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By Mike Johnson on 2014-06-09 11:28:28
Casting agencies released breakdowns today seeking Sting lookalikes for a WWE production.

The breakdown included a listing for a Sting body double, age 38-50, who is, "6'2, 250lb of pure muscle. Prefer a guy with wrestling experience, very fit. HEAVILY muscular. Slightly longer dark hair. Will have a full face of make up on. paying a higher rate as we need a GREAT double for this."

The breakdown also sought "Orchestra musicians with own instruments" aged 18 to 70 to portray a playing orchestra that would be made up in Sting's trademark facepaint.

In asking around, I am told the scenes were being shot for a new WWE videogame, which likely means Sting will be included in a major way in the WWE 2K15 videogame, his debut in a WWE-branded game. It would appear Sting will be in a role similar to Ultimate Warrior, Mike Tyson and Brock Lesnar in recent years as the major "unique" name that is used to help brand and market the game.

The footage will shoot on 6/16 with Tom Haines Directing and Tom Martin Producing for Street Gang Films.

Thanks to everyone in the acting community who sent that along.

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