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By Dave Scherer on 2014-06-07 13:34:10

In case you missed it, The Miz returned to action from his latest movie shoot at last night's house show in Detroit, MI. reported that Heath Slater is the proud father of a new baby girl, born on June 4. Congratulations to the family.

The Motley Fool stock site has an article looking at WWE's management and financial situation. You can read it by clicking here.

Thomas Rude sent along the following videos.

6/2/14 WWE RAW Fallout-B-Ballin' Big Show:  

6/2/14 WWE RAW Fallout-Del Rio in the Bank:  

WWE Mashup-The Dolph Ziggler ReMix V2:  

WWE Warehouse (Episode 3):  

6/1/14 After Total Divas:  

WWE 30-Second Fury-Payback  

Five Things--Five Incredible Money in the Bank Matches:  

With Father Ric Flair By Her Side, Charlotte Recounts Her Journey To NXT Takeover:  

WWE Inbox (Episode 122):  

Tyler Breeze Debuts His New Music Video "#MMMGorgeous":  

6/6/14 WWE Smackdown "Fallout":  

Titus O'Neil: "Take Time to be a Dad Today":  

Roman Reigns: "Take Time to be a Dad Today":  

Alberto Del Rio: "Take Time to be a Dad Today":  

The JBL & Cole Show (Episode 80):  

Show Us Your Superstar:  

WWE Top Ten-Splitsville:  

Justin Gabriel is Caught Off Guard and Pays the Price:  

6/2/14 WWE RAW "Slam of the Week":  

6/6/14 WWE Smackdown "Slam of the Week":  

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