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By Mike Johnson on 2014-06-12 11:52:40
A news story began making the rounds yesterday about TNA raiding ROH talents. I am told the story began in The Wrestling Observer, but I have not seen the original story, so I can't comment on it.

After a ton of emails asking us what was going on, I reached out to sources in both TNA and ROH. I was told that Jay Lethal was contacted and asked about working the Destination X-themed Impact episode, at the same time TNA was reached out to former champions. Lethal told them he was under contract and turned it down.

At the same time, someone (I suspect Davey Richards due to his relationship with Kyle O'Reilly, who he trained) reached out to ROH Tag Team champions ReDragon, who are also under deals, and inquired about their interest in working. Obviously, they cannot. I was told by several different people in TNA that was not a call made on behalf of the company but a call that was made "independently". I don't know this to be sure, but knowing how much Richards prides himself on having awesome matches, I can see him trying to put together something where two great workers could come in to wrestle himself and Eddie Edwards. I was told that no TNA executives ever had a discussion with ReDragon.

I am told that TNA has had conversations with other talents who aren't under current ROH deals from time to time (and they also get contacted by said talents, as goes the nature of the business) but beyond the aforementioned, that was it.

A TNA source, when asked about the story, said, "All conversations with talents start with, 'Are you under contract?' If the answer is Yes, we don't go any further, ever.' "

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