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By Staff on 2011-04-03 09:13:00

With Wrestlemania 27 upon us next week, here once again is's look at the first 25 years of Wrestlemania featuring thoughts, results and notes, giving everyone a chance to reflect on the past on the road to Mania 27.

Until Mania 26 arrives, peruse and enjoy!

Portions of this feature were first published in 2006.


For wrestling fans, it's as important as Christmas Day. It's the biggest event of the year and a guarantee that fans will see storylines climax, stars made, and a new year begin for the world of sports-entertainment. It's what all of us have been waiting for over the past year.

Welcome to Wrestlemania Retro, a special feature looks back on each and every Wrestlemania presentation.

On March 28, 2010 WWE presents the twenty-sixth edition of its flagship PPV event. The event has outlasted Starrcade as the "Granddaddy of them all." It has become the symbol of excellence in the industry. Much like a rock star getting to headline at Madison Square Garden, if you get to work Wrestlemania, you are going to be remembered in the annals. It's the company's true time capsule.

As WWE and its stars prepare for Wrestlemania 26, takes you on a journey back to Wrestlemanias of the past, with comments from the staff and former Wrestlemania performers, interesting historical notes, results and more.

As we travel the "Road to Wrestlemania", enjoy this special feature!


Page 2 - Wrestlemania
Page 3 - Wrestlemania 2
Page 4 - Wrestlemania III
Page 5 - Wrestlemania IV
Page 6 - Wrestlemania V
Page 7 - Wrestlemania VI
Page 8 - Wrestlemania VII
Page 9 - Wrestlemania VIII
Page 10 - Wrestlemania IX
Page 11 - Wrestlemania X
Page 12 - Wrestlemania XI
Page 13 - Wrestlemania XII
Page 14 - Wrestlemania XIII
Page 15 - Wrestlemania XIV
Page 16 - Wrestlemania XV
Page 17 - Wrestlemania XVI
Page 18 - Wrestlemania XVII
Page 19 - Wrestlemania XVIII
Page 20 - Wrestlemania XIX
Page 21 - Wrestlemania XX
PAGE 22 - Wrestlemania XXI
Page 23 - Wrestlemania 22
Page 24 - Wrestlemania 23
Page 25 - Wrestlemania 24
PAGE 26 - Wrestlemania 25
PAGE 27 - Wrestlemania 26.

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