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By Dave Scherer on 2014-04-28 13:46:57

As Mike Johnson reported a few days ago, Ric Flair will appear on Raw tonight. Triple H mentioned it on his Twitter.

The fans at Saturday's Pittsburgh Penguins NHL playoff game broke into a Yes chant. Gotta love that crowd.

The WWE stock is down over a dollar today, currently at $19.02. They sure could use a TV announcement. The rumors going around are that they will stay on USA, but they are not confirmed yet. has done an interview with Jerry Lawler where he talked about, among other things, David Letterman retiring. Of course, Lawler launched his classic angle with Andy Kaufman on Letterman's show years ago. You can listen by clicking here.

Tiago Paiva sent this item. ... Over the weekend, WWE superstar William Regal was scouting talents is Brazil. The former IC champion went to FILL 'Duplo Impacto' (Double Impact) in Rio de Janeiro, RJ. and to BWF 'Convocado para Lutar' (Called to Fight) in Sao Paulo, SP.

You can watch the latest edition of The JBL & Cole Show by clicking here.

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