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By Mike Johnson on 2014-05-27 15:44:20
The Sunday 5/25 CHIKARA iPPV in Reading, PA drew 1,497 fans to the Palmer Rec Center to see the kickoff of the company's Season 14. The promotion also shattered its iPPV numbers, making the show their most seen iPPV to date. The show can be ordered at

New Grand champion of CHIKARA Icarus suffered a concussion during his match against Eddie Kingston and will be out a few weeks to recover.

CHIKARA announced their popular six man tag team tournament, The King of Trios, will return this September on the weekend of 9/19-9/21 in Palmer, PA. The company has already moved close to 1,000 tickets for those events.

The promotion has already sold out its evening 6/21 date in Chicago, IL at the Logan Square Auditorium. They are running a matinee in the venue on 6/21 as well. On 6/22, they are in Detroit, Michigan at the Majestic Theater.

The promotion will run NYC on 7/19 at Stage 48.

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