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By Mike Johnson on 2014-05-01 09:23:00
Bully Ray suffered a rib injury at the Sacrifice PPV while James Storm was also banged up.

Impact Wrestling returns to Italian TV tomorrow on Nuvolari TV.

Knux's new group will be called The Menagerie. Rob Terry will be part of the group as a new character under a mask. Crazy Steve, an indy worker from Canada, will be part of the group under the same name. Knux's new female valet is someone TNA Creative Team member Christy Hemme suggested to the company that she's worked with in the past prior to pro wrestling.

Velvet Sky was interviewed on the "Welcome to Connecticut" podcast in a really good discussion about making it in pro wrestling at

Kurt Angle will be taking questions via Twitter during Impact Wrestling's broadcast tonight.

TNA's Unfinished Business PPV this month revolves around Gail Kim. The June PPV will focus around Mick Foley's "TNA Years."

The One Night Only Joker's Wild PPV will debut on InDemand on 5/9.

TNA is running Friday 5/2 at the La Crosse Center in La Crosse, WI featuring:

*Magnus vs. MVP
*TNA Tag Team champions The Wolves vs. The BroMans
*Bobby Roode vs. Mr. Anderson
*TNA X-Division champion Sanada vs. Zema Ion.
*Kenny King vs. Manik
*Gail Kim vs. ODB

TNA will also be running Racine, WI on Saturday 5/3 at the Racine Civic Centre Memorial Hall with the same lineup, except Austin Aries will challenge Senada for the X-Division championship.

The former Claire Lynch is now working as a host for the "Fear Factor" show at Universal Orlando.

TNA has released DVDs for Bound for Glory 2013, One Night Only: Tag Team Tournament and One Night Only: Tournament of Champions via

TNA will tape several weeks of Impact Wrestling on 5/7-5/9 and then One Night Only PPVs on 5/10 in Orlando, Florida at Universal Studios. These are the final dates scheduled with Universal going forward, although the company will run there again if and when they can get dates.

Here is the latest TNA Spin Cycle:

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