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By Jer Evans on 2014-06-03 21:21:59

Smackdown opened with Triple H and Seth Rollins (still in his Shield gear, someone read Mike's column!) coming out for a promo. Triple H says he proved once again that he always wins. Rollins says that everyone is asking him why he turned on The Shield, but only he - not even HHH - know why he did what he did and the only person he owes an explanation to is himself. Dolph Ziggler comes out and rips on Rollins. Triple H says that since Ziggler is showing some initiative, he can face Rollins right now. Rollins acted like he didn't see that coming.

*Seth Rollins pinned Dolph Ziggler. Good match.

Backstage, Big Show confronts Seth Rollins and Triple H. He tells Rollins that he proved he's just another sellout. HHH tells Show he will fight Randy Orton later.

*WWE Tag Team champions The Usos defeated Ryback and Curtis Axel. Good match.

*Rusev defeated Xavier Woods with the Accolade. They have a giant Russian flag that unfurls for Rusev when he comes down now.  Woods came out dressed like Apollo Creed in Rocky IV with the Star Spangled outfit.

*WWE Intercontinental champion Bad News Barrett defeated Cesaro and Rob Van Dam when he pinned RVD.

*Natalya defeated Alicia Fox.  Fox freaks out and crawled all over Lilian Garcia at ringside.

*Bray Wyatt cut a promo. Nothing specific. Usual stuff.

*Bo Dallas defeated Santino Marella, with Emma.

*Big Show defeated Randy Orton by DQ when Seth Rollins interfered as Show was about to chokeslam him. Triple H was at ringside. They beat down Show. The Shield hit the ring to clear it.

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