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By Mike Johnson on 2014-06-09 15:56:28
I am not a big fan of fantasy booking, for the simple reason that booking pro wrestling on the written page is always perfect - and wrestling can never be when it's executed, because it's a subjective art form and performances can be hampered by injuries and what is a great idea in one man's mind can always fail to be loved by the audience it is presented to.

However, WWE now finds themselves in a major predicament. As I wrote earlier on, the decision has been made to take the WWE World Heavyweight championship off Daniel Bryan.

Since Bryan, the babyface that he is, would look like a complete ignoramus if he hands the title belts over to The Authority - he already stated that doing so would negative everything that he and the fans accomplished - so, WWE needs to get the belt off of him and they need to get it on someone that's going to immediately wow people and make them sit up and take notice.

So, I suggest the following direction to take.

This Monday on Raw, Daniel Bryan again refuses to hand over the belt and says that the only way anyone is going to take it from him is over his dead body. He'll need to cut the promo of a lifetime but I believe he can do it.

Then, as Raw goes off the air, we see a beaten, possibly even bloody Daniel Bryan destroyed in the parking lot, his car trashed as well.

On all the subsequent WWE TVs, we learn that Bryan is so badly injured that WWE now has no choice but to crown a new champion at Money in the Bank.

Furthermore, we learn that when Bryan was attacked and his car destroyed, the WWE World Heavyweight championship belts were stolen. Obviously, Kane is blamed and destroys everyone who dares blame him with a chokeslam.

So, we go into the PPV with two questions: who is going to be the new champions and who has the belts?

The night of the PPV, the men who have qualified are all warming up and we see them preparing over the course of the night. There are no belts to hang so WWE has the customary briefcase instead. Then, we find that one of the competitors has been laid out and the entire room has been decimated as well. That person is out of the match.

When it comes time for the main event, everyone is ready to go when we hear, "Ladies and Gentleman, my name is Paul Heyman...."

Out comes Heyman in all his power strutting NYC swagger, followed by a smiling Brock Lesnar, carrying both championship belts.

Heyman talks Brock into the Money in the Bank in exchange for handing over the title belts. Brock goes on to win the belts.

Hell, you can even have Cesaro as the qualified guy who was laid out, fueling the Cesaro turn that everyone is anticipating anyway.

Brock Lesnar, the man who ended the Undertaker's streak, has ended Daniel Bryan's run. Now you have a dominant champion and Bryan, potentially Cesaro and a few others ready to chase the Beast. You can even do the insane spectacle of Kane vs. Brock, building off the idea that Brock ended the Streak AND Kane was being blamed for his handiwork. A rare heel vs. heel match that could work as a TV attraction.

I know, I know, Brock won't go on a full time schedule, but even if Lesnar won't do house shows, well, the belt hasn't been on the road for a few weeks now. What's the difference? The WWE brand name is what draws on the road. Pay the man what it takes to work Raw once a week and then only have him wrestle on PPV. It worked in the Bruno era as a way to drive sales to see the champ and it could work here. Brock is that unique and that great.

As I said, fantasy booking is always perfect on paper, but if WWE was to go down this road, I think it'd be a fast solution to rebound themselves leading into Summerslam.

Just one man's opinion....and by the way, Raw IS in Minnesota tonight.

Mike Johnson can be reached at He hopes Bryan Danielson gets well soon and doesn't step back into the ring until he is 100%. He's earned that right.

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