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By George James on 2014-06-10 23:12:08
The Shield cut a promo to open the show. Triple H appears on the big screen and announces Reigns vs. Bad News Barrett for right now. Triple H, on the Titantron, announces Roman Reigns vs. Bad News Barrett. It never really happens as BNB eats a Superman Punch. 3MB attacks Reigns but he lays everyone out.

*Erick Rowan pinned WWE Tag Team champion Jey Uso.

*Bo Dallas defeated R-Truth.

*Cesaro defeated U.S. champ Sheamus in a non-title match that was just awesome. Lots of physical action and near falls.

*Adam Rose defeated Fandango. One of the Rosebuds attacked Layla, then revealed herself to be Summer Rae.

*Big E defeated Jack Swagger. Lana and Rusev showed up to taunt Big E., so that feud isn't done.

*Alicia Fox pinned Aksana.

*Bray Wyatt pinned Dean Ambrose to enter Money In the Bank after Seth Rollins got involved. Great main event.

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