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By Mike Johnson on 2014-05-23 14:48:58
Uhaa Nation has signed a new contract with DGUSA.

New EVOLVE events for Florida will be announced sometime next week.

DGUSA announced the following Memorial Day sale:

We are recognizing Memorial Day Weekend with a rare sale at All DVDs, Gear and Stuff in the Shop are 25% off until this Tuesday night. Here are the details:

-You will initially be charged full price. When you check out put the code "Ricochet" in the special instructions. You will then get a 25% refund shortly after you order. If you can't find where to enter the code, just email us at after you order and we'll make sure you get the refund.

-The sale includes everything in the DVD section including the newest DGUSA, EVOLVE, SHINE and PWG releases. We just added some new PWG titles.

-Pro shop, gift certificates and shipping are not included in the sale.

-The code expires this Tuesday night at midnight EST. If you have any questions email us at Thank you.

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