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By Mike Johnson on 2014-05-05 16:29:42
Former ECW World Tag Team champions The Pitbulls and former ECW World TV & Tag Team champion 2 Cold Scorpio will be inducted into the former ECW Arena’s Hardcore Hall on 6/14. That show, titled “The Final Cut” will be filmed for the “Wrestling with Disaster” documentary Anthony Bruno is directing. Sabu, Shane Douglas, The Powers of Pain, The Blue Meanie, Stevie Richards, Angel Medina, Danny Doring, Bilvis Wesley and Samu are all appearing.

Low Ki vs. Christopher Daniels in a reprisal of their ROH and ECWA feuds has been announced for Right Coast Pro’s 7/26 event in Newark, Delaware. The promotion ran on 5/3 with King Mega being inducted into the promotion’s Hall of Fame and then turning heel before announcing he was forming an alliance with Stockade. Stockade is Mikey Whipwreck’s partner in the Long Island-based NYWC. A number of NYWC regulars are now working for RCP, including Francis Kipland Stevens III, Alvin Alvarez and Ryan Rush. They crowned a new RCP champion in Sean Royal, who pinned Rush in a Fatal Four-Way match against then-champ Bazooka Joe and Stevens. Also announced on 7/26 is Mega & Stockade vs “Amore Express” – Jason Gotti & Alvin Alvarez. I’ve heard really good things about the promotion and have been told that if you liked the old Jim Kettner version of the ECWA, you’d enjoy this.

Matt Hardy captured the Maryland Championship Wrestling championship on 5/3 at the promotion’s “ Xtreme Measures” at the Unique Sports Academy in Waldorf, MD. It all started with Drolix defeating Christian York to win the belt. York had been champion for 16 months, so the title switch was a shock. Drolix’s stable, Black Wall Street worked over York after the match, with Hardy making the save. Drolix bragged that they had finally achieved a corporate takeover of the promotion, so Hardy issued a challenge where if he beat Chuck Lennox, he received a title shot but if he lost, he would leave MCW forever. Hardy then won both matches and captured the belt. That seems to tease Hardy vs. York for down the line. Other results of the show saw G-Fed beat Ken Dixon, Hoss Hagood beat Shaun Cannon, Reby Sky beat Amber Rodriquez, MCW Tag Team Championship Napalm & Solo (of Black Wall Street) beat The Hell Cats & Freaks Unleashed and Ryan McBride beat Ruckus in what was described as a fun, wild brawl all over the venue where they used a lot of the gym’s equipment as weapons and foundations for spots. in a match where they fought all of the building using much of the Gymnastic equipment.

David Benoit, the son of Chris Benoit, will be making his in-ring wrestling debut for Smith Hart’s Hart Legacy Wrestling on 7/19, teaming with Chavo Guerrero, who was one of his father’s closest friends. I don’t think Benoit could have picked a harder path in life if he’s really looking to make it on a major league level.

CNN featured a photo blog on women’s wrestling in Bolivia at this link.

The Associated Press featured a nice piece on pro wrestling-burlesque combination event Lucha Va Voom at this link.

C*4 Wrestling in Ottawa, Canada has been on quite a tear lately as they’ve had to turn fans away from their last three shows. The promotion ran on 5/4 with “Speedball” Mike Bailey beating Kevin Steen in what was said to have been an awesome bout. The Super Smash Brothers, Player Uno, and Stu Grayson, defeated the Warriors, the returning Josh Alexander and “Psycho” Mike Rollins, who were reuniting for the evening in a 30 minute plus bout that was said to have been great as well. The show was headlined by C*4 champion “Hacker” Scotty O’Shea defeating “Superstar” Shayne Hawke, Pinkie Sanchez, Jae Rukin, Brent Banks, and Cheech Hernandez in a crazy multi-man bout. C*4 Tag Team Champions, Tabarnak De Team, Mathieu St. Jacques and Thomas Dubois, defeated the debuting team of Dan Barry and Bill Carr. Carr is a hell of a brawler. Lionel Knight defeated Twiggy by DQ when Twiggy broke a beer bottle over his head during a brawl all over the venue. Others on the show include Archibald Peck, Colin Delaney and 3.0. The atmosphere at the C*4 shows live are said to be pretty insane and intimate. The promotion will run again on 6/21 at The Vanier Columbus Club.

The ECWA will fill the vacancy for their championship at their 6/7 return to Newark, Delaware with ECWA Mid-Atlantic Champion "Heart Killer Chris Wylde vs. Ricky Martinez w vs. Breaker Morant vs. Napalm Bomb.

Chris Hero will be working for France’s ICWA for two shows in the northern part of France, close to the Belgian border on 5/24 and 5/25. On 5/24 at "La Luna" in Maubeuge, France, Hero will face former WWE developmental talent Lucas Di Leo and on 5/25, Hero vs. Tristan Archer is set for at the "Usine à Catch" in Bethune, France. The latter show will be standing room only. For more details, visit

The IWF promotion will be debtuting in San Angelo, Texas on 6/20 with Matt Hardy, Shelton Benjamin, Chris Sabin, Trent Baretta, Brian Cage, Reno Scum, Redrum, and Tyshaun Prince appearing.

Chris Masters and Homicide worked on 5/3 for Warriors of Wrestling in Staten Island, NY, putting over local talents. WOW champion Chris Steeler defeated Chris Masters while No Limits champ Chris Banks defeated Homicide.

Hoosier Pro Wrestling ran Columbus, Indiana on 5/3, drawing 225 paid and a little more in the building with HPW champion JKO defeating Flash Flanagan in the main event. Other results on the show saw Fiji Wildman pin Fast Eddie, Ricky Ruckus squashed The Wicked Clown. Sign Guy pinned Cameron Star in Intergender match, The 8 Bit Punks kept the HPW Tag belts when they beat Bobby Black & Jay Maddix, Cousin Cooter pinned Stompin Steve in a Strap on a pole match, Troy Van Zant pinned Nick Cutler to keep the HPW Tri State title, Donny Idol won a Dog Collar match over TJ Kemp, who then was attacked by JKO. Diceman Ronnie Vegas & Hillbilly Jed beat Nate Stone & Dash Venture. They are running 6/7 with former WWE star Rob Conway appearing.

GOUGE ran Stem, NC on 5/3 at the Stem Fire Hall, headlined by Jimmy Jack Funk Jr. beating Otto Schwanz. They have a heel manager named Admir Al Akbar, which is a play on the Star Wars character.

New Japan Pro Wrestling’s Takaaki Watanabe worked for St. Louis Anarchy on 5/2 in Alton, IL, losing to champion Gerald James in a Best of Three Falls match.

Dynamo Pro Wrestling ran the Stratford Inn on 5/3 in Fenton, Missouri with Mike Sydal appearing in a loss to Jeremy Wyatt and champion Jake Dirden fighting Elvis Aliaga to a no-contest on top.

The Mid-Missouri Wrestling Alliance ran an outdoor matinee event on 5/3 at the Casa Loma Ballroom with Andrew Wilder beating Junior Heavyweight champion Ace Hawkins by DQ and campion Brandon Espinosa pinning Da'Marius Jones as the headline bouts.

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