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By Mike Johnson on 2014-05-05 08:48:47
WWE will broadcast a live Raw tonight from Albany, NY featuring the fallout of last night's Extreme Rules PPV. Adam Rose will be officially debuting tonight. WWE will then broadcast Main Event and tape Smackdown on Tuesday in Buffalo, NY at the First Niagara Center. After Smackdown, the roster has the week off as they will all head to Europe next week after the Raw tapings in the Carolinas.

Rob Van Dam has some bruising and swelling to the left side of his face, as well as cut that started near his ear and went down his cheek after his Five Star Frog splash crushed a trash can. We haven't heard of any other injuries following the PPV, although some of the guys were obviously banged up from the physical nature of the show.

WWE will broadcast Raw in Buffalo, NY on 11/3 and then tape Smackdown in Albany, NY on 11/5. Pre-sale information for those events will be announced this week.

We've heard there were some lagging issues with those using gaming devices to stream Extreme Rules last night on the WWE Network. I watched it via my Roku HD and the stream was perfect with the exception of the quality of the stream getting a little blurry during Daniel Bryan vs. Kane.

Bo Dallas should be debuting within a month on the main roster.

CM Punk was at yesterday's Chicago Blackhawks game. playing "Shoot the Puck" during half-time. He did not make a goal.

Perth Now features an interview with WWE's Emma to promote the August WWE tour of Australia, which will hit Perth, Sydney and Melbourne. She said getting to work Wrestlemania 30 was a dream come true and was amazed she wasn't there just as someone in the crowd. She noted that she hasn't been in Australia since December 2012.

The next live event at the IZOD Center will be a live event on 9/26. There is a pre-sale currently ongoing at using pre-sale code IZODWWE. That will be the final IZOD event until 2015.

The preview for this Sunday's Total Divas on E!: "The group travels to Mexico where Eva has a hard time being sober and Nikki reveals a secret."

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