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By Richard Trionfo on 2014-04-17 22:55:59
It is the third night of the four night Tribute to the Ultimate Warriror.

Warrior says that life is just a dress rehearsal. He got to be a character and rehearse who he wanted to be. He was larger than life and there is a responsibility with that. If you can do that, you can go out in the real world and handle a simple thing called life.

Warrior says that he has a lot of emotion about coming back. There is a great story to tell here. There are a lot of highs and lows. A lot of good and some ugly.

Hunter says that the Ultimate Warrior was one of the biggest stars. Cena says that he was larger than life. Cesaro says that Ultimate Warrior was al. Stephanie says that he was one of the most intense people in the WWE. Sting says that he was not shy about sharing his opinion.

Hunter says that he lived by a moral code and did not care what you thought about him. Warrior says that he feels that he is like Mickey Mouse is to Disney. Vince says that Warrior put everything into the brand.

They show the merchandise that they planned for him.

Warrior says that it has been so incredible. It allowed him to come to life. He got out of the business what it took to have a life.

He says tha the was studying to be a chiropractor in Atlanta and he wanted to be a professional bodybuilder. They spent more time at the gym than at school. Since wrestling was big in Atlanta, it looked like they were doing well and he thought they made a lot of money.

He won Mr. Georgia in 1984 and he was asked if he wanted to be a part of a wrestling company. Sting says that he was asked to have Warrior train with him. Rick Bassman was the one responsible for it.

They took some photos and Jerry Jarrett called them and Jarrett wanted him and Sting.

Jerry lawler says that they were green as grass. Zeb says that he was brought in to be their manager to guide them.

Warrior says that Bill Watts inquired about whether they would want to go to Mid South.

Warrior says that they experimented with mascara while working as the Blade Runners.

Jim Ross says that he thought that Warrior had a vision while in the Blade Runners. Zeb says that Warrior had a plan.

Warrior says that Sting was not as open minded and then Warrior mentions that he went to World Class.

We see footage of the Dingo Warrior in Texas. He says they tried to make him a heel, but he had an All American look so he was a fan favorite. If you get over in Texas, you are over. The people went crazy for him.

George Scott came in and Bronco Lubitch told him that George was talking to people in New York. When he went to WWE, he wanted to turn this into something and not be some guy on the card.

We see Warrior on Wrestlemania weekend. He talks about the time period of the WWF, Vince would be in the ring with the guys. He says that Vince was an inspiration in his life even though they fought a lot.

He was told that he would go on television in Green Bay. Hogan talks about seeing him in the ring with the tassels and the face paint. Hunter says that it fit the time frame so perfectly. Warrior says that is how it all started and it went from there.

Hogan talks about the music. Warrior mentions how the music got the fans off their feet. People talk about the look and how the energy inspired you.

Warrior talks about the interviews that no one could understand. Batista says that he thought Warrior was insane. Hunter says that Warrior was every ten year old’s fantasy.

Warrior says that people would pull him aside in the back about shaking the ropes. They told him it would not work. Warrior knew it would work so he kept doing it. The only person who never told him to stop was Vince so he knew he was right.

Cesaro says the quick victories allowed him to connect with the fans. Kofi says that you knew Warrior was legitimate.

Dolph Ziggler talks about the reaction of the Honky Tonk Man when Warrior’s music played at SummerSlam when Warrior beat him for the Intercontinental Title.

Warrior says when he walked out of the building the fans almost pushed his car over with their celebration. He knew that he would be one of the top merchandise sellers. Kofi says that if you could hang with Hogan with merchandise you were a top guy. Bobby Heenan told Warrior that he was outselling Hogan and there was a buzz that he would face Hogan at Wrestlemania.

Hogan says that he did not know if Warrior was ready. Warrior says that he knew he was one of the top guys. Hogan says that Warrior would travel by himself and was one of the first guys to break off on his own.

Vince says that there was a lot of rivalry in the locker room. People would be very protective of their position. It may have played out in the ring as well.

Warrior says that when his character was over, he would be on different tours than Hogan. They would show up at television and say hello. He was focused on his character.

Vince says the people were behind Warrior and the question was when to pull the trigger to make Warrior the top guy.

Warrior says that he was doing some promo work a few months before Wrestlemania and they brought up the idea. Hogan says that it was the sum of all of the parts. You had Hulkamania with the red and yellow and you had Warrior with the neon.

Kofi says that you did not know who to cheer for. Dolph says that at the end of the day, the top two guys were going to face off.

Cesaro points out that it was a dream match because it was good guy against good guy and you did not see it that often.

We see the footage from Wrestlemania VI when Warrior won the title.

People talk about how people had to choose from two good guys. Cesaro says that everything that you wanted to see in the match happened.

Hunter says that you could feel it in the ring that it was real between Warrior in Hogan after the match. You felt like there was a passing of the torch.

