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By Dave Scherer on 2014-05-19 09:59:00

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Do you think WWE will rush up the international availability of their network to offset the Wall Street @$$ whoppin' they just took?

We will find out today what their strategy is. There has been talk that part of the reason that the Network has not be available outside of the US yet is due to provisions in their foreign TV deals. So that may preclude them. I hope they have something in mind when they do their conference call today however. They need to do something to turn around Friday's meltdown.

Will we ever get to see a WWE vs. NJPW ppv like War of the Worlds? Can CM Punk end up in New Japan after his contract ends with WWE or will he return to WWE after some time?

I don't see that happening any time soon. As for Punk, I don't see him going to New Japan. Right now, he is legitimately retired. I think if he ever got the itch to come back, it would be for WWE.

I know CM Punk is done with wrestling for now, if not for good, but with the Payback event coming up in Chicago, could you see the WWE giving him time on it to announce his retirement?

I don't see that happening either. There is not much to gain by doing it. WWE doesn't want Punk to be retired, since they are still selling his merchadise. Plus if he announces it and then comes back, it looks bad. And live in his hometown, if they didn't do an angle, it would bum the crowd out.

I was listening to JR's podcasts with Steve Austin and Jim Cornette. During both, Ross wondered whether WM32 in Dallas – if it featured The Undertaker's last match – could pull in 100,000 fans at the AT&T stadium. The Austin podcast was before Mania, and JR said Cena challenging the Streak in Texas could be huge. But after Taker lost to Lesnar, it got me wondering whether there might be a similar plan still in mind here. The Streak is dead, so a Taker match won't work as the familiar selling point for next year's Mania. Might WWE have him sit it out altogether to build to something bigger? Absence makes the heart grow fonder. If the Taker returned at Survivor Series 2015, a quarter of a century after his debut, building to his last match against Lesnar in his home state at WM 32 – could it do the sort of business JR originally had in mind?

To me, Undertaker's retirement match is a bigger draw than any match where the Streak is in the line. Seeing his last bout would be a much, much bigger deal to me.

When is AJ expected back? She was doing some really great cutting edge stuff for a while. She was clearly a better wrestler than the other divas. Her only downside being she was one of the smaller girls.

I haven't heard any timetable but with Punk announcing at the Cubs game on Saturday that they are getting married next month, I would think she wouldn't be back before that.

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