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By Joshua Higham on 2014-05-04 11:12:56

A brief recap: Last December, we learned that Robbie Ellis, a long-time wrestler based in the New England area, purchased Chikara at auction from the shell holding Worldwide Media Development Corporation. At National Pro Wrestling Day in February, Chikara was revived as a promotion as an army of tecnicos and Chikara favorites, led by Icarus, fought against the rudos who had been shutting down a number of the Wrestling Is promotions. At NPWD, we learned this group of rudos (including Sinn Bodhi, the Devastation Corporation, Dr. Cube, Colony: Xtreme Force, Gekido, and the BDK) are united, under the leadership of Jimmy Jacobs.  

Before we get to “You Only Live Twice” on May 25, there are a number of Chikara-related events to whet one’s appetite.

First, the premiere of the film “The Ashes of Chikara” will take place May 5 at the Movie Tavern in Collegeville, PA. The screening starts at 8, and there will be a Q&A with the film’s creators after the screening. The film will then be released as an mp4 digital download at on May 9. If you preorder the film, you’ll be able to download it a day early. Trailers for the film are available at and There is also a film soundtrack already available on iTunes and Amazon.

The return of Chikara has turned into a full weekend event. Starting at noon on May 24, Chikara is hosting “LuchaBowl,” a fundraiser for the local chapter of the Make-A-Wish Foundation. After LuchaBowl, fans are invited to the Palmer Center in Easton for “Chikara Potluck Cookout Thing” starting at 4:30, before the final event in Wrestling is Fun’s Tag World Grand Prix, which starts at 7:30. The four teams remaining in the tournament are The Devastation Corporation, The Osirian Portal, Knight Eye for the Pirate Guy, and The Throwbacks. More information on these events are available at There will also be an “Expansion Pack,” an interactive fan fest on May 25 before “You Only Live Twice,” but that event is already sold out.

The return of the weekly Event Center videos can be seen here:

With the return of Chikara, we will also see the return of Rudo Resurrection, the video game Chikara hyped a few years ago. After no news on this front for a while, Chikara has now partnered with Rotary Games to create a “side-scrolling, beat ‘em up game.” A Kickstarter for this project will be launched shortly. For more information on Rotary Games and Rudo Resurrection, go to

The first of a series of videos was released on Youtube centered around Dalton Castle learning of the death of his uncle, Lester Crabtree (recently known as Darkness Crabtree). Castle learns in the first video he was left something in his uncle’s will. Also on the Chikara Youtube page is a series of #ChikPicks, as Chikara personalities pick their favorite matches from Chikara and Wrestling Is past.

Future events:
June 21 (afternoon): Quantum of Solace in Chicago, IL
June 21 (evening): Diamonds are Forever in Chicago, IL (sold out)
June 22: Goldfinger in Detroit, MI
July 19: The Living Daylights in New York City
July 20: The World is Not Enough in Revere, MA
August 16: Permis de Tuer in Limoilou, Quebec
August 17: Vivre et Laisser Mourir in Montreal, Quebec
as well as events in Gibsonville, NC and Richmond, VA

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