Sheamus says that it was the defining moment because he beat Hogan. Sting says that he was jealous. Hogan says that people tell him that his favorite match was Wrestlemania VI. Warrior says that he did not realize how great it was when the match happened because he was only 30 years old.

Warrior says that it is not the destination, but the journey. That describes him. He was thinking ‘what’s next’.

He knew it was a big thing to have the strap, but he was going to push himself to be the best he could. He needed to do it.

We see Warrior with Sergeant Slaughter. Slaughter congratulates him on being inducted into the Hall of Fame. Slaughter gives Warrior something from his last match. Warrior talks about the energy in the locker room. Sarge has been in the business for a long time and he always respected the veterans.

Warrior says that when he was going to lose the title to Slaughter, part of the story was that he would do a retirement match with Savage. He liked the idea. If he had to pick someone he enjoyed working with the most was Savage. He was so intense. It got you jacked up for your match.

Warrior says that it would not have been cool to have Savage let you put your foot on your chest to pin someone if was someone besides Warrior.

Cena says you had a man who lived life a certain way. Maybe it did not mesh with the WWE business model.

In 1991, he did not know SummerSlam would be his last match. Slaughter says that Vince talked to him and he says that there was a small problem. He was told that Warrior held up Vince for a half million dollars. Vince says that he was going to fire him and the match was going to happen.

Warrior was given a letter after the match by an agent.

Vince says the brand was an important part of the company when he left. Things happen that are not planned. When you invest in a brand, you have to get your money out of it.

We see the Ultimate Warrior return at Wrestlemania VIII. He says the deal was that he would be the champion again. He says that he got focused real quick. There were issues with the government crackdown on steroids. This cannot be taken out of the equation. Vince says Warrior has always been honest, to a fault. Him and Davey Boy Smith were experimenting with growth hormones. It was not illegal, but it was not right. Vince says Warrior was offended by Vince’s actions and it got to the point that Warrior would miss dates because that was his only leverage and Vince would realize that he was wrong.

Vince says that Warrior was suspended.

Warrior says that in 1992 he was told not to come back because of certain things. In 1996, the same thing happened. Vince would always ask him if he missed the spotlight and fame. He liked it a lot, but he always did something to stay busy.

Warrior talks with Scott Hall about the nWo.

Cesaro talks about Warrior in WCW and they tried to recreate Hogan versus Warrior. Hogan talked to him a few times and Warrior said it had to be the right deal and the right build. Hogan says that he talked to Bischoff to bring him in and they negotiated a deal.

We see Warrior’s debut on Nitro in 1998. Sting says he thought Warrior was excited. They were successful in those days and Warrior saw the opportunity. Warrior says it was a short term deal for a lot of money. He was going to be built into working with Hogan.

Hogan says that things worked in WCW. Warrior never had the chance that he did in the 80s. Cesaro says that Warrior was back, but it was different. It was not as iconic as it was before. Warrior says it was a different situation.

Sting says that Warrior came in at the middle of all of the cliques. Warrior says that they didn’t have Vince to settle things.

Warrior says they used Turner’s money to bring him in to lose to Hogan. We see footage from Halloween Havoc 1998.

Hogan says the match did not deliver as it should have. He says it was among his ten worst matches, but it was his fault. Warrior says it was horrible and repulsive to him to think about it. If he had known, he would not have come back for all of the money they gave him.

Scott talks about how he never had any problems with the Ultimate Warrior.

Warrior says that a lot happened with him. He thinks about the Self Destruction of the Ultimate Warrior and how to handle it.

They show clips from the DVD.

Warrior says it hurt his feelings a lot that they did that. It also made him want to fight back. They delegitimized his character and its impact on the business.

Vince says that Warrior was misunderstood by many.

Warrior says that he talked to Vince a few years ago when they were talking about putting him in during Wrestlemania in Phoenix but the DVD was an issue. Warrior says that he talked to Vince about Self Destruction DVDs about others who were in WWE. His life was good so he did not need the Hall of Fame at the time.

Jim Ross says that some of the things on the DVD probably pissed Warrior. Vince talks about the lawsuit that Warrior filed. Stephanie mentions how Linda spent a lot of time dealing with the lawsuit. Hogan talks about what he said on the DVD and then he mentions the deposition. Hogan says that he was going to be neutral in the deposition, but then the first question was about how you would break a wrestler’s leg in the ‘old days’. Since they were aggressive, he made the decision to lean towards the WWE.

Warrior says that after five years of litigation, before the trial was supposed to start, Vince came to shake his hand as if they were buddies, but Warrior could not shake his hand and he said that he was disrespected. It bothered Vince and Jerry McDevitt mentioned that Warrior refused to shake his hand before the trial. Warrior says that if he does not respect you, he is not going to shake his hand.

Vince talks about the settlement.

We see Warrior going into Triple H’s office. Hunter says that Warrior needed to fill a hole in himself to feel complete.

