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By Mike Johnson on 2014-06-15 19:31:19

Welcome to’s live, ongoing coverage of TNA Slammiversary 2014 from Dallas-Arlington, Texas!

I am having problems with my cable in that it went out at 7:55 and I don't have it.  My cable finally returned at 8:10 PM and this is what I received when I went to watch the show:


After waiting on hold with Time Warner here in NYC, I was told there is a processing issue with Slammiversary, so if you are in NYC, chances are you can't watch the show. Since I am in that boat, there will not be my usual detailed play by play - and there will not be a post-PPV audio until sometime tomorrow when I can hopefully watch a replay. We obviously apologize for the issue.

Thankfully, I texted my friend James Bailey, who is at the show, and he is sending short form results.

The show opened with Sanada defending the X Division Title in a Ladder match against Crazzy Steve, Manik, Davey Richards, Eddie Edwards, Manik and Tigre Uno.

Sanada won in about 10 minutes. This was a spotfest. The crowd liked it.

MVP came out with Bobby Lashley and Kenny King and did a promo talking about his knee injury and he told us the new main event scenario.

Bobby Lashley vs. Samoa Joe for a spot in the main event TNA Title match is next. Lashley won with a Spear. He goes on to the main event.

They had Dixie Carter up in a box and she cut a promo about MVP and Bully Ray.

Willow, with Abyss, vs. Magnus, with Bram, is up next.

Magnus pinned Willow with a suplex into a slam.  Bram and Abyss were involved and Abyss chased him off with Janice.

Kurt Angle announced the new TNA Hall of Famers were Team 3D.  Bully Ray and Devon came out.  Devon gave a nice speech where he said when he left, he thought he would never return but when he got the invitation, he decided to come back and leave on top.

More to come!

*Austin Aries pinned Kenny King with a brainbuster in a really good match.

The Von Erichs are next. They received the biggest reaction of the night so far. Kevin Von Erich is sitting ringside. They defeated Rockstar Spud and Jesse Godderz by DQ when Zema interfered, setting up Kevin to make the save with the Iron Claw. The place was rocking with Von Erich chants. It was easy to see what drew the house. The pop was awesome.

Angelina Love vs. Gail Kim is next. Love retained the Knockouts title after referee Brian Stiffler made a fast count when he returned to make the count. He had been tossed out by Earl Hebner for favoring Love but returned after Hebner was knocked out.

EC3 defeated Bully Ray in a Texas Death Match. Dixie Carter came out when Bully was about to put Carter through tables. Ray chased her into Ethan and she went down like she was out. Bully was going to put Dixie through a table when EC3 attacked him. Ray was put through the tables and didn't make the count. Lots of weapons.

*Mr Anderson defeated James Storm with a Mic Check after some of the Dallas Cowboys, who had gotten into it with Storm, then grabbed his beer bottle from him to set up Anderson nailing Storm.

Main event time: Aries vs. Young vs. Lashley.  Lashley ended up on the outside of the cage after missing a spear and going through the door.  The rules were there had to be a pinfall so Aries and Young went back and forth and Young scored the surprise win after blocking the brainbuster and nailing a piledriver.  Young is still the champ.


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