he chokes Neville in the corner. Wyatt with a head butt to Neville and then he kicks Neville in the back of the head to show him no respect.

Neville with forearms but Wyatt with an elbow drop or two and he gets a near fall. Wyatt with a forearm across the top of the head. Wyatt sends Neville over the top rope but Neville lands on the apron and he kicks Wyatt in the top of the head.

Neville goes up top and Harper pushes Neville off the turnbuckles and the referee calls for the bell.


Winner: Adrian Neville (by disqualification)


After the match, Rowan and Harper attack Neville. Wyatt watches the attack while Kassius Ohno and Corey Graves come t the ring and they go after Harper. Ohno and Graves send Harper into the ring steps. Graves sends Rowan into the ring post. Wyatt goes to the floor to check on his Family members.

Dusty Rhodes makes his way to the stage and he looks like he is about to have a Teddy Moment. Dusty says that if they are looking for a fight, they have one. We will have a six man tag match later tonight.

We go to commercial.


Match Number Two: Angelo Dawkins versus Sami Zayn


They lock up and Dawkins with a clean break but he pushes Zayn and wants Sami to bring it. Sami with a waist lock and side head lock. Dawkins with a wrist lock but Zayn with a reversal. Dawkins with a take down but Zayn with arm drags. Dawkins pushes Zayn away and he connects with an elbow.

Dawkins with a slam and forearm followed by a snap mare and reverse chin lock. Dawkins brings Zayn back to the mat when Sami tries to escape the chin lock. Zayn with punches but Dawkins with a knee to the midsection. Dawkins with a forearm in the corner followed by an Irish whip but Zayn floats over and hits a leg lariat.

Zayn with a wrist lock and chop followed by a double jump tornado DDT for the three count.


Winner: Sami Zayn


We see a Leo Kruger video package and then we go to commercial.


Match Number Three: Summer Rae versus Sasha Banks in an NXT Women’s Tournament First Round Match


They lock up and Summer sends Sasha to the mat and she kicks Sasha and chokes her in the ropes. Summer with a drop kick for a near fall. Summer sends Sasha head first into the turnbuckles and then she chokes Sasha with her boot. Summer with a hair biel across the ring. Summer pulls Sasha out of the corner and gets a near fall.

Summer yells at Sasha and then she sends Sasha face first into the mat and gets a near fall. Summer runs Sasha into the turnbuckles and she chokes Sasha with her boot. Summer pulls Sasha’s arms while stretching Sasha with her feet on Sasha’s shoulders. Summer with a near fall and then Sasha with a rollup for a near fall. Summer with a DDT and she rolls through.

Sasha slams Summer’s head into the mat and then Sasha chops Summer in the chestal region. Sasha with a wrist lock and arm drag using the ropes for momentum but she cannot get a count. Summer with a leg drop inverted DDT combination for the three count.


Winner: Summer Rae (Summer advances to face the winner of Aksana versus Emma)


Xavier Woods is in the interview area and he pulls a Troy McClure telling us where you might remember him from. Now he makes his return to NXT and it is about to get real. He says that he will raise the roof.

We go to commercial.



Match Number Four: Jake Carter versus Xavier Woods


Woods does some dancing and it forces Carter to the apron. They lock up and Woods works on the wrist and shoulder. Woods with an arm bar but Carter with a forearm against the ropes. Woods with a shoulder tackle and he hits a head scissors on Carter followed by an arm drag into an arm bar.

Woods with a hammer lock but he backs woods into the corner and Carter with an elbow and punches. Carter with a snap mare and a snap neck breaker for a near fall. Carter comes off the turnbuckles but he is met with a punch to the midsection.

Woods with punches to Carter followed by a running forearm and drop kick. Woods with a headspring into a clothesline followed by Lost in the Woods for the three count.


Winner: Xavier Woods


We go to the back and Renee Young is with Sami Zayn. Renee asks Sami about his match with Angelo Dawkins. Sami says that he likes to have fun and impress people. That match had nothing to do with impressing people, it was a message to Antonio Cesaro. He says that he can accept losing to Cesaro like he did last week, but he cannot accept being smacked around after the match. Cesaro is great in the ring. Sami reminds Antonio that he beat him too. That means that it is time for round three.

Sylvester Lefort is with Scott Dawson and Garrett Dylan in Dusty Rhodes’ office. Sylvester says that this is a joke because they should be the number one contender for the tag titles. Dusty asks Sylvester if he is the spokesman for the group.

