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By Carlos Robles on 2014-06-12 06:46:39

International Wrestling Association (IWA) Presents GALLI Lucha Libre’s 7th Anniversary Show & TV Taping Quick Results From 6/8/14 at the GALLI Arena inside of the 5 Star Swap Mart in Villa Park, IL:

Team 2 Star (Marvelous Matt Knicks & Chris Castro) w/Dante DVS defeated Marcus & Mason Conrad w/James Russo to become the New GALLI Tag Team Champions. After the match, Barry Ryte and Marcus Conrad attacked Mason Conrad.

Revelion Chicana (Traidor, Destructor Jr., & GALLI Classic Champion Dark Scorpion) beat La Corporacion (Funebre, Venom, & Destructor Alfa) off of a distraction from Pentagono. As a result of the loss, La Corporacion must break up their alliance.

Ovirload defeated Barry Ryte w/James Russo, Mike Matthews, & Joey Marx in a Fatal 4 Way Match to become the first ever GALLI Jr. Aero Champion.

Golden Dragon & Furia Roja beat 2 Hot 4 You (Chico Suave & Valentino)

Hot Chocolate Acid Jaz & Punisher 747 were the final 2 participants in the Chance Of A Lifetime Over-The-Top-Rope Battle Royal for a guaranteed GALLI Championship Match any time before the end of the year. Other participants included Jester Yorick, Mojo McQueen, Dante DVS, Willie Richardson, Chris Castro, Pentagono, Atomico, Golden Star, Destructor Sr., Traidor, Golden Dragon, Will Dolla, Barry Ryte, Marcus Conrad, & Mason Conrad.

Acid Jaz defeated Punisher 747 to earn a future GALLI Championship match any time before the end of 2014.

Ricky Cruz beat Discovery due to interference from Funebre & Destructor Sr. The original bout between Cruz & Noriega did not transpire. Noriega did not show up, Cruz was declared the winner by forfeit, Noriega was suspended indefinitely, and Discovery was selected as the replacement opponent.

Bryce Benjamin retained the GALLI Championship by defeating Mike Anthony, Marshe Rockett, & GPA in a Fatal 4 Way Elimination Match.

Next Live Events:
Saturday Evening -- June 14th, 2014 -- Underground Wrestling? -- Villa Park, IL -- GALLI Arena Inside The 5 Star Swap Mart -- 7:00PM
Sunday Evening -- June 22, 2014 -- GALLI Lucha Libre Live Event -- Villa Park, IL -- GALLI Arena Inside The 5 Star Swap Mart -- 5:30PM Sunday Evening -- July 6, 2014 -- GALLI Lucha Libre Live Event -- Villa Park, IL -- GALLI Arena Inside The 5 Star Swap Mart -- 5:30PM

Update on IWA/GALLI TV show. TVS Network has informed us that shows will start airing on WGN America at the end of July.
We are happy to announce IWA/GALLI shows will begin Broadcasting on Mundo Fox Chicago on July 6th, 2014. You will be able to see the shows every Sunday at 11:30am. Mundo Fox is local Channel 13 and digital 50.3, Comcast 178 and At&T 13HD. They will also be put on the GALLI Lucha Youtube Channel after they air.

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