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By Mike Johnson on 2014-06-09 19:30:39
Welcome to's WWE Raw Pre-Game Show coverage for 6/9/14 in Minneapolis.

Kofi Kingston is part of the panel this week.

They noted that an important announcement regarding WWE World Heavyweight champion Daniel Bryan would kick off Raw. Raw will also feature Seth Rollins "breaking his silence" on turning on The Shield.

They aired a video feature on Rollins' turn.

The panel discussed the situation. Alex Riley said that he wanted to know why Seth did this because he was part of one of the most powerful groups in WWE history and after ta;lking to Billy Gunn and Road Dogg, he knows members of factions that are big "have money coming in." Booker T said it had to be a big check coming in to make it happen.

They went to the ring where Dolph Ziggler was wrestling Titus O'Neil. Titus nailed a big boot for a two count. He drilled Ziggler into the mat and whipped him into the buckles. Titus controlled Ziggler and went for what appeared to be a Fall Away Slam. Ziggler slipped out and nearly crashed and burned in the process, then nailed the Zig Zag for the pin.

Your winner, Dolph Ziggler!

The action, from what we saw, was fine.

In the background, Adam Rose faced off with a member of 3MB.

Renee Young interviewed RVD about his match with Cesaro tonight. He said that he's had some issues with Cesaro so he's looking forward to it. He noted that he returned last year at MITB and they had fun "hardcore" style but the end wasn't what he wanted. He promised to win tonight.

The panel discusses the importance of the Money in the Bank match and how it can make or break your career.

Adam Rose wins his match in the background.

The panel discusses Daniel Bryan's health.

We go off the air as the Raw announcers make their way to the announcer's area.

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