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By Mike Johnson on 2014-05-05 23:00:38
Announced for tomorrow’s Smackdown taping in Buffalo, NY is Sheamus’ first WWE United States championship defense. John Cena will respond to Bray Wyatt on the live broadcast of The Main Event. If anyone is attending, we are seeking spoiler reports.

I was told that the Adam Rose debut came off far better live than it did on Raw. WWE specifically chose not to have him wrestle so they could slowly introduce him to the masses.

Mick Foley noted on Twitter that the current Daniel Bryan-Kane storyline was “eerily similar” to the storyline with Kane and Zack Ryder that sent Ryder into storyline oblivion. I’ll have my thoughts on that tomorrow when I record Raw thoughts for the Elite section.

Foley also wasn’t happy the WWE announcers aren’t acknowledging Cactus Jack when Bad News Barrett whipped out the old Cactus elbowdrop off the apron the last few nights.

Natalya was the guest panelist on the Raw Pre-Game and Post-Game Show. There was nothing of note on the Pre-Game show as they pretty much recapped the PPV and interviews that were conducted on the PPV’s Fallout special.

The Raw Post-Game Show featured a backstage interview with Evolution where HHH pretty much said that the feud with The Shield wouldn't be over until they said it was done. Beyond that, it was recap and discussion.

They were selling tickets for the 11/4 Smackdown taping in Albany, NY at the box office as fans were leaving after Raw. That's out of the ordinary for the venue.

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