Dusty says that he will give Dylan and Dawson a match against Kassius Ohno and Corey Graves to determine the Number One Contenders.

We go to a video of Bo Dallas in his car thanking everyone for their support since he won the NXT Title. Bo says that he is not a liar and he went to Disney World. Bo says that he will be back at NXT next week. Bo sings us into commercial.

We are back and Big E Langston will be on next week’s show.


Match Number Five: Adrian Neville, Kassius Ohno, and Corey Graves versus Bray Wyatt, Erick Rowan, and Luke Harper


Harper and Graves start things off and they lock up. Harper misses a punch in the corner but Graves with punches and a side head lock. Graves holds on when Harper tries for an Irish whip. Graves floats over and he punches Harper before returning to the side head lock. Ohno tags in and he kicks and punches Harper but Harper with a punch to send Ohno to the mat.

Rowan tags in and he punches Ohno. Ohno punches back but Rowan with a knee and forearm to the back. Ohno flips to the apron and he kicks Rowan before returning to the ring. Ohno with a drop kick to the head for a near fall. Neville tags in and he connects with a double sledge to the back followed by a kick to the leg. Rowan with a forearm and then he sends Neville into his corner but Adrian escapes while Wyatt tags in.

Neville with punches but Wyatt runs Neville into the turnbuckles and Wyatt with a spinebuster. Wyatt tries to catapult Neville into the turnbuckles but Neville grabs the ropes and gives Wyatt a double stomp. Neville with kicks to the chest and he gets a near fall. Wyatt with an uppercut and then he tags Harper back in.

Neville with a head scissors and then Graves tags in. Harper with an Irish whip but Graves with a knee and then he applies a head scissors in the ropes. Graves with an elbow to Harper and then he teases a punch to Wyatt but Harper with a boot to the head and he gets a near fall.

Wyatt tags in and we go to commercial.

We are back and Graves is down while Wyatt enjoys what he has done. We see Wyatt hitting a running cross body during the commercial break (but not available on the WWE App). Rowan tags in and he connects with an elbow drop and gets a near fall. Rowan with an Irish whip and then he applies a bear hug.

Graves with an elbow but Rowan returns to the bear hug and he runs Graves into the corner and tags in Harper. Harper with a European uppercut. Harper takes Graves’ suspenders and then he applies a cravate. Graves with a kick but Harper with an elbow for a near fall. Wyatt tags back in and he gives Graves a head butt. Wyatt with head butt to the upper back and then he splashes onto Graves’ chest.

Wyatt with a chin lock. Graves tries for a sunset flip but Wyatt does not go over. Wyatt tries for a splash onto Graves but Corey moves out of the way and that allows Graves to tag in Ohno. Rowan tags in and Ohno with forearms and a flying clothesline. Rowan with an Irish whip and Ohno goes over the top rope to the floor. Harper tags in and he runs Ohno into the apron. Harper with a chop.

Wyatt gets in a kick when the referee was not looking. Harper chokes Ohno and Wyatt tags back in. Ohno with chops but Wyatt with knees and he sends Ohno into the corner. Harper tags back in and he punches Ohno. Harper with a European uppercut followed by elbow drops to the upper chest and Harper gets a near fall.

Rowan tags back in and Harper sends Ohno to Rowan and Rowan with a knee to the midsection. Rowan with punches to Ohno and then he takes care of Graves. Rowan with a pump handle back breaker for a near fall. Harper tags in and Harper with an Irish whip but Harper and Ohno bump heads and both men are down. Wyatt tags in and he knocks Graves off the apron but Neville avoids Wyatt. Ohno tags in Neville and Adrian with a springboard drop kick. Neville with a forearm to Wyatt followed by a leg lariat.

Neville with a standing Shooting Star Press for a near fall. Neville with a drop kick to Harper on the apron. Rowan prevents Neville from hitting a dive to the floor when he returns to the ring. Ohno with a drop kick to Rowan and then he hits a baseball slide to Rowan. Neville with a twisting plancha onto Harper and Rowan and he might have caught Ohno as well.

Neville with an enzuigiri to Wyatt and Neville goes up top for the Red Arrow but Harper pulls Wyatt out of the way and Neville lands face first on the mat. Wyatt gets the three count.


Winners: Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper, and Erick Rowan


We go to credits.



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