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By Markus Gronemann on 2014-05-02 08:56:19

News and updates on wXw in Germany:

A brief addition to the 4/26 Superstars of Wrestling results and the match that Terry Funk was a part of. The oficial result I guess would be Steve Corino & Terry Funk defeating the Piledrivers (Karsten Beck & Sha Samuels).   Corino came out and was supposed to be teaming with Shane Douglas, who had canceled the appearance a few days earlier. Beck, who is one of the best and funniest heel promos in the promotion got on the mic and gave Corino five seconds to find a new legend. So he called out HATE (original founder and former owner of wXw in the death match/garbage style era) to a big pop. People actually chanted "F**k Vader, we got HATE". Then after a short while, the heels took out HATE with a piledriver to the apron and also put Corino through a table. Beck gave him another 5 seconds to find a partner and out came Terry Funk. He punched both heels and then he and Corino both applied a spinning toe hold for the double-submission finish and the crowd went crazy.

wXw announced that the show will be available on their on-demand platform on Vimeo at within the week. I guess the price point will be $7.99 for on-demand (for 30 days) or $9.99 for the MP4 download.

They ran a few matches in four blocks throughout the day at the Antwerp Convention, a movie/comic/video game con (kind of like Comic Con) in Antwerp, Belgium on 4/27. They actually had DH Smith competing there as well. Depending on the block, they had about 200 to 800 fans watching. Here are the results:

Block A:
1. Singles: Robert Dreissker d. Vincent Schild via Vader Bomb
2. Tag: Bad Bones & Mike Schwarz d. Karsten Beck & Carnage via Wrecking Ball Knees (Bones pinned Beck)

Block B:
1. Singles: Robert Dreissker d. Kim Ray via Vader Bomb
2. Mixed Tag: Bad Bones & Melanie Gray d. Karsten Beck & Svetlana Kalashnikova (via power bomb by Melanie to Svetlana)

Block C:
1. Singles: Melanie Gray d. Svetlana Kalashnikova via Staten Roll
2. Singles: Davey Boy Smith Jr. d. Bad Bones via Running Powerslam

Block D:

Battle of Antwerpen (a battle royal with over the top and pinfall eliminations):

Mike Schwarz won by eliminating Carnage

Order of elimination:
- Karsten Beck eliminates Chickenwing Steve (one of their Westside Dojo trainees) via Top Rope Elimination
- Melanie Gray eliminates Karsten Beck via Northern Lights Suplex Hold
- Svetlana Kalashnikova eliminates Melanie Gray via Horizontal Cradle
- Svetlana Kalashnikova eliminates Vivian Vegas (a female Dojo trainee making her offical wrestling debut here) via Spear
- Svetlana Kalashnikova eliminates herself
- Vincent Schild and Kim Ray eliminate each other
- Carnage eliminates The Manka (Michael Manka, a guy helping out in the promotion and kind of the go-to guy to entertain the wrestlers, show them around, go out and party with them, etc.) via Eddiegree
- Mike Schwarz eliminates Carnage via Top Rope Elimination

The next show WXW event is this Saturday (5/3) in Rinteln, Germany with this line-up:

Main Event
"Bad Bones" John Klinger vs. "The Avalanche" Robert Dreissker

Singles Match
Demian Dangera vs. Karsten Beck

Mixed Tag Team Action
Axel "Axeman" Tischer & Svetlana Kalashnikova vs. Toby Blunt & Melanie Gray

Tag Team Match
wXw World Tag Team Champions Hot and Spicy vs. Gebrüder Schild

Also appearing are Big Daddy Walter and others

Other upcoming shows are wXw/POW Catch Roulette in Hannover on 5/15 (site of the old CWA tent shows, co-promoted with POW which Tony St. Clair books, luck-of-draw-tournament with 8 wXw and 8 POW wrestlers), a show in Fulda/Germany on 5/17 (best of three finals with Melanie Grey and Svetlana Kalashnikova, Axel Dieter Jr. vs. RJ Brewer of ROH and Lucha Libre USA fame, and Marius Al-Alani vs. Michael Schenkenberg, both are from the Nordisch Fight Club school and the more impressive guy may get a permanent roster spot in wXw), plus the Tour Finale on 5/31.

The Drive of Champions Tour final in Oberhausen on 5/31 (last big show before the summer; they run two big shows in July and then the next tour through Germany starts on 9/20 and runs through 12/6) has this lineup announced thus far:

No DQ Tag Team Title match
Hot & Spicy (Axel Dieter Jr. & Da Mack) (c) vs. Reign of Terror (Johnny Moss & Jon Ryan)

Shortcup to the Top Four Way Dance (winner gets to enter as #30, loser has to enter as #1)
"Axeman" Axel Tischer vs. "Bad Bones" John Klinger vs. Big Daddy Walter vs. Zack Sabre Jr.

Shortcut to the Top
a Royal Rumble style 30-men battle royal wit the winner getting a shot at the wXw Unified World Wrestling Championship

wXw regular "Absolute Andy" Andreas Uhlmann (30, from Nuremberg, Germany) had what I believe his first pro-MMA match last Saturday in Salzburg, Austria. On a side-note, Uhlmann also runs for office for the conservative party in a German town on the communal level. The show, called "Salzburg MMA Challenge" was the seond one promoted by "Cage Fight Events Europe" of Austria.

Uhlmann (I believe 0-1 after the match) lost to Ivo Cuk (34, 5-7 record) of Croatia via submission (leglock) in the first round, The match was billed as a "European Middleweight Title match", at least Cuk was given a belt afterwards. The show was said to be entertaining but long, with a total of 15 fights. It was a pro-event but sounded more like an amateur event from reading the results, with eight of the 15 fights ending in round 1 (five TKOs, three submissions), three rounding in round 2 and three ending in round 3 with only one going the distance. The 19-year old brother of Ivo Cuk, Markus Cuk won a quick first-round TKO but faced a late replacement who they only got earlier in the day. Ivo Cuk dedicated the win to his father, who recently was diagnosed with cancer after the fight and said it was to show him to neve give up. Uhlmann still went on Facebook afterwards and called himself the vice-European champion - since a lot of German wrestling fans basically have no idea about MMA they took that as a big deal and were fanning all over him. Well, kudos to the guy for marketing himself on social media off a loss and I didn't even know he trained MMA, so good for him that he gave it a try.

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