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By Mike Johnson on 2014-05-18 01:35:35

Although it did not air live as the iPPV went off the air in the Hammerstein Ballroom (hence why I didn't have it in the live report earlier), the War of the Worlds iPPV broadcast actually went off the air with an announcement that former TNA stars Christopher Daniels and Kazarian would be returning to ROH.

In the promo, Daniels is sitting at a bar sipping an Appletini when he announces he is coming home to ROH and would be at the 6/22 Best in the World PPV in Nashville, TN.   Daniels main evented the first ROH show in 2002 and was a regular headline attraction there for many years.

Someone wearing a Kazmania shirt (the shirt is censored, but it's obvious what the shirt is) then stepped into frame, although his head was cut out of the shot.  Daniels comments about how people shouldn't assume he was coming alone.

Whether it was Kazarian in the shot I don't know but I was told that the assumption that Kazarian was coming in was made for a reason.   I believe Kazarian couldn't be shown as his TNA deal expires on 6/1.

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