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By Tyler Lang on 2014-06-07 09:20:52

The Usos beat Rowan and Harper in a decent match. Jimmy? With a suicide dive to the outside followed by one from Harper.  Usos were way over.

R-Truth lost to Rusev.  Longer match, Truth with a good amount of offense. Rusev got no reaction outside of basic USA chants. Lana is fantastic live.

Eva Marie and Nikki Bella v Aksana and Rosa Mendes.  Took my son to get and ice cream..... Bella with the pin.

Sheamus beat The Miz with a Brogue Kick.  The Miz cut a long promo about being the resident movie star of the WWE. Comparing himself to Clooney and Bale. Got decent heat.  Great house show match. Long back and forth, Sheamus missed a Brogue kick and Miz locked in a Figure Four. Sheamus reached the ropes and landed a Brogue shortly after.

Intermission, Justin Roberts promoting autographed Cena and Sheamus pics.

Mahal, McIntyre and Hornswoggle vs. Los Matadores with Torito.  Swoggle had a mullet wig, Torito a full tail.  Torito pulled off Swoggle's wig. Adam Rose's music hit..... Decent pop. He did a lap around the ring with the Rosebuds. Torito with a springboard moonsault on Swoggle for the win.

Big E (huge pop) vs. Bad News Barrett.  Barrett got cheap heat ripping on the local sports teams.  There were, "Let's go Big E" chants, both guys did a good job working the crowd.  Big E went for The Big Ending, BNB escapes and hits a quick Bullhammer and the win.

John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt, No Holds Barred, is your main event.  Bray with a little pop..... Cena with the pop of the night.  Bray rolls out a few times. Starts out in the offensive.  Cena with the shoulder block, five knuckle, and was broken up by Harper. Wyatts beat down Cena. Usos come in to clean house! Bray with a chair from the outside, two shots to Cena.  Cena is down, Bray sings.  Cena up with a chair. Two shots to Bray. Cena goes for an AA through a table. Bray blocks. They battle on the outside. Good back and forth before Cena hits an AA through the table for the win.

Biggest pops:
Big E

Bad News Barrett

Wyatt got a mixed reaction, other heels were booed, but nothing much.

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