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By Dave Scherer on 2014-06-01 09:22:05

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What are your thoughts on perhaps having a feud between The Shield and The Wyatt Family around Summerslam? I figure that as that's a big event they would want big matches, and now that the Wyatts have 2 wins over The Shield it feels like perhaps they need to get a win back from them.

That works for me. After tonight, The Shield should be done with Evolution so it makes sense to move them on somewhere else. They definitely have more that they can do from a storyline standpoint with those guys.

Crazy coincidence that Game 7 if necessary between Blackhawks & Kings is in Chicago at same time as Payback in Chicago. No chance CM Punk is missing that game to make an appearance at Payback. Sorry WWE fans don't hold your breath.

The guy is retired, by his own words. He could have said goodbye in Chicago in March if he wanted too. All signs point to him just wanting to be done at this time. So yep, I see no chance of him appearing for WWE tonight.

I don't watch or follow NXT but I know it is the WWE developmental promotion. My question is do they just train the next generation of wrestlers or do they also train future referees, broadcasters and other behind the scenes personnel (camera man, creative, producers, etc.?

They train everyone. Triple H talked about it on the conference call that he did last week. We have coverage of it up on the site if you want to search for it.

Let's say TNA does not re-sign with SPIKE and can't get a similar deal from another network. Would there ever be a scenario where the WWE network would be seen as a viable option? I know the network is still in its infant stage but eventually wouldn't that be something WWE would want. If not TNA what about ROH or another small promotion?

WWE will never pay TNA for anything other than buying it outright and having control over it, probably just for their tape library. They have no desire to help any other company. They are just concerned with what they control and monetizing that, which makes absolute sense.

The WWF made a practice of locking WCW out of various arenas across the country. If the arena did not agree to an exclusive deal (United Center, for one) then they would never again get a WWF show. Why is it that the WWF/WWE was never criticized for this tactic by the wrestling journalists? To me it was just as dirty as giving away the results on Nitro.

You read everything written by every wrestling journalist and no one criticized it? Really? Wow, I find that hard to believe. As for exclusivity deals, it's business. Spoiling another company's product is childish (which is not surprising when you consider the guy that made the call to do it). Big difference.

You can send us questions for the Q&A by clicking here.

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