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By Mike Johnson on 2014-06-03 20:11:58
WWE's talent relations department issued letters this week to former contracted talents and referees offering them financial planning assistance in a number of ways never before offered by the company.

WWE's letter noted that they are now offering, free of charge, financial planning and debt assistance services through a financial firm for anyone who was ever under contract. The assistance would include help with financial management and for talents who are in debt, help with debt consolidation.

WWE is also offering a $5,000 per semester scholarship to any former talents who wish to further their college education. The letter noted that those interested need to enroll by 8/1 in order to be eligible for the Fall 2014 semester's scholarship and also provide proof of enrollment to WWE.

The letters were sent out earlier this week and former talents are just starting to receive them. Obviously, this is a huge positive for anyone who chooses to take WWE up on the offers.

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