Hunter says that he wanted Warrior to meet with everyone since it had been 18 years. Hunter shows Warrior footage of the Performance Center. Hunter says that he wanted to talk and they opened things up. It went from there.

Hogan says that Warrior deserved it because he did something different. He came in during the tsunami of Hulkmania and made an imprint. Cena says that it would be interesting and he did not know what Warrior would say with a live mic.

Warrior says that he wanted it to be more than him telling stories about the road since his life was more.

We see Warrior preparing for the Hall of Fame and he sees Vince and hugs him. Warrior says that Vince is the only one who hasn’t aged. Vince says that he saw the person he knew and loved for years. Warrior shed all of the angst and it was a wonderful thing. Vince asks him if he is ready for the ceremony and Vince says that it is going to be fun. Vince says that people are waiting to hear what he is going to say.

Warrior jokes that there are going to be some people squirming and they might need some mops in the back.

Stephanie asked Hunter who was going to induct Warrior and Hunter tells Stephanie that Warrior wanted Linda to do it. He wanted someone who had a personal connection to him. Stephanie talked about how Warrior would be at the house and Shane would keep trying to tackle him. Warrior says that he wouldn’t stop until he told him to stop.

Warrior says that he would make himself welcome in their home. Stephanie says that Linda helped Warrior through some troubled time. Linda thanks Warrior for asking her to induct him.

Stephanie says that it was an honor Linda to be asked to induct him.

Vince says that he always thought of Warrior as the Little Engine that Could because he never took no for an answer. Vince says that he had a puzzled look when Warrior gave him a copy of the Little Engine that Could. Warrior told him that it was something that Vince told him years ago. Vince says that it showed that he was listening all along. You don’t know what you have until you don’t have it.

We see the footage from the Hall of Fame.

Hunter says that Warrior was looking at the video package and Warrior was smiling with his children at his side. Hunter says that this whole process was worth it.

Stephanie says that you could tell how proud Warrior was to be there with his children and to be their dad. He was proud of his wife and mom. It was an incredible moment for Warrior to be a Hall of Famer.

Vince says he loved Warrior’s speech. He was shedding things that were bothering him and he was getting rid of them. You could see Jim accepting all of this and that he made the right decision. It was a wonderful thing.

Hunter says that he went to Hogan and he asked him not to speak to Warrior until after the Hall of Fame because Warrior was in such a great place.

Hogan says that he was riding around the Superdome and he drove past because he did not want to interrupt Warrior. He then walked up to him and he apologized to Warrior. He says how sorry he was. Hogan says that he hopes some day they can talk. Warrior tells Hogan that he appreciates Hogan coming to him and he accepts his apology.

Hunter says that they both realized that cameras were on them and they knew it was going to be okay and it was going to go to a good place.

Hogan wanted Warrior to know that he was telling the truth and that he wanted to start over.

Warrior says that he wants to trust Hogan when he says that he is sorry.

Hunter told him in a text message about the experience and how a lot of people came up to him to say they were sorry. He felt like he had closure on everything.

Warrior says that it was an incredible weekend when interviewed at Raw.

Stephanie says that he was smiling from ear to ear. To go on Raw and be the Ultimate Warrior again in front of his fans and family.

We see footage from Warrior’s appearance on Raw.

Sting says that the reaction meant a lot to him by looking at his face.

Stephanie says Warrior had the chance to show his wife and children what he was. He was a larger than life icon and an inspiration to all.

His daughters talk about how much he could inspire the people.

Stephanie says that Warrior hugged Vince and she took a photo of them. You could see the love that they had for each other. Warrior told Vince that he always thought of him as a father. Vince says that he did not know the next time he would see him after Raw. It was an extraordinary three days. Vince says that might have been the last photo Warrior ever took.

We see Warrior leaving Raw with his daughters.

Hunter says that it was cool to see him the entire time that you couldn’t wipe the smile off his face.

After Raw, Warrior says that it was awesome to be back home after 18 years. He is looking forward to the future.

A graphic is shown to mention Warrior’s death the following day.

Video clips talking about his death are shown.

Hunter talks about seeing that Warrior had died in a message from his assistant. It blew him away and he had to tell Vince. He knew it would be a tough conversation because of what Warrior meant to him.

Vince says that it was surreal the first time you hear it and you don’t want to believe it. It was unbelievable that it would occur and the timing of it was as if it was destined to happen that way.

Sting says that it was hard to believe that this was happening with what Warrior said on Raw and then it happens to him. Sting says that it was prophetic. It was like all of this great stuff and then it all changes just like that.

Vince says that Warrior was not one to want to garner sympathy so he would want people to celebrate Warrior’s life. That is what he got and what he deserves.

Hogan says the Ultimate Warrior is a perfect example of this business.

John Cena says that Warrior’s legacy is to go out there and do things to make yourself remembered.

Cesaro says that his fans are his legacy.

Warrior says that the character gave him a great life.

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